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Rich, uptight Stephanie is changed by an Oriental girl.

"It's not hurting anything." She told her good side as she trimmed off her pubic hair and with a fluttery stomach and hard nipples she lathered up between her legs too. When she finished she had to masturbate or go crazy so she ended up on her knees on the bed with her face in the pillows and her hand up between her legs. She whispered his name over and over as she rubbed her clit and came quickly. Her phone when off as she was going to the shower, of course a text from him, "Making yourself pretty for our date? ___" it read. "You scamp," she whispered, she didn't reply but had a long hot shower, washing every inch of herself and shampooing her hair twice. She replied to him after she towelled off. "Didn't get this till now Scamp. Just got out of the shower." She typed while sitting with her legs crossed naked on the bed.

"You're naked!!" he replied instantly.

I'm getting myself in deeper and deeper she abolished herself as she replied, "Do you shower with your clothes on?"

"I was thinking about you when I showered."

"I hope you are deleting these text messages?"

"Of course. So did you think of me while you were lathering up?"

"I'm taking the fifth."

"I'm taking that as a yes!"

"Getting dressed now my Scamp."

"See ya soon my Dream!" She laughed when she read that. "Dream," she giggled, "Oh my God we actually have pet names now. This is sinful Clara. It's like a trashy novel!" She got a jar of expensive slightly perfumed cream and rubbed it all over her legs and up between her legs, resisting the urge to masturbate again. She masturbated maybe one or twice a month at home and she was her now for two days and had already done it several times. She rubbed some of the cream into her nipples and between and under her breasts, and just under her freshly shaved armpits as well. She added some deodorant and started to dress. Plain white panties, but snow white, satin and trimmed in lace. She momentarily fantasized about Kyle on his knees and pulling them off. Then she put on a snow white bra and looked intently at her breasts in the mirror. She dried and styled her hair a bit and then slipped into her dress. It was a blue checked sleeveless summer dress which was tight from the waist up with a collar and buttons down the front. It fell loosely from her hips and the hemline rose up on the sides somewhat. It was formal yet casual and sexy yet refined and she wore it with her bare smooth legs and high heel white strap sandals. She liked it and knew he would too.

His eyes told the story when she went downstairs and they all complimented her on her appearance. They were all nice but it was his whispered one when they were getting ready to go to the car that made her all tingly, especially between the legs. "Oh my God Aunt Clara you look so hot! Like I'm sorry maybe it's not proper but I want you so bad right now it's driving me crazy!" She knew she shouldn't but she reached over and gave his hand a quick squeeze.

At the restaurant she noticed with pleasure that the tables had long tablecloths. She also noticed several older men give her long appreciative looks but it was just one young man she was interested in. It was walking to the table that she decided that life was too short and that happiness came in different ways and forms. She loved her brother and sister in law and didn't want to hurt them any but she absolutely ached for Kyle to make love to her now and she wouldn't hold back anymore. Maybe it was wrong but her body yearned for him. They could be discrete and once he had made the conquest and had had his fill with her he would move on. But the images that jumped into her mind of his long slender young body on top of hers as he strained with the effort of taking her were starting to consume her.

His hand found her leg as soon as they sat down.

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