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She seduces shy art professor.

I got my self SO AROUSED, I knew I could easily CUM at any moment but I resisted and tried to prolong it, in my mind I was fantasizing I was in one of these booth where guys pay money and a screen raises and there is a nearly naked girl putting on a show. I was that girl as I touched my self.

I noticed a bright red button within reach of the bed that read only "EMERGENCY". Hmmm, I wondered if I pushed that button would the 'PERV' rush in the booth, like in a heartbeat? I sped up the rhythms on my CUNT hoping to time my release perfectly as I reached to the button and with my one hand rubbing up and down on my engorged CLITORIS, occasionally sliding two fingers inside my pussy, I pressed the button.

OMG! I was so right. Within a few seconds I started to CUM, my CUNT squirting on the brilliantly lit Plexiglas of the tanning bed when almost simultaneously the 'perv' burst in. Quickly raising the top portion of the bed, leaving me naked and still cumming, peeing, as I writhed in front of him, my eyes tightly shut. Of course, going to the pornographic extreme as I acted totally oblivious to him standing over me as I acted like an out of control nymphomaniac as I repeated over and over, "Oh Baby! Fuck ME!" I swear I was putting so much into my 'porn mistress' role that I really was beginning to want his COCK!

Initially I thought, you know, I will get naked, touch myself, let him watch as masturbate a little then I was going to simulate a EPIC ORGASM. Well surprise! I got a little too involved in my 'show' and as I lie in front of him, nude, I was enjoying my show probably as much as he was. I suddenly felt him on top of me! Forcing himself between my legs, I felt him fumbling with his hard dick, trying to find my fuck-hole. I took hold of him and guided him in.

The tanning booth was miserable to FUCK on. As hard as concrete as he pushed my legs wide to force himself deeper inside me, fucking me as he tried to kiss my mouth. GROSS! I opened my mouth and let him stick his tongue inside and french me. I wrapped my arms around him and hunched him, slamming against him as I tried to work his cock deeper up my hole. His obese body was suffocating me as he huffed and puffed, trying to get his nut. I continued to kiss and make out with him as he finally begin to quiver in my arms, my intense lovemaking pulling him to an equally intense CUM. Jabbing his cock repeatedly in me as he spasmed, I also found my release as my second CUM hit me, feeling him empty his dick into me. I imagined I could feel him blasting inside me as he repeatedly seemed to shoot streams of his spunk in my pussy.

Collapsing on top of me, I knew I would not survive if I did not get his fat ass off of me as I tried to roll him onto the floor. Getting off of me, he knelt next to the tanning bed and started to lap at my pussy. My open legs allowing his huge thick wad to drain out of me as he licked me. My CLIT was SO sensitive to the touch, with every stroke of his tongue my body shivered as he AGAIN had me at his mercy as I finally opened my eyes to see his hulking body hunching over me. His hairy back reminding me of a gigantic bear as he roughly licked my pussy and sucked his own CUM out of my hole.

You know how much I love to suck cock and seeing this large man naked and after having felt a VERY nice size cock satisfy my fat pussy, I could not help myself as I pushed him off of my CUNT and joined him on the floor. Pushing him back I began to kiss his hirsute body as I sucked his own hard nipples as I worked downward to his crotch. His dick was still hard as I licked his dried jizz and my pussy juice. I wrapped my lips around his cock-head and sucked hard on it, making him moan as I delicately flicked my tongue over the slit of his pee hole, then trying to dig the tip of my tongue deeply inside. I found his big fleshy balls and licked them, trying to put one in my mouth.

I got lower between his legs and pushed his legs up until they were bent at the knees as I used both hands to spread his very hairy ass cheeks apart.

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