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A story of Domination/Submission with turned tables.

" She winked as she said this and pointed at a sort of loveseat thing across from the bed.

I did as I was told and sat down while she rummaged in her bedside table. After a moment she produced the vibrator. It was about six inches long, multi-colored (of course) with smooth sides, tapering to a rounded edge at the tip. It didn't look particularly daunting.

"That's it?" I said. "Does it roar like a dragon when it's running or something?"

She laughed again. "No, of course not. Here," she twisted something at the bottom and it came to life. It made a buzzing sound that was not very loud. She fiddled with the controls and the buzzing changed. Now it ran through a sequence of rhythmic buzzes: four longer slower ones, followed by half a dozen quick ones. "That's my favorite setting," she said, blushing slightly. That was rare, Nikki was normally pretty immune to being shy or embarrassed.

"So what's the big deal?" I asked.

"I don't know!" she said. She sat down on the bed, then flopped dramatically down on the huge pile of pillows up against the headboard. She dropped the vibrator on the bed next to her, where it continued buzzing merrily away. "It's so frustrating," she added.

I shook my head. "Seems to me Greg is missing out on a golden opportunity to use it on you, or watch you use it on yourself. Or to make you tease yourself with it until you can't take it anymore."

She looked confused. "How would that work?" she asked.

Inwardly I sighed. Apparently Greg was not so big on foreplay it seemed. "Well you know, you would use it on yourself, but only where he told you. He would have you move it around your body slowly getting to the places, but never letting you stay there for long."

She still looked blank. So I gestured for her to pick up the vibrator and so she sat up and did so. "Well for example," I said, "He would probably tell you to start by running it along your arm, starting from your shoulder, down past your elbow to your wrist."

She started doing as I described. "He would tell you to go a little slower," I suggested. She slowed down.

We kept on like that. Each time I would phrase it as "he would tell you to" and then tell her what I wanted her to do.

She ran it back up the inside of her arm, giggling a little as it tickled her near the armpit.

Then - over the pants - I had her run it down the outside of her thigh down to the knee. Then up the inside of her thigh almost - but not quite - to the goods. I had her repeat that pattern on the other leg, noticing that she had started to breathe a little harder.

I had her run it down the small of her back, and then across each butt cheek. She shifted into a kneeling position to do so. Then I had her run it very slowly between her butt cheeks. She giggled some more and then coughed, which almost sounded like she was trying to hide a moan.

I couldn't really believe she had gone along with it for this long. I was hesitant to push my luck, but eventually I suggested she run it along her upper chest. She did it. I had her move a little lower, onto the tops of her breasts, which she also did.

"He would want you to touch your nipples with it, but only briefly."

She touched it to her left nipple, taking a deep breath as she did so. I let her leave it there for a few seconds, then told her "okay now switch to the other one" and she did. Again after a few seconds I said "Okay, now take it away." She made a pouty noise, but did so.

I froze up for a second, not sure what to suggest next or how far she would want to take this.

After a moment of silence she said, "What would he want next?" Her voice was a little husky, and I decided to risk going further.

"Well at this point he would want you to take off your pants. But leave your panties on."

She looked at me for a second, and I thought she would refuse, but then she smiled and pulled the sheet from the bed over herself.

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