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They entered his bedroom and she was laid onto the bed cautiously with him laying next to her. His chocolate brown eyes met with her emerald green eyes, sending a chill down her spine.

"Would it be okay if I kissed you again..?" questioned Nikolina, scooting closer to Amador.

"I'd be thrilled if you did." Amador replied, leaning in to kiss her.

Again, their lips met, even more impassioned than the previous time. This time, she began to warm up to him even more physically, even climbing on top of him while they kissed. By the time the dominating female was settled, she was fully straddling the totally willing male under her. His hands went to her slender hips while her's went to his broad shoulders. After a few more minutes of their continuous make-out session, she sat upright, realizing what she was doing.

"Est__s bien, Nikolina?" he asked while rubbing the small of her back, sounding genuinely concerned.

"Estoy bien," she nodded, running her hands down his chest.

She took a moment before asking what she wanted of him to notice that she had gotten a good feel of his abdomen. Someone works out, she cheered inside her head, now I just have to get the shirt off. Playfully, she circled her index finger around one of the buttons on his shirt and smirked.

"pero.. Puedo tener tu camisa, por favor?"

Moving her finger aside, he smirked along with her as a yes and sat up to get to her eye level. Once looking at Nikolina, Amador removed his beige colored jacket and unbuttoned his navy blue shirt, tossing both of the items onto the floor.

"Better?" he asked, seeing the smile tug at her lips.

Much better, she deviously thought. He laid back down against the pillows, putting his hands on her sides. She couldn't help but stare at his amazing figure, telling that he valued self-image to a certain extent.

"Your's comes off too," Amador winked, fiddling with one of her buttons close to her navel.

"just to make everything fair, verdad?"

I might as well not even be wearing a shirt, Nikolina thought somewhat disgusted of herself, looking down at her ridiculous amount of cleavage. From her point of view, she could see the corners of her bra, making her wonder what he could see that entire evening. Might as well, she thought. Nikolina nodded in agreement, unbuttoning her blouse and tossing it onto his clothes. A black push-up bra was settled against her chest and her pink barbell navel piercing was revealed. Before Amador could even think of touching her, Nikolina stood at the edge of the bed and unzipped her skirt. It pooled at her feet, showing off black lace panties.
"Much better," she sighed with a grin ear to ear, pushing both of her hands through her layered hair.

"don't you think so?"

It took him a moment to answer her as he was stunned by the way she looked. Her hands went to her hips, showing off her curvy figure. If there was a stereotype of what a young Hispanic woman was to look like, it was Nikolina. She looked like a goddess, her skin all one even tone, her hair long, flowing, and dark. Her face had a youthful smile and the moon gleamed in her forest colored eyes. She was the epidemy of beauty. Amador smiled and removed his clothes down to his underwear, like her. It was her turn to stare, taking in his manly form. He was like one of those fancy male models in the magazines she read on her lunch break at work. The ones that were always in tabloids, dating the super attractive female models she envied from adolescence. Yeah, the foreign ones, she purred in her head. She had always wanted to see one of them, and now she had gotten her wish. Since she had been departed from her last relationship, she had always figured they had been fake and superficial, but this man.. he was different. He was real.

"B__same otra vez." she requested, coming closer to him.

Without hesitation, Amador romantically seized Nikolina, giving her a look that said 'You will be mine tonight'.

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