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Ron thumbs around the West.

The lights gradually became dimmer as Vince reentered the room, and when Andy glanced over he saw that Vince had taken off his clothes and was now wearing a short silk robe. The robe was not fastened, and although Andy had only gotten a quick peek as the older man walked around the bed, it was obvious that Vince was wearing nothing underneath it.

Music filled the room, light classical that was not loud but seemed to come from all around the room, and then the bed jiggled a bit as Vince climbed on down at the foot of the bed.

"Easier if we get these off of you," Andy heard Vince say as he felt the man take his underwear by the elastic and begin to tug them down.

Now Andy really felt naked, because he was. Vince was down at the foot of the bed, and there was a sound of something being shaken, followed by Vince's hands rubbing something on Andy's calves. The scent of vanilla filled Andy's nostrils as Vince's powerful hands began to knead Andy's legs.

Staring with his feet, and working up to his ankles, Vince's fingers worked very slowly and expertly over Andy's smooth pale skin, getting deep into the flesh and dissolving the tension deep within.

By the time Vince had moved up to the backs of Andy's thighs, Andy found himself totally lost in the situation. The music and the aroma and the soft lighting, along with Vince's touch, had melted Andy, and not even the feel of Vince's hands moving from his upper thighs to his buttocks upset him.

"Nice," Andy heard Vince say when he hands reached the fleshy cheeks.

"Fat," Andy said defensively as he felt the muscular fingers knead his plump posterior.

"Nonsense," Vince sighed as his eyes devoured the pale cheeks, so fleshy and full. "You have a beautiful body, so let's not have any of that."

Andy let out a little gasp when he felt Vince's fingers sliding between his ass cheeks, but while his anus was sensuously stroked for a long time, the lubricated finger did not penetrate him, even though by the time Vince moved upward Andy was wishing that he had.

Andy could feel Vince's balls against his backside as the massage worked upwards, the hairy orbs raking across his rear end as his back enjoyed the tender kneading. Now Vince was on top of him, his hairy body like a blanket over Andy while his oiled hands rubbed Andy's shoulders and arms.

Andy could feel Vince's cock against the small of his back, hot and hard, and now the memory of that picture came back in Andy's mind, not that it had ever really left. Andy could feel the man's breath on his neck.

"Mmm - you're so smooth," Vince sighed as his oiled fingers slid from Andy's shoulders and into his armpits, finding his underarms smooth to the touch. "So sexy. I love it. Roll over for me, babe."


It was a mixed blessing for Andy when he, with Vince's help, rolled over onto his back. The feel of Vince against his body, the sensuous massage he had been receiving, and the gentle moving of the bed made his dick so hard that Andy was afraid that he might cum any minute.

Now, however, Andy was almost afraid to look at he went onto his back, fully exposed to Vince for the first time. While he didn't want to look, he forced himself to, squinting through his eyelids for Vince's reaction.

"Andy," Vince said with a smile, not a laugh as he looked at the young man's face until Andy fully opened his eyes.

"Look at you," Vince said, his face glowing as his fingers held Andy's cock gently while his other hand oiled the full sac that hung below his staff. "You're not small."

Vince's hands were caressing the smooth pillow of flesh around Andy's dick, which was standing straight up in the air, and as Vince's oiled hands ran up and down the pale thick stub Andy's manhood glistened.

"It's beautiful, Andy. You're beautiful."


As Vince's oiled hands caressed Andy's sex, the young man's eyes looked over and Vince who was kneeling by his hip, and got his first real look at his older friend.

The cock that had been dangling halfway down to h

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