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Given everything this meant I lived a very sheltered and a pretty abnormal life I would say.

---------------CHAPTER TWO-------------

Which brings us to now after years of putting up with their shit I was finally seeing my way out. I got great test scores and all I had to do was convince my dad to let me go to college and I would be free. Able to live my own life and never have to see that woman again. Unfortunately, for being as successful and well-traveled as my dad was he was very backward thinking. Only worried that I would become some party girl, drinking all the time, or worse that I would get pregnant, basically that I would become some huge slut fucking every guy I see.

Which was funny because I wasn't even attracted to guys, I was always more attracted to girls, but I never had to chance to experiment but I don't know there was this feeling I had looking at really fit beautiful girls that I didn't have with guys, no matter how supposedly hot they were.

This was just another reason I had to leave. I could never be myself and I could never experience anything. If my dad even suspected me of being a lesbian, he would go crazy and make me go to therapy to become straight or worse make me get an exorcism to get rid of whatever demon was in me. He would be that upset. The people who surrounded him didn't help either because they all thought the say way he did. I could never get how he went from never mentioning the word God to becoming a religious nut seemingly overnight.

He also wanted me to work under him in the business so that one day I could take over. But I hated that idea, I desperately wanted to get out of there, and get away from them, to be free and live my own life. It was the whole reason I studied hard to try and get a scholarship and leave, unfortunately I didn't get any of the scholarships I applied for but with my test scores and I was already provisionally accepted at four different universities all far away and I had a couple months to get back to them.

The only good thing is I knew my stepmother wanted me gone, she hated the thought of me inheriting my father's company, and I overheard her talking about having kids in the future, so I knew she would want her future children to get his money. And they could have it, all I wanted was my freedom.

I told my dad I need to speak with him and I had already planned out everything I was going to say. When the time came and I poured my heart out and tried everything, promising to be studious and reminding him how I never got in trouble my whole life, I even suggested maybe I could work with him after, even though that was a lie and I knew he saw through that. But instead of giving me an answered her turned to Diana and asked her what she thought. I was feeling good still though, I knew the bitch wanted me out so I crossed my fingers.

She pondered for a short moment and said "You know what the more the think about it, I think she should stay home here and work for you, I mean nowadays even with a degree you can't get any good jobs, and she would gain invaluable experience working for you, hmm, and all those bad influences in college, uhuh, I would really need to sit down and think about it some more and pray about it before I make up my mind Honey."

Why would she possible want me to stay? and pray about it, really?! She couldn't care less about religion, I thought to myself.

My dad looked back at me and responded "Well maybe give us some time to discuss it and we can talk about it after I come back from my trip." Then he kissed me on my forehead and said goodbye as he left to pack his things for his flight for the business trip he was taking that summer. But I knew what that meant all too well.

I looked over at my step mother and she had the biggest smile on her face.

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