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I ducked under cover in the dark shadows and watched as Mrs. Kudlick parked in the garage, then carried armloads of bags from her car into the house. She'd obviously just spent a lot of time and money at the mall. I decided to stick around for a little bit, thinking that, with bags full of new clothes and no one else in the house, I might have a perfect opportunity to catch her undressing.

I lingered outside her bedroom window for just a short time before she came in with all of her purchases and turned on the light. The blinds were open and she never bothered to close them; she just put her bags on the bed and started going through the closest one. She pulled out a blouse and held it up, then laid it on the bed and started to unbutton the blouse she was wearing. My cock was rising as she stood there in jeans and a bra unbuttoning the new blouse so she could try it on. Her tits looked pretty decent but it occurred to me that, if she had only purchased blouses, I might see nothing more than her bra. I couldn't imagine that all of the bags contained only blouses and, even if they were, I figured that, once she was done trying all of them on, she'd be likely to undress to put on a nightgown or pajamas. My luck had held out so far that summer, so there was no reason to start doubting it now.

The first few things she tried on were indeed blouses but I remained positive while staring at her tits and also realizing that her ass clad in her jeans looked pretty nice, too. I wasn't surprised when a skirt was finally extracted from one of the bags and my cock, which had not quite achieved rigidity while staring at her bra, received another surge of blood. She unbuttoned her jeans and shimmied out of them, causing her tits to jiggle while revealing a surprisingly sexy pair of matching bikini panties. While I took in the view of her in just lingerie, she was stepping into the skirt and pulling it up. Once she had it zipped in the back, it hugged her ass, which looked awesome squeezed in there. She seemed to agree because she appeared pleased by what she was seeing in the mirror as she looked over her shoulder.

There were more skirts and more blouses as well as some shorts, which all looked very nice on her but I preferred her standing around in just bra and panties in between trying things on. When she got down to what appeared to be the last bag, I was hoping for some full nudity soon after and was pleasantly surprised to realize it would be sooner than I'd hoped. She extracted a couple of bras and some very brief panties from the bag and reached back to unfasten her bra. I could feel my cock stiffening again as the bra went slack and she let it slide down her arms, revealing her sloping tits, large areolas and hard nipples. As I stared at her bare tits, she started to slide her panties down, her tits swinging as she leaned forward. Straightening up again, her trim, light brown bush was revealed and I was looking at her completely naked. I slowly opened my shorts and extracted my cock, not stroking it right away but planning to very soon.

As she tried on one set of bra and panties, stripped them off and tried on another, I was rigid not only seeing her stripping repeatedly, but also upon realizing that the panties were thongs and they looked fantastic on her. By the time she'd stripped off the last new set of lingerie, I was slowly stroking my cock, figuring she'd be covering herself up again pretty quickly. I was pleasantly surprised once again when she turned to face herself in the mirror while still naked and gave herself the once over from the front, then again from the back. Fortunately, the way the mirror was set up, I had a full front and rear view regardless of which way she was facing. I wouldn't have claimed that her body was perfect, but it was pretty damn nice, especially given that she had a teenage daughter in addition to her adult son. If her fat-ass husband was not giving it to her regularly, he was an idiot.

I was still stroking slowly, waiting to see what sh

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