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Unwelcome revelations for Vadya el Gaiel van H'las.

David turned Adam's head with a hand and kissed him passionately, probing his sweet, tender mouth with a raspy tongue.

When David's hips pressed against Adam's body, he leaned in close. "Want me to fuck you until you cum?" he whispered hoarsely in Adam's ear, his gravelly voice so low it barely registered.

Adam opened his mouth to respond, but instead nodded tearfully, too conflicted to speak; David was stretching him to his limits and he needed time to adjust, however there had never been a finer line between pleasure and pain. He wanted more, now.

David chuckled darkly. "You're going to have to earn it, son." David pulled Adam back from the wall and wrapped his hairy arms around Adam's midsection, giving his belly a squeeze.

Adam gave a soft whimper as David's dick jostled inside him.

"You've grown up into a porky, cum-guzzling young man, haven't you?" David growled, jiggling Adam's breasts, and when Adam opened his mouth again to reply, he leaned in. Adam kissed him back forcefully, moaning encouragingly every time his uncle's tongue invaded his mouth.

"Ah, you taste so fucking good," David pulled back, sighing. He couldn't hold off any longer now; he started to fuck Adam in slow, gentle strokes.

Adam could feel his uncle's cock begin to slide in and out, almost lovingly.

David was a quick learner; he found Adam's sweet spot in no time and started to thrust into it. "Ooooh fuck!" Adam melted into his uncle's strong arms.

David grunted as he bore Adam's weight, but didn't stop fucking him. His shaft tugged at Adam's opening with each push and pull, yet somehow found its way back to stimulate his prostate every time.

David's hairy chest, matted by the water, rubbed against Adam's back as he pressed himself against the curve of his nephew's body, the two of them fitting together like a two adjacent pieces of a puzzle. He slowed his pace. "Play with your nipples, boy," he directed Adam as he reached around to rub his nephew's short cock with a soapy hand. "Go on, play with your tits for daddy bear."

Adam quickly obeyed. His little pink nipples were already stiff from being pressed up against the cold bathroom wall. He pinched them while David watched over his shoulder, tweaking and rolling them between thumb and finger, shivering from the sensations it sent whizzing through his body. They were hard-wired to his balls and were a sure-fire way to make himself cum.

Watching Adam pleasure himself drove David into a frenzied lust. He hooked his large hands around Adam's hips and pushed hard. "Keep playing with them!" he snarled when Adam stopped to brace himself against the wall.

So ecstatic was Adam's response to having his nipples pinched while a thick cock ravaged his ass that it took all of his strength not to let his knees give in beneath him again. The wet, smacking sound of David's belly slapping against his chubby ass back bounced off the bathroom walls and David was panting and growling low in his throat.

Adam couldn't help but add to the noise; it started as a quiet keening, escaping his mouth as he panted, and then a loud gratuitous moan as he crested the peak of physical pleasure -- it felt as though his nerves were truly alive for the first time; blood flushed his skin from neck to toe, suffusing his tingling body with a sudden warmth -- but he had yet to climax.

David's hips matched the pace of Adam's moan, carefully keeping his nephew on the edge as he rode alongside him, together riding the roaring wave of pleasure. Nothing else mattered but the warmth of Adam in his arms, the honest trembling of a young man's pleasure -- a pleasure he was giving him...

The shower had long started to run lukewarm, but neither of them noticed. Only the gratification one man could give another mattered, right now, here in the shower.

David didn't want it to end.

But it did. The water ran icy cold - Adam bellowed 'Fuck!' and made a wild grab for the shower handle, shutting off the water -- and the moment was broken.

Adam came first, but not for the lack of David trying; David thrust hard

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