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Institute's founders demonstrate for the students.

Not one word had been said, and Claire rose up out from her crouch and pushed me down onto the bed, then lay down beside me. I was shaking with a combination of nerves and lust. She was on her side and reached a hand over to cup and stroke my breast. My nipples were so engorged they almost hurt. But I wanted more than that. I wanted to touch her as well, so I turned on my side and put my arm over her and pulled her to me. We kissed again, more passionately, our tongues intertwining. I could feel her breasts squashed against mine and just that fact was driving me wild. I could feel the wetness in my panties, and I so wanted to be touched there, and I so wanted to touch her there as well.

With one hand I was stroking the back of her head, as she did to me, and with the other I stroked down her back to her bum cheeks and caressed her, pushing my sex against hers. She opened her legs a little and I lifted my bum a little and slid my lower leg between hers and slid it up gently so that my thigh was rubbing her. When I felt her wet, naked pussy on my skin it was one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced. As we locked together, she slid the leg between my legs up to press against my own pantie clad sex. We started a movement that seemed to come naturally, her wetness sliding on me, mine on her. We started to moan into each other's mouths as we continued to kiss.

We were slow, and gentle and yet there was something urgent and wild about the way we were stroking, kissing, riding each other. I could feel her wetness against me, and how my own clit was throbbing and desperate.

I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of eternity exploring Claire's body, and to have her explore mine. I broke away from the kiss and opened my eyes. We looked directly at each, deep into each other and no words were needed. We were almost hanging off the enormous bed, so I pushed her gently back so that she was flat on her back and I started to kiss her, first on the neck, nibbling under her ears, down to her beautiful breasts, licking and kissing over the flesh to her nipple. I took the nearest one in my mouth and felt its hardness, circling it with my tongue. With my free hand I stroked down over her other breast and took that nipple in my fingers. I was acting with such unusual abandon. I am normally fairly quiet and reserved, but not at that moment. This was my fantasy coming true, and I didn't want it to stop.
I nibbled gently on her nipple, while rolling the other one gently between my thumb and forefinger. Claire was moaning and spoke for the first time in what seemed like an age, "Oh, god Fiona. Oh god," and then started sighing and moaning as I carried on kissing, nibbling and tweaking.

There was now something that I wanted to do that I have fantasised about so many times that has always given me the biggest orgasms just thinking about it. I wanted to touch her pussy. I slid my hand away from her nipple, stroking down over her belly, over her beautiful shaven mound, soft, but not tickling, and then I let my fingers see for me as I stroked down the outside of her lips. She lifted her hips up almost as if she were trying to force me to enter her with my fingers. When my fingers reached the bottom of her lips, I let one finger slide between them and then started moving up. There. I felt her entrance. I stroked around the outside, sliding the tip of my finger in a little. Claire groaned with passion, and I sucked more urgently on her nipple as I then let my finger move up once more, sliding up until I found her clit. For me, this was my nirvana moment. I've always wanted to touch another woman's clit, and here I was. At that moment it felt like I could come without anybody touching me. I felt a shudder starting in the centre of my cunt and rippling out again, only so much more powerful. It lasted only a second but it made my head spin.

Claire's clit was swollen, wet and hard, and I ran my finger over it, around it, stroking underneath and then on the top, rubbing my finger in a little vibrato mot

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