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Desperation without thought.

"Sure, we can stay. Mycah showed me a spot here where we can watch, and play if we want."

"Oh, so you want to play?"

"I might be willing to venture in that direction. I'm buzzed, but not drunk"

"People are going to get started in a few minutes. Are you sure?"

"Yes. Mycah showed me a room for our clothes"

Rachel led me to the out of the way bedroom. I started to undress and got down to just my no fly briefs. Rachel waited until I was finished before disrobing. Off went her t-shirt, then jeans. She stood before me in a sexy coordinating zebra print bra and thong. Her tits look like they were going to spill out.

"I'm having second thoughts on going out like this. I love this combo, but the bra is a cup size too small. I feel it might be over the top. Maybe I'll take off the bra and wear my t-shirt with my thong"

"No!!!!! Rachel, I could not disagree more. You are stunning tonight!"

Rachel took pleasure in my remark. I followed Rachel out the door. Even her black heels complimented her bra and thong.

We got to where Mycah had shown Rachel, but once there, I looked and noticed we were in the center of a growing circle, with the others in attendence surrounding us. A feeling of General Custer at Little Bighorn sprang into my head. Mycah and Tyrone approached us. Mycah was topless with those huge black tits. Tyrone had on a pair of skimpy briefs. His bulge was very pronounced.

"Glad you decided to join in tonight, Rachel", said Mycah.

"Well, I'm still preparing myself mentally for it"

Mycah noticed my bulge.

"Well Rachel, it looks like your husband is happy to see you dressed so hot tonight."

"Wow, I guess he is", Rachel chuckled.

"He looks uncomfortable. Mind if I free him up a bit?"

"Well....that is fine, I guess."

Mycah pulled my briefs down and off. She stood back up and put her hand under it, as if to support it.

"He has a nice unit. Mind if I stroke it?"

I said "Sure".

Rachel's face had a look of concern, then she added "Well, just a few strokes. I'm eagar to get started with him."

Mycah gave my cock long, but very slow strokes.

"You like watching me stroke your husband's cock, Rachel?"

"It is different seeing someone else doing it. The skin contrast is interesting too. It is just.....well, I thought it was going to be the two of us tonight is all."

I shrugged and gave a confused look of my own.

"Just watch the action unfold and relax.", said Mycah.

Mycah continued with her long, teasing strokes. When it was nice and hard, Mycah fell to her knees and started to lick my shaft and balls. I moaned at the pleasurable feeling of her tongue on my cock. I looked over at Rachel as she just stared at Mycah licking my cock. Suddenly, Mycah wrapped her full black lips around my cock and started sucking it. Tyrone was moving in closer behind Rachel.

"Mycah, you look like an expert sucking cock. I'm still trying to master ther art."

"You know you can play too, Rachel. You can enjoy your husband's cock with me. Come suck your husband's cock and I'll watch you."

Rachel dropped to her knees, grabbed my cock and start to lick, then suck it. She was more passionate about it, almost as if she was trying to show up Mycah.

"You can hold your own with anyone, Rachel. Now I need to attend to my husband."

Mycah stood up, stepped over to Tyrone. She slid off his briefs and started to slowly stroke his cock, just like she had done to me. Rachel, whom was still sucking my cock, suddenly stopped to watch. She started slowly stroking mine, but her eyes were glued to Tyrone's cock. Mycah continued stroking her husband as Rachel let go of my cock completely. Rachel brought one hand up to her breasts, and the other slid into the waistband of her thong. Mycah sensed Rachel's arousal and started to lick and suck Tyrone's cock.

"I primed up your husband for you to play, but instead you end up watching my husband and I", Mycah giggled.

Caught off guard, Rachel returns both hands to my cock.

"Sorry for staring Mycah. I guess the movies really don't lie about cock size"

Tyrone said "You

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