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You turn private dancer into whore begging to be dominated.

I too moaned.

And I too looked to the right just as she was doing, pantomiming her every motion so that I could be her for a few moments longer. Now, while she was probably looking at the film's director to see what he wanted her to do next I was, on the other hand, looking right at the owner of this house.

Who was recording me on his super expensive cell phone!

"Oh, my fucking god...." I was too stunned to even blink let alone move.

He lowered his cell phone and grinned at me. His slight Australian accent washed over my chilled body. "Having fun with my mom's toys, are we?"

He punched a button and then pocketed the phone in a completely casual move and walked over to the side of the bed. His blue-grey eyes were taking in my every curve. I went to try and pull a sheet over me to hide the lewdness of my current state of undress, embarrassed beyond the ability to believe or speak at my current position ... but he shook his head.

"No, no. No reason to hide now, lovely." He tapped the phone. "I got more than enough, but ...."His eyes went to my legs, that had by reflex snapped together tightly, with that huge thing still inside me. "I'm not the blackmailing type. So, you liked old Evan up there, huh? No, no. Not on the screen, I mean in there." He pointed at my pussy with his chin. That gorgeously dimpled chin. "I'll have to let him know, next time I see him."

He grinned at me.

When he sat down on the bed next to me, and loosened his simple blue tie, I knew I was in more trouble than I had ever been into in my whole life. I was about to lose the easy job, the easy hours, the simple to make good money and all because I had let myself get obsessed with sneaking peeks at other ladies sex toys. I felt the tears start to run down my cheeks.

"Here now, no need to cry. Don't worry your head so. I'm good at keeping secrets." He placed his hand on my knee, his long fingers and big hand covering the whole of it. He gently rubbed my knee, a sensation that felt wonderful given the hours I had spent on them cleaning this week. "Want to know one of the secrets I keep?"

I could not speak. And my simple nod was not even really an answer since I was too, doe-in-headlights, at the moment to really know what I was doing. My only thought was about how I so badly wanted that rubbery "log" out of me. Just its pressure there, with him here sitting next to me, was an inhuman torture of embarrassment.

He looked at the movie still playing, to my even further embarrassment. "I know all of those people there. Hell, both in front of the camera and behind." He looked back with a sparkle in his eyes. "See, I was on the set the day that was filmed. If that camera was to pan to the left about five more meters you would see me there."

The young man, now that I was looking at him up close I could see that he was young, maybe twenty five but not much older, surely. He was looking at me, still naked as I get and with a toy the size of a greenhouse cucumber up my twat, like he was sizing me up for his next meal. That he might rape me flashed through my mind, but then he hadn't done it so far and given the situation there was no way, if he did, that I could ever go to the police. What would I tell them? Or worse what would he tell them?

"Tell me something, lassie... just what possessed you to give this a try? You that hard up? I find that hard to believe, you've got a smoking hot body on yah."

What? What the fuck did he just say? Blinking, I looked at him like he had gone blind.

"You can talk, right?" he asked.

"Yes. Could I just go? Please." I sniffled back a tear. "I was finished with the house. If I get dressed and leave, we could maybe just both forget this ever happened. Yes? Please? Please Sir, I need this job."

He smiled and rubbed my knee again.

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