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You make her tease herself.

Dillon's sucking your boyfriend's cock, Cecilia."

I loved that juxtaposition. The young teen slut was fucking me up the ass, but she still called me Mr. Dillon! Respect and raw lust, fused, an altogether dazzling mix. I felt very much the center of attention now. There I was, behind this cute young stud, stuffing my cock up his tight ass, Doug now all excited and aroused as he pushed back eagerly against my thrusts.

"Look at him, he loves it, don't you Doug, baby?" Sandy almost sneered, seeing how her boyfriend had turned into a cock loving slut, eager to have his young ass plowed.

And then there was Sandy, behind me, driving her's deep into my ass. And not only was I fucking ass and having my own fucked, but my lips were now wrapped around Tommy's luscious cock, my daughter watching closely as her father sucked his first cock. Sucked it and loved sucking it! That I had to admit to myself. I'd become a convert, a convert to the pleasures of intimacy with those of my own sex. And to be converted like this in front of my own teenage daughter and her girlfriends somehow made it all that much exciting and deliciously forbidden.

But that wasn't all. My two hands were busy. One was reaching around to stroke Doug's shaft while I fucked him. The teen's dick was so damned hard too. That alone told me how much he must've been enjoying my cock pounding his tight young ass.

And speaking of tight young ass, while sucking Tommy, taking as much of his thick shaft in my mouth as I could, hungering for it, ravenous for the taste of cock now, I reached behind his balls with my other hand and slid two stiff fingers up his tight male ass.

"You're pretty busy, dad," Sophie cooed, a loving but lewd smile on her face, "you're a very dirty guy, it looks like. Fucking and getting fucked, sucking dick, sticking your fingers up teenage boys' assholes, feeling their cocks. Wow, dad! You really are a slut!"

Sophie and her girlfriends laughed, but it was true! Turned into a slut by a trio of sassy teenage girls, frisky as kittens and as nasty a gaggle of young whores.

Suddenly I could feel the cock in my mouth begin to throb, and moments later Tommy's cum was gushing into my mouth, so much of it, his cock spurting spurt after spurt after spurt! It was pooling in my mouth and some was even dripping out of the corners of my lips. My daughter, of course, noticed.

"Holy shit, dad, you sucked him off! You sucked Tommy off!"

"Your dad sucked him off?!" Sandy, drilling me from behind and out of view, gasped.

"Man, did he ever!" my daughter said, looking me in the eye, almost proudly.

Finally Tommy had finished and his cock softened, then he pulled away. But Sophie was right there, my beautiful young daughter, pressing her lips against mine now, kissing me deeply, lovingly, sharing the pool of Tommy's cum, our lips warm and moist and sticky, our intimacy more profound than ever. Little did I imagine when this day began that I'd be kissing my daughter passionately right after sucking off a boy, sharing that boy's cum with her.

And then I felt a second cock throb, the one in my hand, Doug's. And as his cock throbbed, unloading, I could feel his sphincter pulsating around my own dick. That little added bit of stimulation did it as suddenly I felt the crescendo, a blistering orgasm, a quiver of the purest pleasure as the seeds of that pleasure poured into Doug's ass, poured and poured and poured.

We had to catch our breath, suddenly weak, us three males, and then we disengaged.

Sandy pulled out of me, whipping around on her knees to take my cock in her mouth, eager to suck the cock had just been buried up her boyfriend's ass, sucking and licking off the last traces of semen, savoring the glaze of her boyfriend's well-fucked ass. And Cecilia and my daughter Sophie? They too had dropped to their knees, right behind Doug, and, like two hungry kittens lapping up warm cream, they were licking up the cum - my cum! - as it slowly seeped out of Doug's ass.


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