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A man submits.

They moaned into the kiss they shared, and her tongue was soon nudging it's way between his lips to slide along his own.

Pre cum was felt seeping out from the piss hole at the tip of his head, and soaked into his pants as their hips ground together. His free hand came to cup a firmed globe of her ass, pulling it apart from it's pair before mashing it back together, ultimately encouraging her to roll further into him.

He backed her slowly until she pressed to the wall, and it was then that he made his move downwards. He broke their kiss and dropped to his knees. Now wasn't a time for love, now wasn't a time for holding back, now was a time to let everything out. She cooed down at him as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and tugged downwards until the trimmed chocolate bush of her vagina was presented before him. She stepped out of her panties as they reached her ankles and slowly walked her feet apart to expose the puffed out lines that lay beneath.

David then reached to the front of his pants and unzipped them before digging inside and pulling out the length of his cock, drooling in it's aroused state. He grasped the prick at it's base and pressed the tip to one of her tanned calves. He ran the head up and down the side, groaning gently in pleasure as he leaned his head forward and pressed a kiss to the protruding nub of her clit. His lips parted and moistened tongue darted outwards to flick the nub back and forth as he ran his cock up and down her leg.

"Fuck! Unggh. Do it David, suck my clit." Her hips rolled into his tongue as he bathed her clit in his saliva, before he did just as she asked and took the swollen button within his lips and sucked on it. The tip of his tongue pressed to the clit and swirled it as he sucked. She arched her back from the wall and let loose a loud groan of pleasure while flexing her calf against him. Pre cum was smearing all along her leg as he flicked the cock up and down, but he never stopped his torment upon her pussy.

He moaned against her clit, causing small vibrations to add to the pleasure he was giving her, and his free hand came up to push through the outer folds of her labia before fingers curled backwards and the index finger was jammed up into the tight grasp of her snatch. Claire was absolutely loving this, she was letting out slurred words through her moans, and her eyes were shut tight long ago.

He smacked on her clit as his finger began to gently pump in and out of the juiced box, and that index finger was soon joined by another and a pistoning motion began. He made sure to curl his fingers towards himself with each thrust forward to ensure that he struck that ever elusive G-spot, and it wasn't long until Claire was bucking herself down upon the invading fingers and the clasp he had on her clit. Her hand came to her blouse and broke off the buttons in her haste to expose the twin mass of tits. She encased a hardened nipple with her thumb and forefinger and began to roll it as white lights flashed in the darkness of her closed eyes.

"Shit! I'm going to cum David! Make me cum, please!" Hearing this, he began to hum loudly and a third finger was added to the mix, stabbing in and out of her cunt as that ever distinct squish sound happened. Claire let loose a squeal as she pushed down hard upon his fingers while her orgasm overcame her. David pressed his fingers deep and wiggled roughly to cause friction to her G-spot as heated liquid splashed down upon his fingers and her walls clasped and spasmed over his fingers.

He never thought her orgasm was going to end. She continued to whimper and writhe against those fingers, but it did end, and she began to breathe deep in an attempt to slow her heart. She peered down at him, a grin overcoming her once pleasure lined face.

"My hero.

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