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Another Love Story

Meanwhile I had not noticed that Seamus had taken his shirt off and soon had his shoes and pants off as well. He was now in only his boxers sitting in the arm chair previously occupied by his wife and he was staring intently at the two almost naked women. They looked absolutely gorgeous together with the fire casting flickering shadows on the erotic scene.

Maggie recovered from her trance-like staring at Erin's gorgeous breasts. She moved in to Erin and grabbed her face in two hands. She kissed Erin deeply while mashing her breasts up against Erin's impressive chest.

Meanwhile, Brad had stripped off his clothes and was sporting a huge erection. He stood up and moved behind Maggie. He slowly peeled her thong off of her petite little ass and dropped them to her ankles. Maggie stepped out of the thong leaving her with nothing on but the string of pearls. Seamus was still in his boxers with a huge boner pushing the front of the cotton fabric straight out. He pulled the thong off of Erin who was now also naked.

Brad pulled Maggie from behind and sat down on the sofa with Maggie between his legs. His cock was poking Maggie from behind but Maggie was totally engrossed with Erin, who moved along with Brad and Maggie. Brad settled down on the sofa while fondling Maggie's large breasts. He knew just how to tweak her nipples in order to push her to an erotic high. Erin knelt down in front of Maggie's now obscenely spread legs and started licking her way down Maggie's torso. Brad continued his aggressive assault on Maggie's tits and nipples with Maggie laid back on his chest.

Soon Erin found Maggie's honey pot and she started first with her tongue licking up and down Maggie's furry slit. Maggie was writhing on the sofa and moaning loudly. I was sitting on the end of the sofa and had a ringside seat looking at Erin's gorgeous ass which was just inches from my face. Erin found Maggie's prominent clitoris and soon started nibbling it with her teeth. Maggie erupted in a volcanic climax and Erin backed off to allow Maggie time to recover.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Seamus moving towards the sofa. He had removed his boxers and was moving menacingly towards the pile of flesh on the sofa. When I saw him full on I was absolutely astonished. His cock and balls looked like they should have been on an animal. His cock was standing straight out and looked like a baseball bat. It was at least eleven inches long and as thick as a soda can. His balls completely filled his scrotum and they were as large as a pair of oranges. The skin on his cock was dark, almost chocolate brown and the huge head was pink and mushroom shaped. The guy was an absolute freak of nature.

As Seamus stood over us I looked up and said, "How big is that thing?"

He smiled and said proudly, "Twelve inches of Irish love, darling."

That comment got Maggie's attention and she opened her eyes to spy the enormous cock waving in the air above her. She exclaimed, "Oh my God! Is that for real?"

Seamus smiled and stroked it as if to say, yes it is and you can have it. Seamus then looked at Brad and said, "Maybe you should get her ready before we do the Irish Initiation." Brad smiled knowingly and moved out from under Maggie.

Erin sat up on the sofa and reached for the enormous cock. She grabbed it by the base and moved her lovely lips to her husband's love pole. Brad moved around to mount Maggie who was still spread wide on the sofa. She could not take her eyes off of Seamus's huge cock, which was now being sucked expertly by Erin.

Brad was rock hard and moved his cock to Maggie's waiting and wet pussy. In keeping with his assertive style Brad stuck his cock straight in to Maggie with little fanfare. Maggie responded by pulling him tightly to her with her arms and legs. Brad soon established a furious pace fucking Maggie like it was his last time before he expired.

Erin was sucking the huge cock and looki

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