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Classes were cancelled, so she signed up for Sex Lessons.

When she came, her orgasm was even more intense than the previous. It had been a slow teasing, almost torturous buildup to the penultimate release. She wasn't even aware of it until it was suddenly upon her, then there was nothing she could do but succumb to the glorious rapture that she felt, her mind almost going numb, her body seized in a fist of pleasure that threatened to rob her of all sanity which it very nearly did. Penny cried out into the night, the sound of her climax reverberating around the room as Will's tongue, lips and mouth continued to devour her spent essence, the liquefied pleasure pouring from her cunt in small creamy little rivers which he drank from enthusiastically like a parched man out on the desert. For the longest time they lay together in the darkness, unmoving, only the lightest touch of his still working tongue barely moving, but maddeningly there as she felt him continuing to lick her long after the fires of pleasure had finally died down.

She opened her eyes only upon feeling him move, now standing, as he undid the belt on his pants, the sound of his zipper coming down. Even in the dim light, she could clearly see and make out the firmness of his erection as it sprang from the confines of his briefs as he removed them, once again crawling into the bed next to her. Penny surprised herself, her hand automatically venturing out to find him, seeking his hard stiff prick, finding it, then wrapping around it, holding it as she rolled over him, her mouth now replacing her hand as she drew him inside and began to explore him with her lips.

As foreign to her as this was, his contented sigh of pleasure told her that whatever she was doing to him seemed to please and pleasure him. And again to her surprise, Penny found pleasure in this, renewed chills of excitement sprinkling her body in little bumps as her hands cupped, fondled and explored his tight ball-sack, her lips firmly pressed around the head of Will's prick, sucking it, pulling on it and releasing it with a little "pop" sound that merely added to the erotic, sensual atmosphere and mood they had created together.

"I want to make love to you," he told her. "Even if you're not ready for that now, I want you to know that I do."

There was only the briefest hesitation on her part, though she reminded him in doing so that she was still a virgin. She saw him smile knowingly in the darkness, sitting up slightly, his strong arms already reaching up beneath her arms, lifting and pulling her up effortlessly until he had repositioned her, Penny now literally sitting on his hard erect prick. Penny began to move against him then, sliding herself back and forth, side to side, up and down, feeling the wetness of her sex sliding against the firmness of his, her lips at times gathering around him, holding him as his hands continued to again tease and tenderly tickle her nipples.

As she slid against him, she felt her pussy capture the head of his cock, felt the head of it pressing firmly against the barrier that prevented it from slipping fully inside her.

"If you're not ready yet..." Will barely managed to say, then swallowed the rest of his words as Penny sat down even more fully upon his shaft, pressure suddenly increasing, though only for a moment as her cry of pleasured pain escaped her throat. In an instant, Will felt his prick fully engulfed within her, Penny now unmoving, merely holding him inside as she grew used to the foreign sensation of it, the brief pain gradually ebbing, replacing itself with one of wonder and joy as she began to slowly undulate upon him, allowing her pussy to accustom itself to the fullness of him being inside her.

Will allowed Penny to move at her own speed and tempo, marveling at the newfound dexterity and freedom of movement which she herself began to explore, almost like a child finding delight on a new playground as she lifted herself, her strong arms easily supporting her own weight, rocking back and forth upon him as though on a swing that she herself had created, then tu

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