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The Vivian Addams Story: 1975.

You want to be the one in charge, don't you? You want to fuckin' dominate, to control, and totally own a special kind of girl. Younger than you, but only a little. Just as sexy, and packing something in her panties that all belongs to you, every fuckin' inch of it. Open your eyes."

When she did, she gasped loudly at the sight. The tiny shop had become a large, brightly lit bedroom with billowing white curtains over the open windows. Everything was decorated in white and silver, shining and sparkling with pristine beauty. A large four-poster bed at the middle waited for sex. Caitlyn rose from her seat and found herself wearing a sheer gold robe that barely hung on her hips and tits. When she walked around the bed, she saw a young woman, barely eighteen, kneeling complacently beside the bed wearing nothing but a simple white toga wrapped around her slender frame and a gold collar with a ring for a leash.

This woman looked up at Caitlyn. It was Zoya! Zoya had somehow gotten much younger, even younger than Caitlyn herself but still barely legal. Her hair was the same color, and her beautiful eyes looked up at Caitlyn with the humbleness of a sex slave who loves her job.

"Zoya?!" Caitlyn said, not sure what to do next.

"Mistress Caitlyn," Zoya said slowly. "I am ready to fuck you Mistress Caitlyn." Zoya handed her a gold chain with a clip-hook on the end and a leather strap for a handle on the other. "I've recovered from the last time you wanted me to fuck you. I'm sorry it took so long, but you drained me of cum so much that I couldn't move."

"I- I did?" Caitlyn asked, just beginning to catch on. "Is this some sort of illusion? Hallucination?"

"Yes, Mistress Caitlyn, but please let me... please let me fuck you again. I'm so hard and full of cum that it hurts now. I've worked hard to jack off but not cum over and over again, making me full of goo, just for you. I feel like I could fill a couple of bathtubs right now."

Caitlyn smiled. Dream, illusion, drug-induced hallucination or not, she couldn't help but feel turned on. Her body was warm and trembling with excitement, her cheeks flushed with the blood pumping from her heart. This was so hot! Her own personal sex slave... and did she imply that she had a dick? She had to find out. Caitlyn clipped the gold chain to her property's collar and stepped back.

"Stand up, Zoya. Show me how hard you are."

Zoya quickly stood and lifted her toga. A fat cock, more than a foot long, was strapped to her thigh with three pieces of rubber tape around its shaft. It was raging hard, throbbing visibly, and its tip was wet with clear slippery precum.

"Oh my fucking god! That is huge!"

"Thank you Mistress Caitlyn."

Caitlyn started to kneel and reach for it like she did with her last boyfriend, but then she reconsidered. This was her slave, her property, her sub. Why kneel?

"Zoya, untie it now. I want to see you jerk it for me."

Zoya nodded and smiled in relief. It had to be hurting her. The pink-purple head almost looked swollen with pressure. She bent over and slipped the rubber ties down her thigh and down to her bare feet, then stepped out of them. When she stood again, the monster dick was tenting her toga straight forward, making a wet spot in the fabric.

"Mistress Caitlyn, do you like it?" Zoya asked sweetly as she untied the knot of her toga and let it fall. Totally nude, the small teen futa girl began to jerk her cock with one hand. With the other, she pinched the perfect pink nipples on her full tits, first one, then the other. Gooey precum leaked and dripped in long strands toward the floor, landing inches from her pretty painted toes. Even her cock was pretty. Tied up, it had bulging veins and looked angry. Free to be petted and stroked, it looked more feminine. Thick and long with its flared pink head, it was still gorgeous. Caitlyn didn't see any balls behind it, which looked strange, but she never really like balls anyway.

Caitlyn's mouth watered.

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