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He meets his dream Master.

The waitress comes up to get our order. I don't have to say anything, you know what I want. Perfect timing, drinks arrive as the previews start. I love sneaking out for a movie during the week in the middle of the day; we always have the theatre to ourselves. I reach for my drink just as you're sliding it to me, and there it is that light touch that races through my entire body. I'm glad the lights are down or you would see then flushness of my cheeks.

A few minutes into the movie you reach over and put your hand on top of mine and with a soft brush of your thumb across my hand, you leave it there. I'm frozen in place! What are you doing? Don't stop! Your hand is so big, strong, soft....I think the heat coming from your hand could literally burn my flesh.

I feel you slide your chair closer, the heat from your body radiates across the small gap remaining between us. You softly grasp my hand and place it on your knee and keep your hand on top of mine. After several minutes I start to slide my hand up your leg and across your thigh. As I slowly move my hand up your thigh I move my hand between your inner and upper thigh area. Each time my hand moves to your inner thigh I can feel your leg muscles tighten, your body tighten. You've not stopped me, oh how I want to continue to touch you, do I dare? I'm afraid to move my hand, I'm afraid not to. Because I can still feel your taut muscles, I move hand a little higher and feel your cock is hard, just from me touching your leg. I trace the bulge with my finger, from the tip and down the shaft of it. You unzip your jeans and release him into my hand. I hold him as if he's a golden gift given to me. I grasp your cock and slowly stroke it up and down, softly rubbing the tip of it with my thumb as I touch the top. Although I can't see it, I know from just feeling it your cock is as beautiful as I've imagined it in my fantasies. I can feel the veins, the softness of the tip, and the all over velvety softness. As I continue to stroke it, I'm imagining how you taste, how you would feel inside of me. You reach up and place your hand over mine and without a word you tell me what you want. You start moving our hands up and down fast, then faster, faster, and then you slow down. You do this several times, slowing down each time your body tightens. You remove my hand and I feel you putting him away. Before I can think about anything you grab my hand and stand up, taking me with you. We're leaving? Why?

As we're walking down the hallway you tell me you need to make a side stop and ask me to wait for you outside the door. After a few seconds you come out and grab my hand and pull me inside the men's room and into a stall. REALLY! HERE!?!

You quickly pull your shirt off, and then mine, hanging both on the hook. I drink in your chest, reaching up and rubbing my hands up and then down to your waist. You run your hands up my side and grab my breasts, rubbing your thumbs across my bra teasing my nipples. You reach around and unhook my bra and remove it putting it with our shirts. Your cup my breasts again and smile at me when you realize my soft milky white 44DD's really are bigger than your hands. You put your soft sexy lips on one, and as soon as your warm breathe touches it my nipples start to respond. You move to the other one, while softly pinching the first one, rubbing it between your fingers. You've got me so hot! I want you so badly, right now. As you continue to suck and tease my nipples, I unbutton and unzip my pants, once again freeing your beautiful delicious chocolate cock. He is so hard; he comes right out to play. You push down on my shoulders, begging me to take you into my mouth. I barely get my mouth to the tip and you push me down and your cock is in my mouth, moving deeper and deeper until I can't take any more. You start grinding your hips, in and out, in, out - you're literally fucking my mouth.

You pull me up and in one movement you've pushed my jeans down.

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