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Husband training in the Heartlands!

All this time the DVD had been loaded and ready to go. After ten minutes she noticed that the DVD player was on and asked me why. I acted like I was really surprised that I forgot, and told her that I'd found a training video on blow jobs. She just lit up and wanted to watch it as soon as possible. I told her it's not what she might think it is, and she needed to keep an open mind.

"OK, OK, just start it!" she insisted. I hit the play button and waited.

The movie started out with a young man ringing a door bell; a pretty girl answers it. She leads him in to the living room, stands in front of him, and starts to unbutton his shirt. She kisses him and works her way down to his nipples to suck on them.

"This is a training video on blow jobs?" my wife asked.

"Yes. Just give it a while," I replied. Back to the movie - with the guy's shirt off, the girl undoes his pants. He's not wearing any underwear, and a 7 __ inch hard cock pops into view.

"Just what, exactly, is a blow job?" she asked, turning to look at me.

"You wanted to know... This is a training video on how to give a blow job." She turned back to the TV. The actress sucks his cock up and down with long strokes. My wife turned onto her side, laid her head on my chest, and put her hand on my tummy. I knew she could see the tent I was making with my cock as it got harder and harder. The actress is now licking the guy's shaft and sucking his balls.

"Is this something you would like?" my wife asked.

"Well, I think I would enjoy it very much. Why, do you think you would?"

"Well the actress does look happy to be doing it, and the guy looks like he really enjoys it." In the movie, the guy starts to undress the actress and suck on her tits. My wife had her hand on my cock and noticed it leaking pre-come. She knows that means that I am really hot. The actress, now naked, sits down, and the guy gets down on the floor between her legs.

My wife said, "Oh my, she shaves her pussy hair." Turning to look at me she asked, "Is that something you would like?"

"Yes. I think that you would look sexy with your pussy shaved."

"Well how about that - what he is doing to her - would you like that as well?" I told her that I would have to do it first to be able to answer that. "Is this why you got this movie? To seduce me into oral sex?"

"No, I got this movie to show you what a blow job is so you don't make a fool of yourself in front of Mr Johnson."

"Couldn't you just tell me what a blow job is and not watch this movie?"

"I could have, but I wanted to see if you were open to new ideas." By this time the guy was shoving all of his 7 __ inches into the girl's pussy. I threw the covers back, exposing my cock, and said, "This is the longest you've ever played with it. I bet your pussy is dripping wet. Do you want me to check?"

"You don't have to check. You know that it's wet." The next scene of the movie started with a girl sitting on the edge of a swimming pool and a man swimming. He swam over to the girl and asked her to lay back and then he started to suck on her pussy.

"Is that something you would like me to do to you?"

"Well she does look like she is really enjoying it. Is it something you would like to try?"

"If you are willing to try it on me."

"You go first. I am a little scared," she said kind of sheepishly.


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