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Bella and Trish are forced to put on a show.

She next paused in front of Nancy but instead of thanking her Amber gently locked her teeth around each of her nipples. Next she stopped in front of Heidi and said "In case the baby gets hungry." As she pulled her shirt off and threw it to the floor. Next she took a tiny sip of breast milk and wiped it around her own aureoles.

These she offered to me. I pulled her onto my lap and cleaned each nipple rather thoroughly before having her raise her arms so I could pull the bra up over her shoulders and off. While I was molesting her breasts her hands made short work of my belt buckle. I had just started nibbling her neck when she began to tear my jeans off in a near frenzy. This girl had no interest in foreplay, she wanted dick and she wanted it now.

I was already hard so as soon as she freed my cock from the underwear she pulled her thong to one side and began lowering herself onto my shaft. It almost seemed that I was delivering a penile injection of cortisone to relieve her overpowering itch.

The more aggressively she posted up and down the more the volume got turned up to the point where Grace felt compelled to excuse herself and head upstairs. The second floor of the Bayside house was well insulated but Amber was a howler with a strong set of pipes. When she had finally finished with me she had cum three times and only stopped because of physical exhaustion. Outside of the two of us panting for breath the first sound in the room was Nancy's reverent "Wow!"

Amber's face was resting atop the sparse amount of chest hair I had. She was finally able to say, "Thank you and I must confess to being amazed."

I kissed her forehead and replied, "Your welcome but why?"

"I expected you to try to convince me of the error of my decision."

"Sweet Amber there are no indentured servants here. If you want to work with us we'll of course aid in the accomplishment of your goals but the decision has to be yours."

"What do you think of my decision?"

"About the same as I approve of million dollar bomb shelters. I suppose they have their uses if life is that precious to a person but generally not worth it."


"None of our girls has ever had the problem you referred to, all of our girls has access to the best attorney in the Commonwealth and most importantly, the pleasure and pride you'd be giving your father decisively outweighs the slim possibility of arrest."

"Pleasure and pride... explain."

"Having the financial resources to be able to transfer to a better school now, rather than waiting an indeterminate number of years, being in a position to help your little brother with his school expenses, these are all things which would make a father burst with pride."

Rather than respond, she fell asleep against my chest. Heidi eventually got up and helped me extricate myself so we could go to bed. While she was bathing I dozed on my bed with Sharon sleeping on my chest.

The next morning Nancy woke us for breakfast. I always enjoyed watching her cook while drinking my first cup of coffee because invariably she cooked topless and I'd yet to become complacent about those tits. That morning was no exception as she went from the potatoes and onions to making the batter for the blueberry pancakes and so on in green fuzzy alligator slippers and a matching green thong.

She asked, "Tell me something boss. Was I watching sex last night or was that a rape?"

"I'm not really sure. Is it a rape when no overt threat is made but you can tell that bad things will happen to you if you try to deny the person anything she wants?"

"She sure seemed like a woman in need."

Heidi and Andy wandered in and she deposited Sharon on my lap while she asked the cook, "How can I help?"

"Would you mind polling everyone so we know how they want their eggs?" Heidi saluted the cook and turned to check with Grace and Amber.

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