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She plays at dominance and teases captive man.

Three hours after we started, we called it a night. I thanked Jacy for her patience and gave her a big hug, which she returned just as enthusiastically. Taking that as consent, I planted a kiss on her lips, which was more of a peck with my eyes wide open, so that I could see her reaction. When I saw her close her eyes I smiled at her, and then walked her to the door. When we reached my front door, we stood there for a second, and then she leaned in and kissed me on the lips, this time we held it, our moths parted in unison and our tongues met at the entrance to the other's mouth. We allowed them to play together, taking turns darting in and out of each other's mouth. Each of us taking our turn to suck one another's tongue, by the way we were adjusting our embrace I could tell that we were both dominant.

Finally I said; ask Mario to drop you off here at nine p m, we can take an Uber to the airport and save Mario from having to drive the two hour round-trip. She gave me one last peck on the lips, and then she said I'm going to eat your pussy so good, and she was gone.


I must have checked the time a million times on Thursday, I had my bags sitting by the door and I started looking out of my window at eight forty five. I can't remember the last time I was so turned on. Somewhere in my mind my desire for Jacy felt familiar, as if we were secret lovers going away for the weekend.

As luck would have it Mario and the Uber arrived at the same time, a few minutes later Jacy and I were on our way to The City of Angels.

She and I texted each other as our Uber driver drove us to the airport, occasionally chatting with him to keep him alert. We told him who I was, I think he cared, but I'm not sure.

I asked Jacy how Mario felt about her leaving for the weekend; she said he pretended to be jealous. But she was pretty sure he had things to do while she was away, and that she and I weren't the only whores in Sodom City. We both got a big laugh out of that. I told her that she looked pretty and she blushed. After a few miles we both moved to either side of the back seat so we wouldn't be tempted to touch each other. Eventually we busied ourselves with our phones until we got to the airport.

The red-eye to L.A. was pretty full; I recognized several people in the music industry, looks like the award show crowd I said to Jacy.


We arrived in our hotel suite nearly four hours later and it' was only midnight. Wow this is crazy said Jacy; we get to do midnight all over again. I laughed at her logic. It will catch up with you I said. We didn't bother to unpack, but we did open a bottle of wine and sat at our window, with a view of movie star's homes on the hills to our right and the Pacific Ocean to our left. This view is amazing she said, looking directly at me. I responded, yes I agree, as i looked directly at her. We both leaned in for a kiss, that instantly turned hot, we were both aggressive with our tongues, taking turns pushing our tongue as far into the other woman's mouth as we could. We went at it with such wild abandon that after a few minutes we both started giggling. That's when we stopped and got undressed, we decided to leave the curtain open with a lamp still on, it was obvious that each of us was willing to be watched if someone in any of the other hi-rise buildings was a voyeur.

I studied her body intently as her last bit of clothes came off, for I was already naked. Jacy is basically the same height as me, with smaller breasts but a similar round ass, I am more shapely than she, but I do work on my body more, after all it is part of why I have been a success in this business. And of course, my favorite attributes of Jacy are her green eyes and red hair, and it was red everywhere. She wasn't kidding; she doesn't shave above her knees.

We each took steps forward and embraced, we were in front of the window, but standing a few feet away from it.

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