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A first meeting, a last chance to stop.

I was soaked through to my hide and shiverin' when Bessie met me on the porch. Bessie looked me up and down. Her eyes kinda flickered before she said, "Pole, come on in by the fire and I'll get you some of Luther's dry clothes."

The cabin were but one room and I went to stand before the warm fire as I peeled off my shirt and jeans. My back was to Bessie as I stripped off my drawers, she came over in front of me carryin' a stack of Luther's dry duds. I reached out to take the clothes and found Bessie's eyes glued to my privates. She looked kinda excited, seemed to stop breathing and wouldn't let loose her hands from the bundle. Bessie finally let her breath out saying, "Pole, you got the biggest and most handsome cock that I've ever laid eyes on. Can I touch it?"

I musta tuned as red as a beet and didn't know what I was to say. It were the first time I was ever naked and alone with a growed woman - 'cept Maw. Bessie kept fast grip on the clothes. Her eyes seemed to get bigger and she licked her lips with her tongue. As I wasn't answering, Bessie added, "Pole, don't fret none about me telling. Ain't nobody here but us two. If you let me touch it, I ain't never gonna tell another soul."

Her words settled in quick and I stammered, "OK, Bessie as long as you promise."

"I promise!" she said as she tossed the clothes aside while she knelt down in front of me.

Both Bessie's hands started rubbing me just like Maw's do with the bolts of satin down at Carney's General Store. My private tingled from her touching. When she started in kissin' and lickin' at it, I really didn't want her to stop but felt I had to give her warning. I kinda whispered down, "Bessie, if'n ya keeps it up, it gonna get even bigger. I can't stop it."

She backed up a mite bit, looking up to say, "Pole, I's been a long time without a man and I ain't never been with one as big as you. Just let it go for me. If'n we winds up doing what comes natural, I'd be much oblidged to ya."

Her words put my mind at ease and, without me answerin', Bessie started kissin' and lickin' me agin'. As I swelled and rised up, she opened her mouth and tried swallowing me whole in. This were the first time a woman had ever shown me such attentions and I was likin' it powerful lots. I felt the tip of my cock pass from her warm sucking mouth and then slide into her throat.

She tried but couldn't get me all in. Instead, she backed off some and started flickin' over and around my tool with her tongue while she sucked it like it were one of them lollipops ya gets at Carney's. I knowed, from all the times I'd played 'Pop the Weasel' with myself, what was gonna happen if'n she kept agoin' on.

Just as I was gettin' near to poppin', Bessie pulls herself back. With her holdin' my throbbin' private, she leads me o'er to the bed and sets me back on it. She let go a me and, as I watched, undid her dress. It fell off and I was sured my mouth dropped open as she kicked it away from her feet.

I couldn't help from starin' at Bessie's tits. They were huge with big red circles around nipples seemin' to fit perfect with her two hills. It were like she done read my mind 'cause she knelt on the bed with her knees on aside of my legs. She pressed forward taking my face between her two rounds. I started kissin' and licken' her soft skin just like she'd done to my private. Cupping the bottoms of her two beauties with my palms, I started suckin' on her nipples and felt them swell.

Bessie got to moanin' some and started rubbin' her own hot, wet private agin' my rod.

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