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Duke is frustrated, Dr Fulton won't open her legs.


"No, Dillon that was not why I was mad at you. I was mad because you left me without a warning. You left me alone when I needed you most. I had just started working at A.G Edwards and instead of being able to relax and learn my new job I worried about what you were doing down south. I worried if you didn't come back how I was going to pay the rent on our townhouse, and the cable bill and keep the lights on. That's was the reason why I was mad at you."

"Get up. I'm not going to leave." I said as I tap Karen's thighs. "I'm cool. I'm calm. I'll hear you out before I go. So tell me this why did they fire Mr. William Douglas the third."

"He was stalking me at work. He wouldn't stop emailing me at work and he would always come and sit by me in the lunch room. I told him to leave me along and in fact that I was getting married soon and he laughed and said that I just a tease and needed a real man to tame me."

"You needed a real man to tame you. Wow!" I said stun.

"When he wouldn't stop emailing me I printed out some of his emails and took it to human resources. Apparently I wasn't the first female coworker he had harassed before. They called him in the office on a Monday and by Friday he was cleaning out his desk. They told everyone at work he resigned but I knew he got fired."

"So they fired him but that still don't explain what happen. How did you end up in his apartment?"

"Dillon," Karen looks into my eyes. "Please know that I love you and I didn't mean to do anything to disrespect you. I love you. I love your family. Your sister is going to be my maid of honor. I would never want to hurt her big brother."

"Karen please," I said after hearing her opening statement. "Just tell me the facts. How did you go from a party downtown to that man's loft?"

"Oh god," Karen puts her hands to her face and cries again. "I'm so ashamed. I know when I tell the whole story you are going to hate me more. I know you hate it when I drink too much. I know I should've listened to you instead of feeling like you were trying to be my daddy. I know you are only four years older then me but you have a way of talking to me sometimes that gets me so upset."

"What happen?"

"After the office party me and a couple of my co-workers from the office went to have drinks at bar. I was so mad at you, Dillon. You fought with me the whole time I was getting ready. You basically called me a whore for wanting to go out and mingle with people I worked with."

"That's not true." I said defending my actions. "I didn't like that tight pink cat suit you had on. I said you looked like a woman in the cathouse then a young professional analysis. I know you Karen. I know how you get sometimes especially after you've been drinking."

"I'm so sorry." Karen cries intensify. "I didn't plan on staying out all night. I didn't know William would be there. He overheard me complaining about you to Shonte. He joined us at the bar and offers to pay for our drinks and order us another round."

"You can talk to anybody but me." I shake my head in deeper disgust.

"It wasn't like that. I thought Shonte had my back but she hooked up with some guy at the bar and asked if I could get William to drop me off. He said he lived in the down town area but that he was willing to drive me to North County."

"So how did you end up at his place?"

"I got so drunk that I threw up all over myself in the parking lot. William said if I needed to I could freshen up at his place. I don't even remember driving to his place or how I got up to his apartment. All I remember is waking up on his couch in my underwear and William standing over me with his shirt off. He told me he messed up his shirt trying to help me in the parking lot."

"Don't stop." I insist. "Tell me what happen next."

"Dillon please doesn't make me finish this story.

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