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Sophia & Tom get a little closer; Tom makes a decision.

Time is hard to judge in the sauna but I would estimate that half an hour had gone by when the door opened, letting in a bracing jolt of cooler air and a woman about my age, completely wrapped in a towel, from chest to knees on a frame that looked slim and couldn't have been more than a few inches over five feet. She stopped for a second at the sight of me and I wondered briefly if she would turn-around and go to the other sauna. Some of the women who go to the sauna are more hesitant about showing themselves, especially around other men. My lesbian friend Sheila, whom I met at the sauna, says she doesn't mind being naked in front of men, but does a man have to be so out there with his penis? She says if she had wanted to see those she would have stayed straight. But I digress.

The newcomer decided to come in after all and sat across from me on the opposite bench, not looking at me but at the wall to my left. She kept the towel around her and sat fairly primly on the bench, back to the wall, legs stretched on the bench in front of her. I politely smiled a hello and then closed my eyes and went back to enjoying the heat.

A minute or two went by and I could hear her shuffling about. I looked over and saw she was shedding her inhibitions a littler, as well as her towel. She laid it down on the bench and then laid on top of it, face down. She was very tan, with no tan lines that I could see. Something about her dark hair and eyes and caramel skin tone suggested a heritage of Mediterranean or South American ancestry. She obviously worked out but not to excess, firmness without over-definition.

I will not say I did not enjoy the view. I love women and I can think of nothing more lovely than a woman's naked body. But I said nothing, giving her respect and privacy.

After a few minutes I could feel my body reach its maximum tolerance for the heat and left for a moment to take a cool shower. When I returned, she had flipped onto her back, eyes closed. She was entirely shaved, a look I have always enjoyed and been aroused by. As I sat back down, she opened her eyes, smiled at me and then closed them again. The sauna was silent as we enjoyed the heat.

Suddenly, smoothly she stood, leaving her towel as she left he sauna. I could hear the nearest shower turn on as she no doubt cooled off as I had just done. She returned with her body dripping wet, shaking her hair lightly free of excess drops.

She sat across from me, sitting up as she drank from her water bottle. I had to think distracting thoughts for a moment to keep from getting an erection, seeing how lovely her whole body was. She seemed not to notice the slight thickening of my cock and sat quietly.

She began to gently wipe the sweat from her body, down her arms and legs. Her movements were fluid and unrushed, gentle in their caresses. I tried not to stare but she seemed unconcerned, mostly ignoring my presence. I began once again wiping the sweat from my own body.

She slowly began moving her hands closer to her breasts, which were a bit large on her small frame. Dark rosy nipples capped generous mounds that swayed slightly when she moved her arms. She wiped her hands over her breasts, the sweat glistening as she cupped them for just a moment and then moved on. I began to wonder how far this gorgeous woman would go in her self-caresses.

Languidly she began opening her legs, bit by bit, her hands running along her thighs, her stomach. I could not help but stare and could feel my cock lengthening, a definite taboo in the sauna. As unobtrusively as I could, I eased a portion of my towel over my now swelling cock. Her hands froze.

I looked up and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry," I said softly.

"Did I cause that?" she asked, her voice tinged with laughter.

"Oh no, it's a medical condition," I joked.

She laughed. "A medical condition? You know how to flatter a girl!"

I laughed as well, the tension broken between us. I could feel my cock deflating a bit until I finally felt comfortable removing the towel.

She looked o

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