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A teacher gives his pupil a lesson on sexual pleasure.

By the end of the conversation, mother and daughter were on their way to the local adult store so Ashley could pick out her own vibrator.

I also remember the raging hard-on I had by the end of my wife's story and her commenting after we had fucked each other silly that night, that I seemed particularly fired up.

After some tedious exploratory questions, we both accepted the fact that it turned both of us on that 'our' daughter was becoming a young sexual woman. Thankfully, my wife and I have a very open and honest relationship!

I have a very good relationship with both of my stepdaughters, so much so that even before their mother and I married, they had gotten accustomed to my presence in their home and it wasn't unusual for me to see Ashley walking around in her bra and panties or her panties and a spaghetti halter top, braless. And the last few months before we were married, she seemed to always find an excuse to sit on my lap, dressed in very little - I'm sure, on some level, she knew what she was doing. I'm also sure she could feel my cock grow as she sat in my lap.

Her mother and I recognized very quickly that she was exhibiting mild flirtatious behavior towards me and took it to be a positive reaction of acceptance by a pretty young lady whose hormones were raging causing her to want to know if men thought she was 'sexy'.

But, I digress...

I was now standing directly over Ashley as she slept soundly, her nubile young body fully exposed to me. Her nipples were still erect and swollen from her masturbation.

My cock was hard as fucking steel and I was struggling with the fact that all my blood had rushed to my cock, leaving my brain woefully deprived of the ability to make good decisions at that point.

My hand trembled slightly as I reached towards the breast closest to me and let my fingers lightly settle upon her soft skin, just above her nipple. The shock of the warmth of her skin and the excitement of the moment caused me to pull my hand away suddenly, as if I had touched a hot burner. I watched intently to see if she might awaken, but she didn't move.

I leaned over and put my face as close as I dared to her nipple and inhaled the scent of her body. Fuck, now my cock was stretching my shorts and dripping pre-cum.

In a moment of insanity, I leaned closer and open my lips just enough to allow her nipple to slide between them - pulling away almost immediately, fearing she would stir.

Her breathing remained steady and she remained fast asleep. I had no idea how much time had passed, and my little brain didn't care as it encouraged me to explore further.

I moved down towards the foot of the bed and was now looking directly at her swollen pussy lips, still parted and moist from the ministrations of her vibrator. I again leaned over so that my nose was directly above her pussy and inhaled. Oh fuck! She smelled so sweet! Her aroma inflaming my nose and causing my mouth to water at the thought of how she must taste!

I wanted to touch her, but didn't dare.

It was at this point that I realized that my hand had moved down and was slowly stroking my cock through my shorts. My little brain assessed the situation and reassured me that it would be fine to snake my cock out of my shorts and stroke it as I continued my sensual experience.

I inhaled the aroma of her moist pussy a couple more times before realizing that I was now stroking my cock in earnest and my own breathing had begun to increase.

I stood straight up and continued stroking my cock. She was an incredibly erotic sight before me and in the back of my mind I think I knew that my wife would be getting a good fucking when I finally made it upstairs.

Or so I thought...

I was so lost in the pleasure of the moment that I realized too late that my balls had responded to the visual and physical stimulation by sending a full load of hot cum into 'the chamber' and my cock was shooting spasm after spasm of cum onto the bed next to my daughter, before a ribbon of cum landed squarely on her hip.

My eyes were wild with excitement

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