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Joe learns patience, Maria says go! Harry teaches patiently.

Perhaps it was the drink talking; but when I stepped into my bedroom I actually admired myself in the long cheval mirror. I didn't look bad at all for my age; I've got long legs, my tits aren't great (36b) but they don't flop like some of my friends do, I was always quite pretty when I first got married and my soft tummy and chubby cheeks didn't look half as bad if I breathed in and stood up straight! But best of hairless gash looked fucking great! My self-confidence was at its' highest for years...I hoped that it would last over night.

I struggled to get to sleep for thinking about my impending exploits with Scott but finally woke up in a sweat at 6.45. As I lay half asleep pondering Scott's arrival it became very tempting to take a dildo out of my drawer and give myself a little fuck but yet again I didn't. "This had better be bloody worth it!" I thought as I made my way to the bathroom. By 9am I'd had breakfast, put my make-up on, done my hair and vacuumed and dusted in readiness for my visitor. As I sat drinking a cup of coffee contemplating whether to be in my sexy undies when he arrived or wait until he was here my phone lit up and beeped making me jump with fright.

'Good luck & give him one for me. Jools X'

As I was reading it, it beeped again, 'Still ok? Be there in 20 mins. Scott.'

'Yes' I texted back and gave him my address.

I finished my coffee and ran upstairs...I couldn't wait any longer. I'd forgotten how difficult it was putting on the jade green basque but with a few pulls and tugs I managed to get all the clasps fastened then I took the nylons out of the packet - they felt like silk. As I clipped the last suspender to the welt I caught site of my twisted body in the mirror as my tits looked like they were going to tumble out of their cage and grinned. I was going to blow his mind...not just his cock!

As I slid my sexy black G-string up my legs I couldn't resist stroking my bald pussy before easing them into place over the suspender bumps. Then, finally, I put on a pair of shiny black killer high heel shoes. I'd bought them for a wedding last year but they had been uncomfortable to wear all day so they had remained in my wardrobe ever since. I twisted and turned in the mirror and couldn't stop approving of how I looked. Regardless of what happened with Scott I would have to dress like this more often.

BEEP. 'I'm outside. Still ok?'


I immediately heard him ring the doorbell; but waited a minute as I applied one last coat of red lipstick and threw on my dressing gown before I teetered downstairs in my three inch heels to answer the door.

My heart was pounding as I opened the door and nervously popped my head around to make sure that it was Scott. It was. He licked immaculate in a grey suit and pink shirt.

"Hi." He smiled.

"Hi." I croaked nervously, "come in."

As he squeezed past me his eyes immediately went to my cleavage that was being pushed up by my basque. Scott grinned and nodded approvingly.

Once in the living room there was a horrible awkward moment when neither one of us wanted to be the first to speak.

"Do you want a coffee or something?" I stammered as he placed his briefcase next to my sofa.

"Great...milk, no sugar thanks."

My stomach was tied in knots as I teetered across the room to the kitchen; knowing that he was staring at my stocking covered legs and ample arse which was only just being covered by my robe.

I filled the kettle then opened the wall unit to take the cups out.

"Fucking hell Paula...that's a hell of a fucking view!" Scott gasped as my robe lifted up revealing my stocking tops and arse cheeks.

As I placed the cups on the worktop Scott had already unfastened my robe and pulled it off my shoulders.

"You're fucking beautiful!" he whispered as his hands floated over my breasts and arse like a thousand butterflies making my quiver with pleasure. When he kissed my neck and earlobes I had to grasp the edge of the worktop to stop myself collapsing to the floor.

His fingers and lips slowly made their way down my back until Scott was

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