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Julie and Stevie go college shopping.

I told him to be careful with her, but I was thinking what a lucky girl she was.

The next afternoon he invited Bobby and Kirby over, and as the plan went, he told them to go ahead and watch the movie and he'd run to the 7-11 to get some drinks. After he left, I arrived and went to Jimmy's room where they were watching my tape. I was wearing a white lacy bra, a white grater belt and white stockings with no panties, underneath my black, long, leather jacket. I heard them talking about the movie I had made for them while I was just on the other side of the door. I opened the door and said, "why watch the movie when you can have the real thing"!

Bobby was wide-eyed and was speechless, but Kirby said, "No, I'd better go!"

I told him, "do you want your mom to find out you've been watching one of your friends mom's while she was naked?"

Kirby said, "No, not really, but this is weird, and what will Jimmy say?"

"Jimmy?", I said, "He already knows and he will be here in a few minutes." I walked toward them and I grabbed Kirby's hand with my right hand and Bobby's with my left hand, pulling them close to each of my breasts. I then grabbed each of there faces an guided them towards each of my breasts and I said, "I want both of you to have me right here, right now"

Kirby said, "couldn't we both have you but just one at a time?" I guess he was a little insecure about being naked and having sex, with his friends in the same room.

I told him, "No that's not an option", as I undid my bra exposing my tits to the two 18 yr. old boys. I once again guided them by grabbing their hands, so we could go to the master bedroom where there would be more room to explore.

I told Bobby to stand beside the bed, while I gave my full attention to Kirby, as I undressed him one piece of clothing at a time. Kirby was about 6 foot tall with brown hair, he was so handsome, a real "ladykiller". I pulled off his boxers to expose a hard 6"-7" cock, I gently licked underneath his shaft all the way to his balls, then I kissed the tip end of his penis and told him, "get in bed and I will be there soon."

Next, I turned my attention to Bobby, he was a little more shy than Kirby and he sort of backed up a little but then again he didn't run away either. Bobby, had dark hair, he was about 6'3", and when I pulled his shorts down I saw something to behold, his dick was a solid 8"-9" long! I stroked his rod ever so slowly, trying to feel every inch of his cock, then I also licked the bottom of his shaft, and caressed the tip end of his penis with my lips. A little teasing never hurt anybody, right? I told him, "get into bed and I will see you and your hard friend shortly."

Then I screamed out, "Jimmy you can come in now!" He walked in already in his boxers. I quickly stripped him out of those, and had him lay down on the bed with his naked friends.

My pussy was so wet seeing these three athletic 18 yr. old boys laying on the bed waiting for me. I knew Jimmy better obviously, so I sat on his hard cock first, and had the other two put their young, stiff rods in my face. I alternated sucking each of their cocks just to the point they were fixing to cum, and then I would stop and go on to the other one. Then I got off of Jimmy and I decided I wanted to be serviced so I had the 2 new boys, devour my pussy.

It was their first time eating pussy as well, so I was the teacher of "Eating Pussy 101" that day. Jimmy even helped showing them some tips as well in between his kissing and massaging my tits.

I got up and moved into the doggy-style position with Jimmy at the head of the bed, so I could suck his dick, while Bobby was underneath my pussy, licking and sucking on my clit, and Kirby was probing the inner depths of my pussy with his tongue, pushing it in and out.

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