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Two lonely people find each other.

u are"

"You sound surprised?" I questioned.

"Maybe I am a little but relieved is more like it."

"After what you did under that table did you really think I could stay away?" I asked.

"Yes, dear Dalton I do remember your weakness. I was nervous as hell but when I saw you at the counter I knew I had to give it everything I had. I don't know what it is about you but you changed my life."

"I changed your life? You were such an influence on me Carolyn. I am who I am because of the confidence and emotional freedom I got from you." I said choking back a bit of a tear, " I know it was only a few days but they meant the world to me."

"You restored my faith in men my dear Dalton. I would have never given Jason a chance after my first marriage or any man for that matter. Then you treated me with so much compassion and so tenderly. Those few days meant everything to me as well. I owe you more than you could ever imagine ."

The silence was momentary but seemed endless. I was full of emotions as the first love of my life was only a few feet away and I wanted her as much now as I did back then. I wasn't sure what to say next but then she finally continued.

"So here we are. I cannot believe I am doing this but there is something about you Dalton, something I can't explain. I still can't believe I put my feet up on the stool that day for you to look at. I can't believe I asked for a foot massage from my student. Then, I stripped naked in that classroom that day, in all of my swelled up pregnant glory."

"You looked as amazing that day as you do today." I chimed in.

Carolyn continued," Dalton, something in those big brown eyes of yours made me do all of that then. Hell, now I can hardly believe I am standing here like this."

"Like what?" I asked as the bathroom door slowly creaked open.

I had my answer and I was speechless. Carolyn walked out of the bathroom and I was overwhelmed with enchantment. The petite but very pregnant 34 year old beauty I fell for back then was now a petite 61 year old beauty I fell for all over again.

She was dressed in lingerie that had me breathless as I sized her up head to toe. Her short wavy hair was a flawless white and her face was still beautiful, though aged. The lingerie was a one piece see through white outfit. Her slightly sagging but beautifully rounded breasts were magnificent as her hard pink nipples looked mouth watering in their lacy white home. The center part of her lingerie around her mid section was black while the bottom was the perfect peek a boo length. The white see through skirt area flowed down to about mid thigh and it successfully teased me with her pretty pink shaved pussy barely in view.

"You don't have to say it because I know. I look like a Renaissance fair serving wench don't I? There is even a serving wench hat." she admitted with a laugh.

"You bought this for me?" I asked still not believing what I was seeing.

"What do you think sweetie?" she said devilishly as she motioned to her feet with her eyes. I was a foot man and she knew that. She knew the outfit was perfect for me because of the socks. They were ankle length with frilly cuffs and the see through white lace enhanced her beautiful wiggling red toes. They were the most daintily sexy feet I had ever seen. She looked irresistible.

I was a man in need as I ached for my beautiful Carolyn but I wasn't just there for an afternoon delight. In order to know if I had a chance for more than that I needed the eye roll. Twenty seven years ago I started teasing my beautiful English teacher about her being covered in chalk head to toe. She rolled those big beautiful brown eyes at me and I was in love. I think that is when she looked at me differently as well. I wanted to know for sure today, so I needed to get the eye roll.

"You bought the outfit for me?" I asked again.

"You know I did." she said sternly with a glimmer in her eye.

"Where's the hat? I want you to put on the hat."

"No, I will look ridiculous." she giggled.

"If it's really for me, I want the hat.

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