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Sydney explores her other side.


Jacky lain on her belly and Robert began spreading the oil on her back. He had to pull Jacky's legs gently apart to rub her inner thighs. He though she would complain or just close them again but she didn't. He did touch her pussy briefly and felt her wetness, again Jacky did not complain but Robert didn't want to push things to far just then.

The sun had almost reached its zenith and the heat, even under the palapa, was very strong. Their bodies were covered in a mixture of sweat and tanning oil.

"I think it's time to go soak up in cool water in that huge bathtub we have." Jacky said.

"Oh, you have one of those too?" Vanessa said, "Hey why don't we go and get some beer from the bar and go either to your room or ours and we can all get into the tub together so we can go on chatting."

"I like that idea." Robert said, "Unless you have something else in mind and you'd rather be alone?"

Tom looked at Jacky and saw the glint in her eyes, so he answered, "No that's fine with us."

They stopped at the bar and got a bucket full of beer. They did not see the young ones around the lagoon but didn't think much about it, they were probably taking a nap or walking around.

They had agreed to go to Tom and Jacky's room and Vanessa told them to go ahead, they were just going over to their room to get some towels and some other stuff.

* * *

After breakfast, Amber, Mark, Jim and Julie had gone over to the lagoon. Amber had gotten into a conversation with the two girls they'd met earlier at the beach while Jim, Mark and Julie dove into the lagoon and frolicked around. Amber had joined them and then they did go to their rooms, but not to take a nap. As soon as they walked into the room Amber and Jim had shared the night before, Amber pushed Mark on the bed and straddled him, guiding his cock into her. Jim and Julie got into bed and went into a sixty nine sucking each other for a while before Jim got on top of her and fucked her. They all came almost simultaneously and then the girls licked each other's cunts clean and had another orgasm. After that they did take a nap in a tangle of arms and legs.

* * *

When Robert and Vanessa got to their room, Vanessa told him, "Oh God honey! I'm so hot, and I don't mean from the sun. You know, I felt he was going to touch my pussy just before you arrived. Do you think they would want to make love with us?"

"I hope they do," Robert answered slipping his finger between his wife's labia, feeling her wetness, "I think Jacky is willing."

"I can feel Tom is too." Vanessa said. "Come, let's go and see what happens."

Jacky had started filling the tub and was standing there watching the water when Tom came behind her and cupped her breasts. She felt his cock getting harder as it pressed against her ass. When Tom lowered one of his hands and slid a finger into her pussy she moaned.

Feeling her wetness, he said softly in her ear, "Did Bob make you get all wet."

Jacky answered honestly, "Yes he did." She turned around and kissed her husband, "Do you feel the same way about Van? Do you think they would want to swap with us?"

"Do you want to?" Tom asked her.

"Yes, I do"

A few years earlier they had gone into a swapping relationship with another couple but after a few months Jacky had insisted on breaking it up, she never gave him a clear explanation for it but he had respected her wishes. They had talked with the other couple and they had also understood, and they had remained being friends with them. But then had not tried to resume their sexual play with them even though they sometimes told them they were involved with this couple or that one. Just then Robert and Vanessa came in and they broke quickly apart.

"Oh don't let us interrupt you." Vanessa said, noticing Tom's erection, "I guess we should have knocked but the door was open."

"Oh, don't worry," Tom said, stepping behind Jacky to hide his hard-on, "We were just..."

"You don't have to hide your erection," Vanessa said, "We girls also like to watc

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