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Loki and his relationship with a mortal woman.

I decide to get back to work, and examine my drawing's progress critically. I put my headphones back on, and started swaying my hips as I listen to my Arabic belly dancing music. Out of the corner of my eye, I see movement, and when I turn to look, Brent is kneeling down in the hallway, outside the open door to my studio, and he's picking up a bunch of art supplies that he apparently just dropped on the floor. I watched him as he gathered up paintbrushes and tubes of paint, and just then, he looked up and our eyes met.

I took off my headphones and said "Hey Brent; you're here late." His eyes were fixated at the area of my belly exposed between where my tank top ended and my overalls hung dangerously low. I walked over and bent down to help him pick up his stuff, and in doing so, gave him a great view down my shirt. He stammered something about wanting to clean out his studio after the rush, and turned to go.

I put my hand on his arm, and said, "hey, why don't you tell me what you think about these drawings I'm working on? Brent agreed, and laid his stuff down on the counter and came into the studio with me.

I complained about how hot it was in the building, and said, "Brent, can you keep a secret?" He looked at me, intrigued, and said, "of course." I took his hand and led him across the room, to show him, that behind an easel draped with a cloth, I had a cooler stocked with bottled Mojitos.

He laughed, and said, "you know that having alcohol in the building is against the rules- you are a very bad girl...hey, you better give me one too!" So we sat down on the cool floor and drank our mojitos in silence, just listening to the rain fall outside the open window.

"You think I'm a bad girl now," I giggled, "you should see me with a few more mojitos in me."

"Hmm, interesting. You'd better drink up; I'd like to see it," he murmured as he slid his cold, wet bottle down my arm.

"Ooh, do that some more, it feels really good," I sighed. He moved the bottle up back up my arm to my neck, and then slowly down my chest between my breasts.

I turned my face to his, and he stroked my cheek gently with his hand, and said "you've got charcoal all over your face," then leaned in to kiss my cheek with the smudge.

"Hmm, that doesn't seem to be getting it off." I leaned forward and kissed him passionately, and said, "maybe you should use this."

With that, I peeled off my tank top and handed it to him. He stared at my lush and full breasts with their pale pink nipples and said, somewhat shyly, "Nah, I like my girls dirty," he looked up at me surprised at himself for saying that, and then he smiled and tossed my tank top aside. I quickly straddled him and we kissed for eternity. He ran his rough hands up and down my soft back, tracing my spine.

When we broke our kiss, he said breathlessly, "the door is open, what if public safety walks by on their rounds?" I replied by unbuttoning his shirt and saying, "they're in for a treat tonight, then.

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