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Gerri shivered as she thought about opening the cloak on stage. She might not win but the shock would be awesome.

There was a spot open at the bar. It was back in the corner, which was fine with her. Fantasies were one thing but one drink and she was out of here. She drew some looks as she crossed over to the bar and took a seat. She could feel the heat in her sex even more as she sat down on the barstool.

"What'll you have?" the bartender asked.

"How about something tall and red." She replied with a smirking smile at her own little inside joke.

"One Sloe Gin Fizz coming up," he said as he turned to make her drink.

The man sitting in the corner next to her, leaned over and said, "I'm Mike Hall, I own this place. You aren't naked under that cloak are you?"

Gerri gave him a shocked look and he laughed. "I had to ask. A few years ago a hooker came to our Halloween party dressed in nothing but a cloak. I get a little leery when someone comes in all wrapped up the way you are."

She turned slightly and opened the top of the cloak just a little. His eyes went to the opening and the red cloth that showed. "I have a costume on. I'm a little devil. I even have a little pointed tail," she whispered with a shy smile.

"I'll just bet you are. A little devil that is," Mike, said with a grin.

The bartender returned with her drink and Gerri opened the cloak enough to get her handbag out from under it. The bartender's eyes opened wide at the sight of Gerri's breasts covered with the red material of the cat suit. "Uh, this one's on me," he whispered with a glance at his boss.

Mike leaned forward and let out a long slow low whistle under his breath as he took in the view. Gerri smiled and nodded to the bartender. To mike, she asked, "Is there a problem?"

"Uh..." he said and then swallowed hard. "I don't think so but I'll need to see more of that costume to be sure."

"I'm completely covered from the tips of my toes to.... Well, you can see where." She replied with a grin.

"Yes, and a mighty nice where, it is, I must say," the bartender muttered.

"Don't you have work to do?" Mike asked him and then winked.

"Uh, yeah, I probably do." He replied and then shook his head. "How come I always have to work and miss all the fun?"

"Because you're a starving actor and you don't drink," Mike said and then laughed as the bartender walked away muttering to himself.

"He's my youngest brother Carl, so I have to pick on him," Mike said to Gerri. "Now about this costume?" He added as he cocked his head to the side and looked at her breasts pointedly.

Gerri felt a chill of pleasure run up and down her spine and she clenched her thighs and ass tightly for a second. She turned more toward him and crossed her right leg over her left knee. The cloak fell off her lap and revealed her outfit.

Mike gave the same low whistle again and then took a deep breath. "Oh my god," he whispered as he let the breath out.

"I was planning on keeping covered up but since you needed to know...." She let the sentence hang as another shiver ran up her spine. His eyes were driving her wild and the heat in her sex was growing even hotter, the longer he looked at her.

Her hand fumbled the edge of the cloak as she tried to cover back up. When she finally managed to get it back over her lap, Mike asked, "You're not going to enter the costume contest?"

Gerri tried to hide her nervousness at the question by taking a sip of her drink. It was sweet and it was strong. She shook her shoulders and whispered, "Whoo, another drink like this and I just might."

"That can be arranged," Mike said with a grin. "I have pull around here remember."

She smiled at him and nodded as she took another sip of her drink. Quickly she said, "Can I tell you something, just between the two of us?"

"Sure, bartenders, bar owners, and shrinks, we're all good listeners and know how to keep secrets."

Gerri leaned forward and said, "I put this cat suit on tonight just to see how it looked and felt.

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