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She anticipates my needs, before I know I need them.

She had been shopping with Monica and her new clothing definitely showed it off. Nice tight halter tops and half blouses, low backed dresses, now usually matched with short skirts and stockings were now what she wore around.

He had been a bit hesitant about it when she had started showing off her new clothes, but after a beer and some more pills (he had developed a headache when talking about not liking her wardrobe), he realized he needed to be open minded about it and had agreed.

"Sir, your one o'clock is here."

Alex looked up and saw Tyrone and three other men standing by his secretary's desk (Patricia had started to insist she was his secretary instead of his personal assistant this morning for some reason). He nodded and waved them in. He saw Tyrone hand Patricia a pill bottle and then head on in.

"Alex my man! Good to see you. These are my friends. This is Steven, Joseph, and Randal."

Alex shook hands with all of them and had them sit down. "So, I've been told you guys all have various business interests and are curious about setting up a solid investment plan..."

They ended up talking for three hours. Alex initially was curious about what they wanted and then was very hesitant. Steven, the talent agent, was more of a talent agent for strippers and porn starts than real talent. Randal was an agent for several rap and gangster rap groups, some which were rather notorious for being abusive, using drugs, and even suspected of being simple fronts for drug money laundering. Joseph was arguably the most legit of the group, but as Alex tried to bore down on what exactly his company did move, it got very hazy fast.

Tyrone sensed his nervousness and suggested a short break. The three men headed out to the restroom and Tyrone held back.

"You seem a bit nervous man, what's up?"

"Tyrone, the money they want to put down is great. Hell, I could start my own firm with an investment like that. But not to sound offensive, they are a bit shady. I know for a fact that unless I pull every favor I am owned in the company there is no way the CEO will buy off of this. I have tried to push the boundaries but this may be a step too far."

"Man, I figured you had an Open Mind about this." Tyrone had replied.

A sharp pain hit Alex. He rubbed his head and Tyrone frowned. "Headache, hmmm, that's no good. We need you sharp. Here, have a couple of these and wash them down with a beer."

Alex was going to ask Tyrone how he knew he had beer here when he shoved one into his hand and he popped the pills without thinking. A few second later and a wave of relaxation hit him and he sighed.

"Better now?"

"Yeah. Much."

"Okay, Alex. You have a very open mind, and I know that you want to help these guys. They are not your regular customers but they still deserve to have a good investment manager right?"

"Yeah, that is true."

"Damn straight. Keep your mind open and let's figure out how to help them."

Alex had nodded and had gone to work with gusto. He re-evaluated the positions and found some ways to make things work. By using some shell companies he could confuse the source of the money, and by some not necessarily illegal, but not exactly ethical, maneuvers he could set up most of what they wanted. Alex and the others had ended up drinking up his whole case of beer and Tyrone had suggested that they head out to celebrate.

Alex agreed and called his wife. Tatyana was very happy and had told him to go for it as she was going to meet the neighbors up the street who had just come back from a long vacation with Monica.

Alex was locking his office when Patricia spoke up. "Sir, I see you are heading out. I take it that the meeting was a success?"

"Yes it was, it will take some work but this will be a big windfall for the company and me as well."

Patricia had smiled and said "Oh good sir, I am soooo happy." In a very sexy voice.

Alex had paused and openly scoped her out.

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