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With a flick of her wrist, the last remaining garment, the panties, were dropped to the floor. I'm sure my jaw dropped and I was probably also drooling. Men are such putzes, it is no wonder we are easily led around by our dicks.

Macy scooted into the bathroom, closing the door behind her as I tried to collect my thoughts. A minute or so later, I heard a flush, then the door opened and Macy was turning on the shower spigot, testing the temperature of the water with her hand. When it was just right, she stepped into the shower and looked over her shoulder for me.

"Come on, get naked and get in here with me," she ordered.

"Who am I to argue with that?" I quickly stripped and joined Macy in the shower. Her body was positioned facing the water flow, so I slipped in behind her, unable to resist putting my arms around her and holding her close. Her body felt warm, smooth and womanly. Her breasts were large and firm, yet soft and yielding to the touch. I kissed her softly on the neck as I caressed them. She responded by moving closer to me, rubbing the front of my body with the back of hers. It was heaven. With my right hand I reached lower. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and covered with red down and I began to caress it.

By now, back in the real world, I was unable to resist the urge to gratify myself. I took my cock in hand and stroked it slowly as the drama unfolded in my fantasy.

I took the soap in hand, and began to scrub Macy's back. I had a theory that her breasts were probably way too difficult for her to wash all by herself. So, I decided to wash them for her as well. I believe in full service. I had her turn toward me as I began soaping up her front. I nearly hypnotized myself staring at those remarkable boobs. But, I continued cleaning her until we were both satisfied that there was not a single square inch of her left untended. I spent considerable time soaping and rinsing her pussy as I am averse to the taste of soap and I intended to dine there for an extended period of time. When I was done, I knelt down and took my first sample of her womanly flesh. I spread her lips with my fingers and found her clit. I tongued it, gently at first, until she found the need to hold on to the soap dish for support. I continued for several minutes, but it was now time to remove ourselves to the bed to continue what had begun in the shower. Macy quickly soaped me up, paying particular attention to my cock and balls. A quick rinse and we were done showering. The hotel provided thick towels and hung them on a towel warming rack, so we dried off in luxury and comfort. Then it was off to the bed.

I pulled back the bedspread, the sheet and blanket. Macy jumped in with remarkable enthusiasm, I thought. She was a sight to behold; Young enough to be my daughter, yet a grown woman with desires that no kid could understand or begin to satisfy. Physically, Macy was a goddess. She could have any man, yet, she chose to fly two thousand miles to be with me. What can I say; I am a very lucky man. I always knew that making women laugh would eventually pay off and today was the proof of it.

I lay next to her, putting my arm around her and drawing her closer. Her lips were inviting and I accepted the invitation, placing mine on hers. Our mouths were open and our tongues dueled with each other. I have never been as turned on in my life as I was at that moment.

Back on my chair, I was getting way ahead of myself. Seeing her naked and kissing her had gotten me all fired up. I had to kind of back off a bit to make this wonderful feeling last. My mind was racing and the theatre screen I have on the back of my eyelids was showing scene after scene of pure lust. No wonder I was about to explode.

As we kissed, I began to explore her body and found it to be wonderful in every possible way.

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