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Azizah and Azman draw another into their play.

"Please... enough..."

"If you're finished I guess I can take over," I grinned. Before she could protest I traced my finger along her wet slit, and pushed it deep inside her hole. Her warm, pink innards seemed to constrict around me, almost sucking me in. Heather's ongoing attempts to seem unfazed collapsed even further, and she gave an involuntary gasp at the unexpected violation.

I had planned on drawing this out further, teasing and toying with her, but I was harder than I'd ever been, and I had to feel her tight, hot pussy with more than just my finger.

"Stay there." I rushed over to my rucksack and pulled out the last item - a cheap laptop I'd 'acquired' from work a few months ago. I turned it on as I walked back over and put it on the table behind Heather. A few more clicks and it was connected - it was displaying the feed from the camera, live.

"What are you doing?" demanded Heather, a little shakily. She couldn't see the laptop on the table.

"I got this idea from you. You should be grateful it's only showing on this laptop, and not on the internet." When I was satisfied it was all working, I came around and crouched by her head. The meeting so far hadn't lessened the amount of sheer hate she could blast at me just by looking at me. "Now, this is what you're going to do. You're going to take this video camera," I put it in her hands, "and you're going to point at that cute little pussy of yours. And you're going to keep it pointed there."

"You want me to do your job for you?" she spat.

"That's right. And if you don't, if you turn it off, or point it away, or try to damage it in anyway, then I will upload it here and now to the internet. I'll bet your followers will have a few things to say about that." She couldn't hide the apprehension from her face. She'd be good, I knew. "Now, into position..."

She could probably have guessed what was next, but her face remained stony and impassive as she pointed the camera at her own gaping vagina as ordered. I stood over her face, where I could see the laptop over the top of her ass - its screen was filled with a shot of Heather's pussy, with my cock and balls on the edge of vision.

This was it. Ignoring Heather's feeble protests, I grabbed my cock by the shaft and guided the head into her waiting vulva. She gave a loud gasp.

I grasped her ass cheeks with both hands and drove deeper and deeper into her. I hadn't known how badly I'd needed this release until I was physically sinking my cock into her.

I'd had sex before, once. A drunken, awkward, unmemorable encounter that I'd nonetheless clung to as my 'at least I'm not a virgin' card. This was not like that, in any way. Heather's pussy was tighter than I could have ever dreamed, pulling me in, more satisfying than anything else she could offer. I may have seen her naked, made her pose in embarrassing positions, made her masturbate for me, but it wasn't until I was actually inside her, actually penetrating her cunt as she had penetrated me, that I felt I had had my revenge. Only now was her humiliation really beginning.

And she knew it.

"You son of a bitch!" she grunted. I looked at the laptop. From her perspective she had a clear view of her pussy being violated by my dick above her. Time to give her a real show.

I gave a hard thrust, unexpectedly driving into her hole until my balls met her eager lips. Heather groaned but I would give her no time to recover. Again and again I thrust as deep into her hot little cunt as I could, grasping her quivering ass cheeks to steady us both.

Her protests soon gave way to ragged breaths and involuntary gasps and grunts as I smashed into her, filling her up, taking from her everything she'd taken from me. She may have been disgraced and humiliated, and no doubt she'd have given anything not to have to subject herself to this, but no one could say she wasn't wetter than ever now. As repulsed as she was by me, her greedy pussy was betraying her.

Not that I could think of

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