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Sarah treats Chris' wounds and divulges details about Cat.

Ed continued to fuck her from behind, Beth began to buck back and forth pushing onto Ed's accepting cock.

I took Sue's hand and pulled her close to me, we embraced and started kissing. Sue reached down and started stroking my cock, and could feel the precum which was draining along the shaft. She used both hands to feel the fullness of my cock, as we continued to taste each other's tongues.

Sue dropped to her knees and took my cock into her waiting mouth, sucking and swallowing the precum which had sat waiting to be taken.

As she kept giving me her mouth I could see Beth motion for Ed to top mount her and fuck her missionary so she could spread her legs wide while he pushed his cock deep inside again. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his mouth to her lips. She kissed him, his hips pushed downward, and she pushed her hips upward forcing his stiffness into her.

Sue and I watched Ed and Beth getting more into the ecstasy of my wife and Sue's husband fucking and moaning. Sue withdrew her mouth and turned around exposing her smooth and soft ass. She spread her legs wanting me to enter her, as Ed had done with Beth.

I positioned myself with the head of my cock brushing Sue's clit and wet opening, I did not just push myself inside of Sue, I took hold of my cock and started massaging Sue's clit with the head of my cock. I had my left hand on her hip, and with ever stroke I made on her clit, I could feel her body motion back wanting me to enter her.

As I teased Sue's clit with my cock, I could hear Beth and Ed's breathing getting heavier, I knew they would cum at any moment, As that thought entered my mind, my wife shooting her orgasm all over another man's cock buried inside her, I chose to stop teasing and slid myself inside of Sue, as soft moans of pleasure filled her lungs, I placed my hands on her hips, and then wrapped my arms around her to feel her soft nipples protruding and hard.

We both fucked in rhythm, as I pushed into her, she pushed onto me. The sensation was sending electricity through my body. I could feel Susan getting wetter as she began to fuck me faster.

Ed and I looked at each other fucking each other's wives and their body's taking in another man's cock for the first time. The sights and sounds were hard to ignore, we enjoyed everything we were seeing tasting, feeling and doing.

Suddenly I felt Sue bucking faster and breathing louder, moans straining to pierce past her lips. Beth was moving her body faster, and more forcefully, wanting to cum badly as this hard seven inch cock was readying to shoot its hot cum deep inside of her.

We all looked at each other and with one last tense moment we let go of the strain we made holding back to the slow build of an orgasm none of us ever felt this intense before. Ed and I both pushed deeper and harder and as far as we could push into the women and could no longer hold back the mounting liquid at the tip of our swollen cocks inside each woman, we both shot our hot cum inside of the other man's wife. As Ed and I were shooting the last few drops of cum. the women in sync with each other in the moment tensed their bodies as they screamed in an orgasmic thrill. Beth and Sue's cum was mixing with the men's cum already present in their bodies.

Our bodies slowed to a relaxed motionless state. Both Ed and I withdrew our shining wet cocks still semi-hard from fucking each other's wife. We all felt a calmness, and turned to each other and understood that this was a special moment, It was a journey I had wanted for much of my adult life and without Beth I would have most likely never had this eye opening experience.

We all returned to our respective spouses, I sat with Beth and we passionately kissed, as did Ed and Sue.

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