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Uncle David tries, but can't resist his nephew.

Meanwhile, Friane was busy working his cock with her hands. She was using one hand to squeeze and pull his balls and using the other hand to twist and pump his cock. Soon his shaft was coated with his pre-cum. With her other hand, Friane pulled and twist his scrotum until it was distended and red.

Marsha came back to me. She leaned in to me. "Rub your pussy, Slut," she told me. When I hesitated, she took my left hand and forced it up under the corset. Using her hand to guide mine, she stroked the shaft of my harnessed cock. Using long strokes, she moved my hand from the base of my cock all the way back and up to the bulbous mushroom shaped head. She continued to use my hand, in hers, to rub my "pussy" until my panties were wet with my oozing cum.

Cindy had moved up Cory's body and was sitting on his chest. With one knee on each side of his head, she had her cunt on his face. Leaning back, her long blonde hair flowing loosely behind her, she was rhythmically thrusting her hips back and forth. I looked closer, seeing Cory's tongue sticking out of is mouth. He was curling his tongue up and out, snaking it into Cindy's cunt and against her clit. His face was shiny with a mixture of saliva and pussy juices.

By this time Friane was busy sucking on Cory's cock. Her saliva coated his cock, running down the shaft and dripping from his balls. Now her left hand was up between his ass checks, her middle finger thrusting in and out of his ass. Her right hand was still working the shaft of his cock, pumping up and down, twisting around the shaft like a corkscrew.

I was so obsessed with the scene that I had lost the fact that Marsha had left me. I was still stroking my harnessed cock, even as if her hand still guided me. It was only when I felt her forcing me to bend over forward at the waist that I realize that she was no longer masturbating me.

As she forced me to bend over, I continued to work my cock with my hand. When Marsha pulled my hand away from my throbbing hard-on, I moaned with frustration. I looked back at Marsha.

"Good little cunt. You want to get fucked?" Marsha sneered. She was standing behind me, total naked, having removed her corset. Her torso was shimmering with sweat. Her full round tits were rising and falling in cadence with her rapid heated breathing. Around her waist was strapped her favorite cock, Intruder, her big 12-inch black latex dildo. The big black cock, its shaft a twisted mass of faux viens and bulges, twitched up and down as if alive. A moan of perverted lust escaped my throat. Like a bitch in heat, I pushed my pussy, my ass back toward her throbbing cock. "Say it bitch. Tell me that you want me to fuck you." Marsha demanded again.

"Arrhh...fuck me, please fuck me," I moaned. I attempted to move my ass onto her bobbing cock. I was frustrated as my own cock was still strapped between my legs and the hard steel dildo was still rammed up my ass.

"Watch your girlfriend cum. Watch him eat Cindy's pussy," Marsha told me. I turned and watched as Cindy rode Cory's mouth. Now Cindy was tossing her head from side to side, her breathing shallow and labored. Small moans came from her throat, deep and feral. Her hands were placed back on his upper thighs. Her legs were flared wide apart. Her hips had been moved forward and her full cunt now covered his face, from nose to chin.

I felt Marsha rip the panties from my ass and pop the cock harness free. My cock and balls sprang forward, opening my sphincter to her. With hardly a heartbeat, Marsha reached up and ripped the heavy steel cock from my ass. For only a moment, my pussy...felt void and empty...and then Marsha was ramming her long thick black cock into me.

I stumbled forward, my head bumping into Friane.

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