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A female scientist starts having transformation episodes.

You're also a voluptuous, kind, lady."

Blushing and smiling, Gina said, "You're a handsome guy. You're also young. With no girlfriend, you must fantasize a lot."

I blurted out, "I fantasize a lot about you."

Gina blushed and said, "What exactly you fantasize about?"

I blushed and mumbled, "I would love to kiss your cleavage, neck; all over."

Slyly, she added, "I'm sure my boobs too. You stare at them all the time."

Wanting to get away, I mumbled, "I'm guilty. I would like a glass of water."

I started walking towards the kitchen, when Gina stood up and said, "I can get that for you."

We giggled when we bumped in to each other. I held on to Gina's waist to keep her from stumbling. Slowly, I nudged her to turn towards me, pulled her in to my arms, and kissed her long neck. As she pressed herself in to me, I felt the softness of her big breasts against my chest. I held her tight. I sought her mouth with mine, and was delighted when she let my tongue dance with hers. After that kiss, she touched my face, and we kissed again passionately. We kissed a third, fourth, and fifth times.

Gina mumbled, "It has been a long time since I kissed a man like that."

I brushed her blonde hair back, kissed her on her left cheek, and said, "You can kiss me like that any time."

Boldly, Gina pressed her right hand on my stiff, covered, cock, pulled me towards her with her left hand around my neck, and kissed me passionately. Quickly, I moved behind her and, while kissing her long neck and the left side of her face, I grasped her covered boobs; lovingly, she pushed her ass against my cock, and lifted her arms to circle my neck.

We could have continued our making out session, but we were interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Gina wiggled away and answered the phone in the living room.

After talking on the phone for a few ten minutes, wistfully, Gina said, "It was Anne. My grandson is entering middle school. I can't believe I have a grandson entering middle school; I'm an old granny."

I said, "You're not old. He is your step grandson."

She said, "Ok. What do you see in me?"

I said, "I see a kind, sexy, woman with a lovely face," and grasped her boobs.

Smiling, Gina allowed me to hold on to her boobs, and said, "I think you're crazy."

I said, "May be you're crazy letting an ordinary, widowed man, with a child in to your life.

At that moment, I heard Kim stir. Reluctantly, I decided to take her home and gathered her things.

As I was carrying Kim out the front door, Gina said, "Friday is Kim's birthday."

I said, "I'll take time off from work for her party; I need your help with the party favors."

Gina whispered, "I'll take care of them. I'm glad you like me. Here, these presents are for you," and handed me a small bag.

In my bedroom, I opened the bag Gina gave me and found her white, lacy bra and lacy panties in it. I held them to my nose, and inhaled her perfume and body aromas. I slept with her panties around my cock.


Thanks to Gina's planning, Kim's birthday party was a complete success. She made sure Miley and Ashley, her two best friends, were with her at the same table. After the party, Kim hugged Gina, and thanked her for baking the cup cakes.

It so happened, Gina's birthday was just over a week later on a Saturday. As we were leaving the restaurant, I said to Gina, "I would like to help you celebrate your birthday."

Kim added, "Yes, Gina, we should celebrate your birthday."

Gina said, "I would like to celebrate at my home, just the three of us; I'm not ready for a big birthday bash."

I said, "Great, Kim and I will bring the cake."

As Gina was getting out of my car, softly, she said, "You and Kim are invited to spend next Saturday afternoon swimming. Also, please bring hamburgers and hot dogs. After dinner, Kim can sleep upstairs; bring her pajamas and her stuffed bear."

Later that evening, Gina called me, and said, "Hi handsome. What are you doing?"

I said, "I'm thinking of your voluptuous body."

Gina said, "I'm thinking of your hard body.

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