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Bound and she finally enjoyed it


Honestly, I was working hard to try to "engulf" the orders...

She continued: "I have found a very sweet girl for my little brother and I want to arrange for them a way to meet with each other - she surely is a virgin and, after the military service, he surely needs something sweet in his life"...

I was more and more appalled...

"She's a medicine student and she surely needs to get started her sex life"...

I've chosen to keep my mouth shut.

In only a few words, I've led Helen back and came home - I couldn't sleep all night...

I've bought the tickets, waited for Helen, Brad and Lily in front of The Atheneum, after the concert going to a restaurant and having a good time together.

By the time we were ready to go, Helen pretended that she wasn't feeling so well, and kindly asked Lily to come and stay with her...

I went home...

The second day, in the morning, my phone bell started to ring - it was Helen.

"I cannot tell you how happy I can be when things go my way!"

"So... do I have to understand that you, somehow, have convinced Lily to fuck your brother?"...

"The answer is YES!"

"And now?"...

"Now they're asleep... and I am craving for my beautiful boy - if I get moving now, and ring the bell of your door, will you be there for me?"

Gosh! I've just had a hard on in an instant!

"Well, let me think - I was intending to leave in approximately half an hour - if you manage to arrive here earlier, you'll ruin my schedule, but I'm pretty sure that I won't regret it! So, get started!"

After saying that, I've put the handle of the phone back in the cradle.

Looking at the clock, after twenty minutes, I've started to worry - what if, at this time in the morning she doesn't find a taxi, or, even worse, what if she somehow felt insulted by the way I've spoken to her?

Honestly, I just couldn't forget the way she's treated my dick with her beautiful lips...

I was still wearing my pajamas, when, after twenty five minutes, I've heard the door bell...

"Whew! It's really hard to get a taxi at this time... I was almost ready to try to get a bus, but I didn't have tickets!"...

I've helped her take off her beautiful fur coat, and led her to my room...

"Now, dear, I think that I really need to see how you prepare that coffee of yours!"

Too late! My dick was hard as a rock, so that I've approached the arm chair where she was sitting and let my pajama trousers fall...

"OK! I'll have my coffee later!"

Saying that, she grabbed my balls with her left hand, while she's started stroking my dick with her right...

Her tongue was doing wonders to my frenulum - she licked, and licked, and licked...

Suddenly, she stopped: "Is it too early for some music?"

I took the message, so I went towards the tape recorder, dragging back up my trousers.

"By the way, after you put the music, will you please let me see your naked body? Not that I don't like your pajamas, but... at least as long as you are with me, alone, I just want you to let me see what your parents have conceived"...

By the time I get the tape recorder and amplifying station started, Helen is already naked on my bed, this time NOT wearing her panties...

I take off my pajamas in a second, and rush to the bed.

I grab her legs, opening them, and gently, real gently, stick my dick head at the entrance of her cunt.

"Now, Helen, if it hurts, or something, you just tell me"...

She nods, biting her lip, and sticks her nails into my ass cheeks, dragging my waist toward her's...

She's dry, and I know that this won't help us, especially with her recent history...

I withdraw, and, like a cowboy, I ride her until my dick reaches her face.

"Make it wet!"

She engulfs me, forcing herself to give me lots of saliva.

I get back down there - now it's much better!

I don't enter more than two thirds of my dick inside, when I feel her cervix - she tenses.


She nods, but she's still tense...

"If you cannot manage to relax, you cannot even know if it's all right, or not!"

"Shit! You sound like my doctor!"

"It doesn't matter how I sound, but, r

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