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A new submissive is learning.

While blasting white streams against the wall came eureka.

Once after a couple drinks did Eric boast about their sex toys. With all the details like location, how often and what. We all knew that Eric liked to exaggerate so we took it with a grain of salt. I cleared up the mess and walked to the cupboard in Eric's study. On the top shelf of the further empty cupboard stood two jars, one contained lubricant and one contained massage oil beside it lay a single handcuff with the key inside it's lock. The jar of lubricant was still unopened with its pristine seal covering it's lid. The massage oil was opened but was almost full, it smelled fresh.

With the jar of oil in my hands and the keys in my pocket did I go to the kitchen to warm up the oil. On my way there I locked the front door and left the key in the door so no one could enter. When the oil and my hands were finally warm, did I walk back to a dream. Again I looked at her whilst standing in the doorway and thought perhaps she was sleeping. One way to find out I thought so I changed the porn with the romantic fifties music she liked.

"Ah, back again." Said Rosina when the sound of porn stopped.

I froze and looked at her, she was looking at me. Well her face was pointed in my direction but her eyes were still covered. I didn't answer but put on the music. In a manner of knowing someone was trustworthy I needed to do something. I didn't want her to scream when a silent person began to touch her.

I knew she liked to be touched between her big toe and the long toe so I caressed her toes and feet. I presumed that Eric was one of the few who knew this. No reply came from Rosina so I walked to the warm oil that I put on the bedside table. On the way I hung the keys on a nail, at the table I rubbed some oil on my hands. The strong jasmine smell was pleasant and made me more confident. I moved upward to her hands and began to massage her left hand and arm.

I moved over to her other arm and looked at her face, she was smiling. I always loved her smile, the smile that made everybody around her happy. Shame her almost certainly twinkling eyes were covered by a black strand. When I massaged down her arms I went close to her covered breast but not to close. From the close vicinity of her breast I went to her shoulders and neck. I did it slowly and carefully as not to inflict panic when my hands touched her neck. After the neck I began to lightly stroke the uncovered part of her face.

Rosina began purring like a cat when I began to stroke her face. I knew Rosina absolutely loved cats and Eric hated them, I always thought that strange but well. Rosina was known to mimic cat behaviour like rubbing her face and meowing even from a young age. Although only with those she was close with.

I finished her shoulder, neck and face but she was handcuffed so there was no change of turning her around for a back massage. I now again massaged her feet and moved up her leg but stopped above the knees.

I knew the point of no return was now coming, it was time to remove the night gown. My hands began to tremble as my hand moved closer to the thin fabric. Two fingers pinched it and slowly I uncovered the body of a goddess. I looked at her pussy, she still had her public hair although it was trimmed. What really caught my eyes where her breast, her full breast were standing proudly up. Her breast were like a reverse mountain. With pale white slopes and a dark top. I really felt like a pervert as my oily hands moved from her shoulders to her magnificent breasts. I cupped them and stroke them, then I began to make circles around her breast. Moving closer and closer to her nipple till my hand was only caressing the dark spot in the middle of her pale tits.

"Mmmm." I was startled by the sudden load moan that came from Rosina.

I let go of her breasts and moved down to her lower belly.

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