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I am made to realise our BDSM life is no longer just a game.

It reached the waistband of my bikini pants and slipped inside. He was going slowly enough to allow time for objection, but absent that its progress was relentless.

The last guy who'd tried this had his hand stopped quick smart. What had changed?

Yes I was older and freed of the school girl mentality; if only just. I was certainly tipsy and maybe therefore less inhibited, but I certainly knew what was happening and capable of a conscious decision to let it. I was aroused and randy as hell, but that hadn't cause me to throw myself under a guy before. In the end I think I was just ready for it. I'd never pictured my first time as being some incredible love match; more a moment of bodice ripper seduction with a hunk and this was as close to fitting the bill as I was likely to get; especially with Tim.

My heartbeat rose with the decent of his finger. I just hoped he couldn't detect the heaviness of my breathing as our tongue wrestled or the slight spreading of my legs. His finger descended to the turn of my mons and hesitated as he felt out my lips and separated them to give his finger unimpeded access to the crease which lay beyond.

Tentatively he entered the valley, finding it moist and slippery enough for his purpose. He found my now sensitive clitoris and began to rub gently back and forth. The pleasure was intense. UnIike anything I'd felt before. I thrust my hips into his hand, groaning into his mouth.

His fingers wandered further, to dip inside before tracing upward again, coated in the evidence of my desire. Soon he was slowly rubbing his finger in a circular motion against my now wet pulsating clit.

He lay me back against the lounge, turning to lift a leg over my thigh as I put my hand around the back of his head to press his face ever harder against mine, lifting my hips up and down in time with the movement of his finger as I penetrated his mouth deeper with my tongue. With his other arm no longer trapped behind my back, I felt the previously tight ties of my bikini top go lose and the material swept off my body before fingers once again started playing with a nipple adding to the overwhelming pleasure.

He pulled against the hand holding his face to mine, slipping his head down to flick the otherwise neglected nipple with his tongue before I felt the breast absorbed wholly into his mouth, wet lips upon its flesh as his tongue flickered vigorously against the hardened nipple at its centre.

Unsure how to reply, I fumbled between our bodies for his manhood. As my fingers first touch it, it surged; reaching towards me, asking for more. I wrapped a hand around it. It was harder and thicker than I'd ever imagined them to be; unyielding, the skin tight as a drum. With my fingers moistened by my first accidental contact with the pre-cum oozing from the tip, I slid downward along its length, the lose waistband of his pants falling readily away. Down, down, down my hand went, wondering when I'd find the base; somewhat alarmed at its length. One hand width, another, it seemed like a third before the brush of pubic hairs and the taught skin of his ballsack told me I gone as far as I could.

I half opened the eyes previously closed in pleasure to see Gloria over the top of Tim's head, now naked straddling her man on the chair, the base of his shaft, framed by his balls, emerging from her womanhood, his pants around his ankles. She was passionately kissing him, their arms a moving tangle of desire as their heads jousted for oral dominance.

Intrigued, I cast my eyes sideways to see Sophie and her man both naked, writhing on the carpeted floor in sensual need and urgency, him half over her and then she half over him, his erection flicking about as it was captured between their bodies and then released.

My view of Chrissy was blocked by her guy's back; his boardies half way down his bum crack, indicating a high degree of exposure at the front.

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