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Following his orders.

Our oxygen filters are shutting down faster than we can repair them. I am the daughter of an elder, which would allow me a place on the ship only by the thinnest margin, as I am not a breeder, nor do I fulfill what the other elders consider a vital function. But what of the rest of the population? I cannot see letting them die a viable option!"

Valerie replied emotionlessly, "Finding a way to expel or neutralize the toxin is the only possible way to ensure your peoples' survival. Does the toxin corrode through all materials?"

"Yes," Tyr cried, "It eats through every alloy, composite, and organic substance on my planet. Even our shells aren't impervious. It eats through the very rock itself, widening fissures into gulfs, and consuming everything."

"Wait," Sam's mind seized on a single detail, "You said it eats through rock, right? So... what held it in before your planet became unstable?"

Tyr, on the verge of answering, stopped for a second, "We're not sure. We never considered that."

Valerie caught on quickly, "If it was effectively containing the toxin before the planetary instability, then it might be useful in containing it long enough to pump it out of the atmosphere. After that, it's just a matter of filtering the remaining toxin from your breathable air using similar materials."

"But how would your people get down to where this material is without being consumed?"

"Their protective shells," Valerie answered quickly, and then directed the next question to Tyr, "How long would it take for the toxin to corrode them enough to be hazardous to your people?"

"At the normal rate of toxin, it would take approximately... well, in human terms, one year. However, if it becomes more concentrated, as it must be in the fissures, or further, to get to this material, it will take less time... Maybe two to three... months."

"So, it might still be possible to get to this material and get it up to the top to be turned into tubes or whatever you need to make out of it," Sam concluded.

For the first time since he had first met Tyr, she appeared to be more than just hopeful; she appeared to be excited.

She trembled, "Then there is hope! I must get word of this to the elders so that they can get started on this project right away."

"If your elders are still monitoring Earth transmissions, then they would hear one coming from my ship, right?" Sam asked.

"Absolutely! The elders still hope that Earth can provide help. They will be listening closely in case somebody on your planet has heard our distress transmissions."

"Good, then let's send them a message," Sam then spoke to Valerie, "Valerie, I'd like you to start recording on Tyr's command, and then send the transmission in the direction of her planet."

"Very well, Sam. Tyr, I await your command."

Tyr nodded, "Okay, begin recording."

Tyr launched into her native tongue, a very melodious, guttural language. She spoke this way for about five or six minutes, and then concluded, "Okay, that's all."

She gave Valerie the coordinates, and Valerie assured Tyr that she would send the transmission immediately, repeating it each ten minutes to ensure they received it.

"I have real hope for the first time in a long time," Tyr grinned, revealing small, but sharp-looking teeth.

"I suppose you have to get back," Sam said, not without some disappointment, as having another being aboard his ship was favorable. Valerie was okay, but she was only an AI, and conversations with her were not very rewarding.

"I would, but I cannot," admitted Tyr, "I expended most of the power source of my shell. I would not be able to reach any of the ships orbiting my planet, and, despite my father's pleas, the other elders would not waste valuable resources to come for me, especially as my actions have not been permitted."

"But you provided them with a possible solution to saving your people. You would be a hero."

"Solution or not, I am expendable.

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