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The golf course saga revisited.

head out to the hallway make the call?"

"No, I don't mind. Give me a second and I will go with you." I said as I shut the locker and grabbed up my towel.

As we headed out to the hall and, I wrapped my towel around my waist. The hallway separated the training areas from the therapy areas. The pools were connected to a hospital. Lots of different people came here everyday. I saw a few people I knew from work and waved hello. Sarah was talking on the phone looking out the window. She looked upset.

She walked back over to me, "Here is your phone back. My idiot friend has my phone in her purse. She is at her boyfriend's house. She said she would be here in awhile. But since she is connected at the hip to him I bet I don't see her for hours."

"Well since you are stuck here, you might as well swim. That will pass a time quicker than sitting outside waiting."

I walked over to my locker and slipped my cell phone into my bag. I felt Sarah's breathe on my neck as she whispered, "I have a better idea."

Sarah ran her tongue along the shell of my ear, gently nipping at the lobe. Her warm tongue and cool air in the locker room made for wonderful sensations. She took my hand and turned me to face her and kissed me deeply. Our tongues danced together. Sarah made whimpering sounds as I cupped her breast in my hand. Her nipples instantly grew rigid.

"There is something I have always wanted to do." I said as I pulled her over to the Jacuzzi bubbling in the corner. We stepped in carefully hand in hand. I led her over to the edge and sat her down. "I have always wanted to get fucked in a here, but no men allowed in the women's locker room. This is the next best thing"

I untied the strings on Sarah's bikini bottom and pulled it off of her. The crotch stuck to her slit for a moment. I tugged and it revealed a smoothly shaved pussy that was already wet with her juices. I smiled at Sarah and sat down in the water and gently spread her legs wide.

Her slit stuck out just waiting to be sucked, her slit was open slightly and I could see a pearl of cream at the opening. Her rosebud of an ass winked at me. I knew that this was going to be fun. I spread her pussy lips wide and stiffened my tongue and pushed it into her waiting channel. Her cream was thick and sweet. I fucked her with my tongue while my hands rubbed her ass from below.

I could feel her ass muscles contract in my hands, and I decided to test the limits. I licked her like a Popsicle from asshole to clit and I heard her moan. I did it again, pausing on her asshole and I felt her shake. I squeezed her ass and then took one finger and stuck it far in her pussy, as it would go. I pulled it out and showed her my finger coated with her cream. Still looking in her eyes, I rubbed it over ass, pushing slightly. She gasped for breath each time I pushed harder. The heat from the water was making me sweat; the jets under my ass were making me squirm. I moved my ass slightly so that a jet was blowing bubbles right on my pussy.

I stuck my finger back in her pussy and pulled out more cum, and then I inserted the sip of my finger in her ass and broke eye contact and sucked hard on her clit. Sarah threw head back and moaned as more of my finger disappeared in her ass. I ran my tongue all over her pussy. Up and down, side to side, in and out. I fucked her ass with my finger and fucked her pussy with my mouth. Sarah started to shake and whimper and I knew that she was going to cum all over my mouth. I moved my asshole over the water jet and started to shake too.

We both came hard, our moans bouncing off the walls in the locker room. I could feel her ass gripping my finger so that it was locked in tight. I could feel her pussy contracting from above. Cum dripped off my chin and melted in the swirling water. Some of her juices slid down onto my finger. I licked her clit lightly till she stopped shaking.

As Sarah calmed down she looked at me and smiled. She bent over me and kissed her juices off my face. I slid my finger slowly from her ass and I felt her gasp again. "That was amazing!"


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