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Unscrambling the mess.

Your fingers find their way through my heat to my clit. It is swollen and aching for you. You start rubbing it in small circles. I love your touch.

The waitress come by and asks, "Are you two ready to order?"

"Yes!" I almost shout, as your fingers are feeling so good.

"Okay, Ma'am, what will you have?" the waitress asks polity.

Your fingers move even faster and you tilt your head and look at me intently. My breathing gets heavier, "Ummmm," I say as I try to think of something, anything but how wet my pussy is and how horny you make me.

"We'll both have the special, and a bottle of your best wine," you intervene.

"Very well, Sir," the waitress says, giving me a look as she walks away.

You nibble my ear lobe and whisper, "Are you going to cum for me, baby?"

That sent tingles down my spine. I lick my lips and let out a slight quiet moan as I say "Yes, Daddy." You focus your eyes on my face. Watching my expressions closely as you bring me closer and closer to climax. My eyes dart all over the restaurant, trying to see if anyone notices what we are doing. You don't worry about that; you just keep rubbing me harder and faster.

"You are so sexy, baby," you tell me. I start to squirm a little in my seat and my breathing is very heavy now. I'm trying not to moan, but it is so hard. I feel so naughty. I want to cum for you so bad. Your fingers feel like heaven on my clit. "Cum, baby," you whisper, "Throw your head back and cum for me. Fuck all these people and what they think. Let them know just how sexy you are!"

Your words combined with your fingers mercilessly rubbing my clit push me over the edge and I start cumming right there at the table. You start kissing me to muffle the moans. Our tongues swirl around each other as I soak your hand.

I have a glazed look in my eyes as the waitress brings the food over. I try to catch my breath, as I see you bring your hand from between my legs up to your lips. You lick off my juices and ask, "What an appetizer, huh baby?" I giggle and nod. "You are going to make a damn good dessert too, baby," you say as you begin to eat your meal.

I have the biggest smile across my face as I remember that there are other people there. I look around again. I lean toward you and whisper quietly, "Do you think anyone knows?"

You kiss me gently on the neck and whisper back, "Please baby, every man in here is hard as a rock." I blush and laugh again.

At the end of the meal, I stand up and you notice a wet spot on my chair. You add another five dollars to the tip and quietly tell me it is for clean up. I giggle and kiss you. We can't keep our hands off each other, as we're leaving the restaurant.

Hand in hand we walk to the car. You open the passenger side door and motion for me to get in. I sit down shifting my dress to cover my thighs. You walk back around the car and get in the driver's seat, lean over and kiss me and then off we go. After a while of not recognizing the landmarks I pipe up, "Where are we going?" I ask.

You grin and say, "Just for a drive, baby." We pull up a dirt road into a deserted area with only trees around us. You pull up the emergency brake between us and turn off the car. You look at me, hold my face in your hand kissing me deeply and then climbing into the back seat. I turn my head to watch as you position yourself in the middle of the back seat and pull your cock out of your pants. You begin touching it gently not taking your eyes off of me.

My fingers gently slide over the parking break and I get a wicked look in my eyes. I turn and position myself with one knee on each of the front seats, facing you in the back seat with the parking break handle pointing up between my legs. As our eyes meet, I lower myself onto it as my juices drip down. You are excited watching me sliding up and down on the emergency brake as you rub your cock faster. I pump up and down on the cock-shaped handle and begin moaning louder and louder.

You have your cock in hand and eyes on me.

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