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"No surprise," I responded. "Thinking about eating pussy, with any of you, is enough to make me hard. Why wouldn't it add more charge while I'm going down on you for you to think of Annie or Mom riding your face at the same time?"

Marissa moaned briefly, then said, "I was actually picturing the two of them in a 69 next to us, but that's a hot image, too. Maybe a daisy chain, instead." Sitting up slightly, she said, "Ty, I don't know if I can wait until after graduation to be with the two of them. I want to be able to study for finals with Annie, but I'm not sure I'll be able to think straight, sitting next to her, thinking about Tahoe."

I moved to lay beside her so we could talk better while I also caressed her skin, raising goosebumps. I asked, "How did you manage, before you admitted your attraction to her? Was studying with her a distraction then?"

Marissa answered, "Yes, but I managed to keep it together, because it was still imaginary. I could kind-of picture the two of us together, but I didn't know. Now, I've actually been with her, although just for one night. Now I know what she tastes like, what her nipples feel like under my tongue, what her tongue feels like on my clit. I want more of that, but I need to stay away from her right now because of this damned rumor. Don't get me wrong, I think all three of you are worth being super careful, I'm just feeling impatient."

"What is impatience, if not an expectation about time?" I asked. "We expect things to take less time than they really will, then let that expectation not getting met dictate how we feel about it. If we keep our expectations realistic or have none at all, we don't feel impatient. Are you prepared for this arrangement to be for the rest of our lives, Marissa? If so, what's two weeks, against our lifetimes?"

"Is that a marriage proposal, Ty?" Marissa asked.

"Not yet, Riss," I answered, more calmly than I expected. I realized that, a week earlier, I might have panicked at that question. Now I was a lot closer to committing my life to her. It was simply too soon to propose. "Just shining a light on a potential future, hoping we all get there together. I was only asking if you could see that same future, even if you ultimately decide it's not the right one for you."

Marissa sighed. "I can not only see it, I feel it in my heart, Ty. It feels right. So right that I want it now. I don't want there to be this obstacle, this rumor keeping the four of us apart."

I had to laugh, which made Marissa frown. I explained, "I wasn't laughing at you, but at the universe. I used to joke that 'What Annie wants, Annie gets.' Seems to be truer than ever. Of course, this path we are on combines both of your birthday wishes, me loving her and her loving you, without being in conflict. Add in Annie's older wishes, for my mom to be in her life, and here the four of us are, itching to make the foursome real."

"You think wishes have that much power?" she asked.

I responded, "What is a birthday wish but another form of prayer? You believe in that, don't you? Even if you're not consciously directing the wish to God, how else is it going to come true?"

"Your Mom talked about intention last Sunday, when it came to expectations. Do we maybe have the power to make our own wishes come true?"

I answered, "We certainly have the ability to get in the way through pessimism, so I suppose we also have the ability to bring the things we want into our life by being more optimistic about them. Sure. Maybe there's a bit of the divine in all of us and prayer and wishing are two ways we unlock it."

"How do we keep winding up in these philosophical discussions in the middle of making love?" she asked, while reaching her hand down to my cock, which had softened.

"At least they're philosophical discussions about our love life. Doesn't that count as foreplay?"

"Not unless they keep your dick hard," she said. "Now I've got to rev you up all over again. Poor me."

Never letting my cock go, Marissa began kissing her way from my neck to my collar bone to my chest.

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