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And how I grew to love it.


As he arrived at the office the following morning he found office the car park was deserted. His habit of rising early acquired after many years on construction sites had always stood him in good stead for punctuality. He took the report he was working on to leave on Ms Ellis's desk, as he suspected, her office was unoccupied but on the desk was a bouquet of red roses. He could not resist opening the unsealed envelope that came with them. The hastily scrawled note, signed by Craig read,

"Sorry about our argument last night, this is some slight recompense, can we continue on a more friendly basis when I get back."

"Hmmmmm," He thought, "I never thought that guy would apologise for anything, he must want her bad."

An idea came to him, he looked out of the window and saw that the car park was still deserted so he quickly picked up the bouquet and the note and made his way to the boss's suite, nothing as basic as an office for that guy. His P.A. was already at her desk, "Ms Ellis asked me to return these," He told her as he marched into the inner sanctum and deposited the flowers unceremoniously on the desk, the note, already torn into four pieces, joined the flowers.

"She wants them left like that till he returns from New York," He told the startled PA who was, by now, watching from the doorway. She was secretly delighted, as she had fancied Craig herself and that meant one less rival for his favours.

"Well" He thought to himself, "I've really scuppered my chances with this job now, let's see if I can do any better with the woman."

On his return to the office he found that Becky had been and gone, leaving him another pile of applications to sort through. He worked steadily through the day, grading the applicants, entering details on the computer; but his mind was nowhere near fully on the job he was doing. The inane chatter of the two women who shared the office with him was continually distracting him. He was being even more distracted by the thoughts of what might be. Never the less he continued to work right through till the evening with only a short break for lunch.

As 5.30 approached, the two typists were even quicker off the mark, but by the time David had tidied his desk and turned off his computer, Becky silently appeared from her office, she must have returned during his lunch break and remained closeted there ever since. Once again, she perched herself on the edge of his desk,

"No don't bother about a chair, I'll be off soon, I just wanted to tell you that I was very impressed with your report." As she continued, David could hardly believe his eyes; this time he had a worm's eye view right up Becky's' skirt. Warm brown thighs, brief, white panties that revealed as much as they concealed. He was enjoying the view and was now in no hurry to join the rush hour crowds on the Underground. Becky continued to talk to him about the how he would fit into the office, seemingly unaware of the direction of his gaze.

The conversation was virtually one sided, David's contribution being an occasional mumbled, "Yes.

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