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Widow finds love on streets of New Orleans.

The new Laurel was winning. She wanted to give herself over and like an obedient slave, surrender to the shackles of her bondage. Her conversion was becoming more real with each sex induced thought. She knew he was right, and with willing acceptance came the excited curiosity of where this would all take her and promises of pleasures yet to come. Never before had she given head to anyone, but her eyes closed again and with sensuous motion slowly brought her widening mouth closer, ready to receive its desire. Her tongue came out to pay ultimate homage to his erection, but he pulled her away with a twisted smile.

"Not just yet. It's time for education and with understanding comes further acceptance. What I'm about to tell you, you will know to be the truth. All humans are at their essence, is merely animals. The only essential thing that makes us different is our cognitive intelligence. Take life anywhere down to its most basic core needs. First is the need for food, the root basis of survival. Then comes the need for shelter, which is comfort and safety. What's next? It's the need to procreate and carry on the species. Survival of the one, then survival of the all. These are absolute fundamentals common to all creatures. Now do you want to know the crazy part? Procreation isn't the basic instinct, fucking is. Making babies is just an inevitable result. You have food in your refrigerator; there is a ceiling over your head and a lock on your door. That just leaves your need for sex. Society has always been good at condemning this urge and labeling it as improper and dirty. In our efforts to please our parents, our preachers, our society, we're conditioned to always try being good. Good from what? For the most part, they have been very successful in suppressing this need and limiting it to justify having babies. Yes procreation is part of it, but it's much more than that. A woman's core sexual instinct is to attract a mate. Not a husband, but a sexual partner, someone to breed with. Why do women act feminine? Why do they obsess on clothes, on jewelry, on make-up and hair styles? "Am I getting fat?" "What do you think of Botox?" "Like my new breasts?" It's all a lure in their effort to get fucked. And they all do it instinctively.

Men are generally alpha males. Copulating with as many females as possible insures the survival of the species. The moment of ejaculation deep inside a woman's body is one of the most intense feelings a man can experience because it's his reward for mission accomplished. Cumming in a woman's mouth shows his dominance over her. When she swallows, it's her ultimate acceptance. Cumming on her face or body is like a dog peeing on the bushes to mark his territory. Most everything else is just variations, fetishes and male servitude merely twists and inversions.

Which all leads is to the stark reality as to what you obviously have become. You're a slut, in fact a cockslut. You're not a whore. Whores do it for money. Sluts do it because they're addicted to it.

Laurel's head hung in shame. She realized she couldn't disagree and quietly began to weep. Her mind felt overwhelmed as two completely different behaviors struggled within. "Cheer up! You'll get over it soon. That's just the old you lamenting it's passing. The new you is going to love everything you're about to become."

"But enough!" He turned to other matters at hand.

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