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A man and his slave in the 1800's.

to the water

I watch them enter the water, once they are shoulder deep he disappears and I hear her squeal with delight. After a short time he rises out of the water kissing her stomach working his way up to her breasts. After spending some time licking and sucking on her nipples, she drops into the water. I watch as he stiffens and closes his eyes. She comes up for air and drops below the surface again. This continues for a few minutes until she rises out of the water and embraced him.

It is clear she has his cock between her legs and is rubbing herself on him. It becomes clear that they want to move things forward more privately and they head out of the water back to where I am at. Once they are back on their towels, she cannot take her eyes off his large erect cock. She offers him a drink back at our place, he immediately accepts.

They get dressed and the three of us head down the beach back to our resort. It is now only 10:00 a.m., once in the room we pour some drinks and all strip down for the hot tub. Once in the hot tub, Tavaris lifts his ass off the seat so the head of his erect cock is above the water. His cock has a very pronounced bell shaped head and is very large. After finishing his drink, Tavaris rises out of the tub and sits on the edge. My wife is clearly mesmerized by his size and veiny hardness, his large testicles are now relaxed, hanging and touching the surface of the water. Tavaris looks at my wife and tells her he is not leaving until he loses his erection, his cock is now dripping precum and is easily 9 inches long and very thick.

She responds that she could never let him leave with an erection, at which point he stands up and she immediately grabs his cock with both hands. His cock head fills her mouth and she moves one hand to cradle his balls, which completely fill her hand. She takes as much of his cock as she can and is clearly turned on by his hardness. She is moaning as she sucks, and starts to stroke with both hands and suck and still there is plenty of cock.

Tavaris sits her down on the edge of the tub and begins to kiss her deeply while fingering her clitoris. He works her clitoris for a while then kneels down into the water to go down on her. He starts to lick her and tells her how she is going to take all of his cock. He says he is going to fuck her until she cums, and then continue to fuck her until she can't take it.

He tells her when he is ready to cum, he will let her know. She has to tell him immediately to either cum on her or cum inside her. If she chooses for him to cum inside her, that means she is his cock slave, and will have to take his cock whenever he wants, and in fact, her priority for the rest of our trip is to make him hard and take his cum. At this pint she groans and stiffens then shakes as a huge orgasm washes over her.

Tavaris leads her to the bed, pushes her onto her back and begins to rub his cock head on her pussy. He tries to enter her, but she has never had anything that size before. After some time rubbing his cock on her, he finally gets his cock head inside her and she stiffens in pain. He pulls out and tries again slowly, she is able to take his cock head again but pushes him to back out. Eventually he gets about half way in. He is fucking her slowly and she is taking about half of him. He keeps telling her how hard she makes him and how his cock is going to mark her and wreck her for any other cock.

She is now really getting into the fucking and is thrusting back into him and wraps her legs around him. He has now been fucking her for about 20 minutes and she is starting to take him balls deep. He starts to pound her and she begins spasming orgasms continously. He pounds her for another 10 minutes and she is screaming in pleasure.

His pace starts to quicken and it is clear he is getting close. My wife has a glazed look on her face and is clearly lost in the moment.

Tavaris announces he has to cum and says "make your decision".

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