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Lisa returns to the beach & brings a friend.

We embraced in the doorway and kissed hard, lots of tongue a very horny "fuck me" kind of kiss and my hand was in her shirt immediately as she began to rub my cock.

I backed off and looked, the short black skirt was, well, very short. She broke the trance.

"I'm Carol," she said.

"Jonathon," I answered. "Come in," I said and motioned toward the small table and chair. "Your dinner is waiting." She sat and sipped from the wine glass, while nervously eating the club sandwich she asked me to order. We talked but it was a nervous talk because I kept staring at her tits. Every time she bent just a little, I could see her whole tit. She was half way through her sandwich when I stood in front of her. She stared at the outline of my cock.

"I'll bet that tastes better than this sandwich," she said.

That was all the cue I needed. I pulled the waistband down and the shorts off and my hard cock stood straight up waving at her. I moved closer, she took it in her hands and licked it. Now I was looking right down her shirt and could see both of her naked tits. They were gorgeous and I think my cock grew another inch.

She giggled, "Isn't this what you asked me to wear," she said.

"God yes," I answered, but you've had it on long enough. She raised her arms and I have the top a tug. It lifted off easily, her breasts were free and I meant to keep them that way.

"I also wore the short skirt you suggested."

I looked down and seated, the skirt was about 9 inches above her knees.

I took her by the elbows and slowly lifted her to her feat. Finding the zipper on her skirt I pulled it down. She wiggled a little as I pushed the skirt toward the floor and suddenly she was naked...we were both naked. We kissed again, feeling, groping, thrusting and moving backwards to the bedroom. The backs of her legs hit the bed and she fell on her back. I kissed her nipples, her belly button and then moved to that lovely glistening mound. Damn but I love pussy.

"Do you still like to talk dirty," she asked.

"Yes, how about you."

"Please eat my cunt," she said. "Stick your tongue in my wet horny cunt and eat me."

I pushed her a little farther up on the bed and then took one of her legs in each hand as I spread them high and wide. God," I said, "I can't believe this is happening. You are showing my your cunt and you want me to eat it."

I buried my face in her pussy and took her clit between my lips gently rolling and licking it while occasionally thrusting my tongue into her pussy. She pushed her pelvis upward and held my head with both hands. I increased my licking and sucking and she began to grind her hips.

"Oh, you make my cunt feel so good...I love having my cunt eaten, I love showing it, I love everything about this...Oh God, I'm cumming." With those words she rammed her pelvis into my face while I thrust my tongue into her as far as it would go. I could feel her gush. She orgasmed several times. And finally lay still.

I got up, got on the bed and straddled her face with my cock lying on her mouth. She wrapped both hands around it and pulled the skin all the way back, exposing the ridge on the underside and then she began to lick it. She looked right up at me and said, "I love cock, I love your cock, I'm going to fuck your brains out," and she took all of it in her mouth. She sucked until I couldn't' take it any more.

"Get on your knees, raise your ass and show me your cunt, you fucking slut," I demanded.

She complied immediately and standing on the floor behind her I approached that sweet wet pussy. Her hand appeared from between her legs and she grabbed my throbbing hard on. She place it between her cunt lips, "Fuck away sailor," she said, "Fuck me as hard and as long as you can." And she began to moan and thrust back.

"Fuck me hard, Fuck me like you've never fucked anyone before." And she put her fingers in her pussy to help my cock find its way. Oh God, that's good she said, fuck my cunt ...please fuck my cunt.

No one had ever made me that horny.

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