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Med student finds a better use for lab after hours.

I wanted it so bad, I let him think he was going to make me do it. I moaned and groaned like I was protesting but it only made him harder and hornier. He got close a couple times but backed off, damn, he was good.

When he finished his breakfast and I knew he was close, he relaxed a little and finally started to shoot. He erupted like he did last night except this time it was in my mouth. His cum was everywhere, on my tongue, down my throat and I choked on the salty taste but gulped it down anyway. I wanted it in my belly so bad. I swallowed again and again, and again. As he got soft, I took more of him into my mouth. My nose was pressed against his hairy belly, damn I loved that hairy belly. I sucked him clean and he removed his hand from my head. As I crawled from under the table, he just sat there.

As I stood up Dad began to speak, "You wanna be my BITCH, Is that it girl?" he asked. "I have very high standards. Your Mother didn't like a lot of what I expected of her, but she still never said no. She was a submissive slut as there ever was one. She was good, your Mom, and you, you are just like her, you're sure?'re sure about this? You are sure this is what you want?"

"I love you Dad," I almost cried. "I'll do...whatever you say...I promise."

Dad stood up and now, instead of indirectly catching glimpses of me behind my back, he eyed me up and down. I felt so weird being so sexually examined by him, but so turned on at the same time.

"In public," he said, "You're my daughter no matter what, I love you, always remember that, but in this house, you're going to become my little slave girl. I not going to immediately tell you to not masturbate any more, at 19, I expect you to do it all the time, but I'll also expect you to do it for me, whenever I tell you to. I used to love watching your Mother cum, she hated making herself cum in front of me, and even worse in front of others, but I loved it. But slowly I will begin to take even more and more control over your body."

"I could cum right now!" I laughed.

"Strip," he ordered.

Quickly I removed what little clothing I had on. It was the first time he had seen me naked as a grown up and his cock started to rise again.

Get up on the table," he ordered, "on your back on my back."

On top of the table I spread my legs and opened up my pussy to show him my clit. He just sat back and watched.

"Go ahead," he ordered. "Cum for me."

I was there in minutes. With him watching me, I was soaked, my clit was huge. My fingers were a blur and I screamed, "I cummingg!!" dribbling all over the table in front of him. I was gasping and panting. And I had never been so horny or cum so hard before in my life.

"Can you do it again?" he asked.

Again, I fingered myself and rubbed out a second orgasm. I did it two more times before finally begging him to let me stop.

"Tomorrow morning after you suck me off," he said. "I'll expect you on the table, doing this again until I finish my breakfast"

I looked at him and smiled.

"Now clean this mess up. We have to eat dinner here tonight," he said before leaving the kitchen.

My day went by like a dream. I am going to school to become a massage therapist and then work a few hours in the afternoon at clothing store downtown. I was hoping to attend the state university on an athletic scholarship, but that did not work out. Dad works for the Northside Mall in the maintenance department as an electrician. He has a very irregular work schedule sometimes working nights when there are repairs that need to be done when the mall is closed. This particular day he had off and by the time I got home, he had already drafted some rules for me and an agreement for me to sign. There was not going to be any accusations about abuse or force, everything that I was about to enter into would be consensual and he wanted the documents to prove it.

"From now on" he explained, "I want you to call me 'Master' though I am still your father, but "Dad" sounds just too weird to me for this situation."

"Next, I want you to be nake

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