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She finds that there's more to life than boys.

You bring home porn flicks of wives getting fucked by other guys, you tell me how much it would turn you on to see me fucking someone else and finally I gave up and said yes just to get it over with as long as I could choose who I had sex with 'cause your friends are way too creepy. We got this nice room so you could hide in a closet and watch and when I saw Dave I figured at least I'd known him in high school and would be more comfortable with him. We had a great dinner - touching, kissing and teasing and he got me wetter than you have in a long time. Now he's given me a mind blowing orgasm with his tongue which you won't even do and as soon as I start to go down on him you decide you can't go through with it. Well FUCK YOU! I'm hot, I'm horny, he turns me on and if he's willing I'm going to go through with it. You've got two choices - leave and you can consider the marriage over or sit the fuck down and watch like you were going to and maybe there's a chance of saving whatever it is that we've got.

The look on her husbands face was a combination of total shock and surprise. Then Tina looked at me and said, "I'm really sorry about this, you weren't ever supposed to know he was there, I was supposed to take you to bed and make sure that shithead there could watch everything. I won't blame you if you walk out of here but I wasn't lying to him - you've gotten me hotter and wetter than he has in years and I'd really like to have sex with you except that now it'll be for you and me, not for him. Are you up to it?"

I was going to make a joke about not being up at all anymore but when I looked down, I realized that obviously my cock hadn't heard much of the conversation and was still ready and willing to go. "So you really weren't interested in me, I was just being used so your husband could have his fantasy come true and now he doesn't want it? Well you're a damn good looking woman and if he's stupid enough to want you to fuck someone else then I'm ok with it on one condition - I don't want to have to keep one eye on him in case he does something stupid - do you have anything like pantyhose to tie him up with."

She gave me a huge smile and rummaged through her stuff coming up with a couple of pairs of nylons. I could tell he didn't like the idea but soon his arms, legs and chest were securely tied to the chair that he'd pulled out from the corner. She looked at him and said, "enjoy what you're going to see - if you make any noise I'll gag you with something" With that she turned back to me and said, "where were we - oh ya, I was going to suck on your long hard cock until you cum in my mouth"

I'm sure the description was more for his benefit but my cock certainly twitched when I heard it. Without hesitation she took me into her mouth and was soon licking, sucking and stroking me towards one hell of an orgasm. I was doing my best to hold back and I think she could tell because she paused for a second as she stroked me and whispered, "go ahead - cum in my mouth!". Not wanting to disappoint her it wasn't any more than another minute and I did just that. Pulse after pulse of cum shot down my shaft and into her mouth and while a little bit oozed out the corners of her mouth I really couldn't tell if she'd swallowed it or not. The answer became pretty clear when she stood up, walked over to her husband, grabbed him by the hair, tipped his head back and kissed him. I could tell by his reaction he wasn't enjoying it and when she finally pulled away from him and he started spitting my cum out of his mouth I could tell why!

"There you go, you wanted to see someone cum in my mouth or on my face - I've done one better, I've shared it with you!" and with a great big smile she came back to the bed.

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