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An antisocial young woman's roomie takes her out for v-day.

nd these messages!"

"What are you talking about?"

She held the screen in front of his face. The messages looked like random texts, nonsense characters, no known language present. In this particular thread, the messages were being sent to someone fairly important.

"Did anyone else get these messages?"

She looked at her screen and swiped around. Then her seemingly glowing face turned almost feral. Her nostrils tensed and grew. Her teeth looked sharp. Her eyes were infuriated. "Looks like all my contacts got these bullshit messages." More swiping and tapping. "There are new apps on this phone too, and I didn't install them."

Mihai was actually concerned for once. He leaned into her so he could look at her phone. "What kinds of apps?" Their icons looked deceptively plain and he couldn't say what in the world they were for. One of the icons was a literal white square with a black outline, nothing more than that.

Just then, random web pages kept popping up on the screen, lots of them, too much to close.

She turned her phone off.

Then she looked up at Mihai with the most terrifying expression he had ever seen on her.

Her face was smooth. Her eyes were dovish. Her smile was motherly. She looked down at the ground like she was lazily watching a little baby play around.

Then she burst into maddening laughter, bending over, holding her belly, gasping and coughing.

Mihai took a few steps back. Despite his warm clothing, he was suddenly very cold, especially in his chest and feet.


It was a hiking trail, big and refreshing. The snow had returned for a bit, so there was a combination of old and new powder under their winter hiking boots. Condensation naturally flowed from their smiling mouths. Thick clothing kept their bodies safe. It was a lovely afternoon.

Ana thought that sometimes, Vlad looked a bit weary, and every few minutes she would ask, "Are you okay?"

He would straighten his back and confidently say, "I'm fine."

Maybe he just didn't get enough sleep last night.

He spoke to her about several little things, but Ana didn't really focus on his words. She focused on his tone instead. He was almost smokey. She rather liked it. Even though he was likely talking about some fairly ordinary topics, blood surged in her womanhood. She could even feel her clitoris twinge whenever Vlad's voice rose a bit.

Time to flirt, right?

Ana purposely met his eyes. Then she let her gaze glide down his form, imagining what his body would be like under all the winter clothes. Her tongue peeked out into the cold air as she licked her lips. Then, with a sultry voice, Ana told him, "I have no idea what you've been saying for the past minute. I really haven't paid any attention at all."

Vlad's face wrinkled as he seemed to choke down a laugh. Then he coughed into his fist, and he said, "I'm offended."

"You should be. All this time you were trying to be entertaining and I was thinking about your body instead of your brain." One of her shoulders quirked up and she winked.

His nose wrinkled as if he wanted to laugh. Then he grinned.

She let him stalk on over to her and claim her waist. Her gloved hands went to his chest, and she happily let him kiss her. Warm and sloppy, loud and perhaps obnoxious.

A whisper, a few giggles, and then they turned back, planning on spending a little time in one of their cars. When they were at the hiking trail's entrance, where their cars were parked, Vlad steered her towards his vehicle. Maybe because his was nicer?

He opened the passenger side door for her. Ana slid into the rather luxurious interior. She wasn't normally the type to be impressed by a man's car, but she did enjoy the clean and smooth seats. Ana took a quivering, tingly breath as the door was closed. She watched Vlad walk around the car to enter from the driver's side. He started the car so he could warm it up.

Vlad put the car in reverse, backed up with a turn, then put it in drive so he could place the car into a spot behind a few trees and an old statue of a moose.

Ana shed her coat away, then h

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