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Jack and Cindy play a game of Truth or Dare.

You turned towards him so that you were side on to the camera as he knelt before you and worked your pants off over your shoes, which he left in place. Your mouth was partly open as your breath came in short gasps your head bent forward to watch his mouth roaming across your stomach, his hands sliding upwards along the backs of your legs, his mouth seeking and finding your nipple. His tongue, red and moist lazily flipped up and down across your nipple, ran around it then he sucked it between his lips which pursed as though kissing it.

His left hand slid up the back of your right leg and slid between your thighs to touch you through the tight elastic of your panties. You jumped, then laughed and he looked up at you and smiled. He held your gaze as he rolled your panties from your hips, revealing your neatly waxed pubic hair. He held them for you, allowing you to step out of them, then he stood, kissing you again as he shrugged the shirt from his shoulders and allowed it to slide onto the floor.

You allowed him to lead you to the bed, he pushed you back so that you were lying across the bed, your feet on the floor, legs parted. He knelt between your knees and ran his tongue slowly up your leg, his left hand reaching up to fondle one breast then the other. Finally his mouth descended onto you, his nose burying itself in the black hair between your legs. I saw your back arch as his mouth touched you and in my imagination I tasted you as he did. I started to rub myself harder, again raising my hips to work my pants over my hips. Your eyes were closed and you gripped his body with your legs the muscles in your thighs tensing and then relaxing as you released your grip. He had slipped his right hand under his chin and from its thrusting action I could tell that he had his fingers inside you.

I watched until you had your climax, your back arching, mouth open, small groans and gasps barely audible, then I turned the tape off. I couldn't watch. No more. I pulled my pants pack up and hurriedly fastened the button, then walked from the room onto the balcony. It was dark outside, the lights of the harbour reflecting in the smooth water, the suburbs a series of yellow lights dotting the landscape. The bright light of a landing jet liner illuminated the tree tops far across the water, then disappeared as it touched down. A car roared past far below, the bass of its loud music thumping at me in a steady rhythm. Like the rhythm of his mouth on you, his tongue no doubt probing and swirling around your clit. Even if you were making the video for me, at that point in time you had no idea that I even existed, the pleasure surging through your body would have been all consuming, obliterating thoughts of anything else. I shook my head and tried to focus, but the image of his tongue running around your nipple, of your hands stroking his chest kept forcing itself into my mind.

I walked back inside and made myself a drink, downing it quickly - too quickly. My head swam with images of your naked body writhing on the bed under his mouth and hands. I poured and drank another, then returned to the balcony with a third. I stood staring out across the water, but my eyes saw nothing, my vision dominated by the images trapped in my memory. Angrily I stormed back into the lounge and switched on the television, flicking the play button for the video. My erection was back in full force before the picture had appeared on the television and my anger burnt fiercely. Where was my jealousy, my hatred for this man who was devouring you?

Only now he wasn't devouring you.

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