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Male teacher continues affair with dominant female student.

But if you can wait until I'm done with Mike, I'll help you pump that load of cum out of your balls, okay?"

Carl's cock was pulsating in his hand as he nodded his head. Once again he thought how Cathy took masturbation to new levels of enjoyment. He loved stroking his cock while watching Cathy and Mike together. One fantasy he had was to make himself cum at the same time that Mike came. That would be a thousand times better than when he came while jerking off to porn but he was going to hold back this time. When Cathy was done with Mike, he wanted her to take his ass with the new vibrating strap on attachment they'd just bought.

Mike laid down on the bed, pulled his legs to his chest and let Cathy go to work on him. He felt the coolness of the lube being dripped on his ass and then her well lubed vibrator probing at his hole. He relaxed and felt it slip into him. There was no pain, in fact it felt good. He gave a slight moan and said, "Wow."

Cathy smiled, slid the toy half way in his ass and wriggled it a little. She watched Mike's dick throb and heard him moan again. "I think you're ready to take it all," she said as she slowly slid the vibrator further into his ass, leaving only about an inch outside so she could activate the control knob. "Do you like that?"

Mike squeezed his ass around the toy and wiggled his hips. "Yes." The new sensation of being stimulated from inside his body felt different but good, very good.

Cathy smiled, turned the vibrator on and watched his eyes pop wide open. "Better?" she asked.

Mike looked at Cathy and nodded. He could see the lust in her face as she smiled at him and turned the dial on the vibrator another notch. The intensity of the vibrations in his ass was amazing, all he could do was moan as he wrapped his fingers around his dick and started stroking it.

"One more to go. Ready?" Cathy asked and turned the vibrator up to full speed before Mike could say anything. His eyes rolled in his head, his head rolled on the pillow and his hand moved up and down his cock a bit faster. Cathy was pleased with his response.

Now on to step two she thought as she moved from between Mike's legs to his side. "Put your legs down," she said. Mike complied and laid flat on his back. He wriggled his ass and felt the vibrator move as he did. It felt so good inside him and he could make it move by moving his ass against the bed. He was fucking himself. He moaned again.

Cathy looked at Mike's moving hips, his hand pumping his throbbing cock, and then across to Carl. He was staring at her intently as he masturbated. She smiled at him and turned back to Mike. "Aren't you glad you finally decided to let me take your ass?"

"Oh, yeah. Thank you," he gasped.

"Does having a vibrator in your ass make jerking off even more fun?"


She turned to Carl and said, "Maybe I should have bought another one of these so both of you could take it up the ass the next time you two want to masturbate together. Would you like that?"

Carl couldn't help but stroke his cock a little faster and say yes to her. He was under her spell.

"I'd like that, too," Cathy said as she gave him a big smile. She turned back to Mike and put her hand on his wrist that was pumping his dick. "Would you like me to take care of that for you?" Mike said yes and pointed his dick straight up for her. She opened her mouth to a big O and positioned herself over his dick. She looked over at Carl, he looked at her wide eyed as he slowed the movement of his hand on his cock. He's ready to cum from watching me blow Mike, she thought, just like Mike is when he sees Carl's cock in my mouth. Again she loved how she could sexually please both of her men by sucking off just one of them.

She smiled to herself as she quickly lowered her head and filled her mouth with as much of Mike's dick as she could.

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