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Orion's Nebula was, suitably, the highest point in the mansion.

She felt the two cocks rub each other through the thin wall separating her holes, and both men grunted with undisguised stimulation. She shook steadily as an orgasm started, gripping both cocks in the throes of her passion.

She raised her head and encountered Ryan's cock standing invitingly just beyond her nose. She opened her mouth and let him slide his thickness in. She was unable to grab hold, needing her hands to brace herself and avoid crushing Junior under her, but she gobbled him greedily, running her tongue wetly over the entire surface. He placed his hands on either side of her head to steady it and began fucking her face, forcing his cock into her throat and making her grunt with the force of his thrusts.

All her holes were filled now, the men finding a rhythm that, mixed with the moans, made the room sound like an orgiastic machine. For her part Bev tried to give as much pleasure as she was getting. It felt like she was a virgin again, she was so tight and sensitive. And it was clear that the men were enjoying her - their moans were as loud as hers.

Every stroke, every thrust ticked off the seconds until Paul would be home. Her chest pressed heavily into Junior's thatch of hair, teasing and abrading the nipples. In her mind's eye she saw his car pull up, happening upon his wife full of cock.

She let out a whimper as she came, clenching and shaking as the internal explosions rocked her. She would have screamed loud enough to bring the neighbors running but almost all sound was cut off by Ryan's cock wedged in her throat. Chris was no match for the pressure she exerted on his cock in her ass and he joined her, filling her ass with gobs of gooey cum as he slammed into her ass repeatedly.

When he was done he withdrew his cock gingerly. He was so sore from his efforts that he actually winced as it slid past her still twitching hole. Empty, Bev's asshole clutched at the air, wide and gaping, Chris' cum oozing out and drooling between her legs, coating Junior's cock and balls as he continued to fuck her equally tight pussy. With newfound lubrication Junior slid in even deeper, grabbing Bev's hips so that he could get maximum leverage. She sucked on Ryan's cock like a Popsicle, trying to hold as much in her mouth as she could.

Free of Chris' cock in her ass, Bev was able to sit up, letting her press her groin even harder against Junior. Ryan followed her, standing and straddling Junior so that he could continue to feed Bev his cock. In this position, Bev controlled the fucking, so Junior was free to reach up and grab her tits, twisting the nipples clumsily while she ground his cock into her.

This action stimulated Bev's clit so much that her pussy literally snapped at Junior's cock. She was rewarded with a warm stream of cum deep in her pussy that set off yet another orgasm. She bucked up and down, causing even more cum to spill from him, and it was all Ryan could do to keep his cock in her mouth as he too came. The whole effort required extraordinary coordination on their part, so it wasn't surprising that some of Ryan's cum spilled out of her mouth and dribbled on Junior's chest.

When he was done Ryan hopped down off the bed and got dressed. Chris and Junior followed suit, but Bev just lay there listening as they got on with the work of the day, her pussy and ass and tits throbbing pleasantly.

She heard Paul's car pull in the driveway, this time for real and not the product of her over active imagination. She jumped up and stripped the bed as fast as she could, tossing everything in a pile in the corner; she'd claim she was doing laundry (again!). Then she ran into the bathroom, trying not to let any cum get on anything, and cleaned up as best she could. When she came back out into the bedroom, Paul was on the bare bed, his cock rock hard.

"Smells like you started without me," he joked. "Want to take a break and fuck the new Night Dispatch Supervisor?" he asked, waving his cock at her.

She smiled and shook he

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