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And for reasons I still don't understand, I turned and walked toward the door. I could feel the heat of his body close behind me. He radiated with anger and sexual tension as he guided me out the door with his hand at the small of my back.

Without a word, he opened the passenger door of his SUV and put me inside. He slammed my door, making me flinch, then climbed up on his side and peeled out of the parking lot. I dared a glance at him and could see the tight set of his jaw. A few moments later, I realized with surprise that we were pulling into my neighborhood. I didn't even know he knew where I lived. "Which one?" His voice was tight, controlled.

I was frightened. I looked at him and then back to the road. I cleared my throat and looked at him again. Mike hit the brakes, hard. "Sarah? Where is your house?"

"The right. Four houses up." I hated myself for letting my voice tremble. Surprisingly, I was rewarded with a hint of a smile as he started the car creeping along to my house. And more surprisingly, I could feel myself responding to that smile. I shivered, and I really didn't know if it was from the fear or excitement I felt rumbling beneath the surface.

As the car rolled to a stop, I opened my door and was out walking towards my door quickly. I had a fleeting thought of getting inside ahead of him, and locking him out. But, he caught up to me in just a couple of long quick strides and I could feel him close behind me.

As I fumbled to get my key in the lock, I felt him press up close behind me and take each of my wrists in his big hands. He placed them up on the door beside my head as he moved his knee to rest between my thighs. My breath caught and I struggled to breathe. I felt my eyes tear up as he pulled my arms high and secured them in one of his big hands over my head. I felt his other hand begin to trail down my body, from my arm down my sides, just lightly caressing the side swell of my breast before coming to a possessive halt on my hip.

His head dipped low and I felt his hot breath on my neck and then his lips were dancing lightly over my ear as he began to talk to me in a low controlled voice. "Sarah, when we walk through this are mine..." I shivered at his voice and one tear slipped down my cheek. "Tonight, I will have you every way I've ever dreamed of having you....and you WILL be the slut you were meant to be....for me..." His hand moved from my hip and traveled to caress just above my jeans. A moan that I did not recognize as my own slipped from deep within my throat and my head fell back against his shoulder. With that, he bit down lightly on my neck and then kissed me there.

"Do you understand me, Sarah?" he asked, as his hand slipped into my jeans and began to rub over my pussy. He used the silk of my panties to rub circles around my clit, making it impossible for me to think straight to answer him. My pussy was dripping wet for him, I could feel that my panties were soaked. I tried to understand what he was saying to me, but all I could do was ride his hand as his fingers skillfully worked over my pussy. I knew he was taking possession of me, showing me that I wanted this...and he was right.

"Sarah, answer understand that you are mine tonight?" With that he pinched down on my clit and I felt my knees give as my pussy clenched tightly and I creamed my panties right there on the door step. He supported my weight with his knee between my thighs, and in the midst of my orgasm I gasped, "Yes!"

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, sir...I understand" I heard myself whisper as I was coming down from my high.

"Good girl," he said. "Now open the door." He released my hands slowly and backed away. I could feel him hover just long enough to make sure I could stand, then back away from me. I felt cold without his heat enveloping me, and I fumbled with my keys hurrying to get us inside. I was wet, I was hot, I was delirious. I wanted him to make me his, I needed him to control me...and I found that I wasn't afraid of him anymore.

I opened the door, and put my keys down o

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