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He bought some sausage rolls, butter, and several other edibles before continuing home. All the time his eyes kept their vigil scanning the road and vehicles that passed him. He was in a danger zone, time to look and think sharp.

He arrived at his place six minutes later. Everywhere was quiet-it didn't look as if he'd had any strange visitors since he left. Hopefully Erica wouldn't be around to rush downstairs to visit. The woman's pussy just couldn't seem to get any rest when it came to fucking him. The thought of her brought Artie to his mind. He was going to have to pay him a visit one of these days, at least settle the fire with him.

He stood there by the doorway as he unlocked the front door, listening to know if any stranger was inside. Not hearing any, he closed the door behind him and pushed the dead-bolt before heading in the direction of the kitchen and dropping the items he'd bought on the table. He was just getting out of his jacket when something furry scurried between his legs, giving him a startled fright. He looked down and there was Elsa, meowing at him and rubbing her thick tail against his ankle. Thaddeus had just about forgotten about her.

He picked her up in his arms and dropped her on the table and went about putting away the edible he'd bought inside the fridge. Done with that, he picked up a small plate bowl which he'd turned into Elsa's food bowl. He poured some milk into it and kept it on the floor for her to sip from while he got himself a Coke from the fridge, popped the tab and drank some of it before loosening his shirt and setting about making something to eat.

Minutes later Thad was done eating his meal. He was in the bedroom taking off his clothes about to go hit the shower when his doorbell rang. He grumbled upon hearing it, wondering who it could be this time. His only prayer, as he went to see who it was, was that it wouldn't be Erica. Then again, she was never the type who used his doorbell whenever she wanted to drop by.

He wrapped a towel around his waistline before going to see who it was. He checked through the peep-hole, saw that it wasn't Erica, but it didn't take the worries off from him but rather elevated it more. He unlocked the dead-bolt and opened the door for his unexpected guest. She stood there looking at him, fidgeting, not knowing what to do or say. Thad made it easy for her by smiling.

"Hi there. No need standing like that, come on in," he opened the door wider.

Sylvia Norris thanked him and smiled back as she stepped into his abode away from the sun's heat.

Thaddeus hadn't gotten rid of his damaged stereo set and this caught Sylvia's eyes as she stepped into his living room. She turned to him after he'd locked back the door and pointed at the hole in his TV screen.

"I had some uninvited visitors last night," he mentioned. "Not the type who like to clean up when they're done bashing a brother's pad to bits. Sit down, please."

She did so, still she seemed nervous to him as he sat beside her.

"You're looking good and fine today," he commented as he ran his eyes over her.

Indeed she was looking cute and fine in her tight pair of jeans and sky-blue blouse.

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