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Woman gets 'surprised' in her own bed.

When they got to her room, she pushed the door open.

Todd actually felt relieved when Marty agreed to tutor him in calculus. It was probably because his dad had always called him stupid and lots of other horrible names. He didn't really feel stupid, but every time he bombed a test, he remembered all the awful things his dad had always said about him.

He followed Marty up the tall, winding staircase to the second floor as she tugged on his hand. They stepped into a room together... a very feminine room with a soft comforter on the bed covered in tiny flowers. There was a vanity across from the bed with a huge mirror and a silver vanity set. A smile came to Todd's lips when he thought this room was definitely "Marty."

"Your bedroom?" he asked as he walked in and stood in the center of the room. Looking at Marty, he was struck by her beauty and for some reason he began wishing she wasn't quite so drunk. He wanted her to remember this night.... Forever.

Marty nodded. "Yup, my bedroom," she said. It suited her nicely and it was one of her favorite places to be. She loved it.

She sat down on her bed. "Care to join me?" she asked.

For some reason Todd found himself feeling a little bit nervous. This had never happened before, not with any woman. He had only had one beer and part of another, and he suddenly wished he had consumed more alcohol. He usually had three or four joints before now as well, and without any drugs or alcohol, he was able to think with absolute clarity. He wanted that fog to take it all away, because this beautiful woman made him feel things he had never allowed himself to feel for anyone else before. And then he experienced that nagging feeling again, that he wished she wasn't quite so drunk. He wanted her to remember everything about tonight. And now there was only one way he could do that. He would have to burn it all into her memory... he would have to make love to her with so much passion that she would never be able to forget tonight.

Todd walked over to the bed and sat down upon it. With soft fingertips, he brushed the unruly blond curls out of Marty's face. Slowly, he lowered his lips to hers. He kissed her with all the pent-up passion he had since the moment he had first seen her. Fire exploded between them the moment Todd's lips met hers. In that first delicious kiss, Todd found something wild and untamed. As he lowered Marty back against the pillows, he kissed her as though he would never get enough.

As Marty's back hit the pillows, she eagerly responded to Todd's kisses. He tasted so good. She let her mouth open as her tongue darted out brushing against his bottom lip. She wrapped a leg around him. He would definitely be good because he already knew how to kiss and that was a big plus.

When Todd felt Marty's response to his kiss, it raised his desire another notch. Her tongue met his as her body moved against his. All he could think about is how much he wanted her, how sweet she felt under his body. He slid a hand under her top as they kissed, seeking a breast. Taking the small peak in his hand, he molded it in his big hand. He squeezed it lightly, feeling her nipple pebble up under his palm. His fingers then grasped the nipple, lightly pinching it. His kiss got even hotter as he toyed with her hard little nipple.

Marty let out a moan of pleasure arching her body, her breasts straining against the fabric of her top. It felt so good. She kissed him back deeply and hungrily, her hands finding his shirt and slipping beneath it.

Todd let out a moan of pleasure feeling Marty's soft little hands on him. He broke from the kiss, lifting his shirt over his head and tossing it aside. His gaze locked to Marty's then slid down to that white top of hers he had been staring at all night long. He popped open the snaps in the front of it, revealing her perfect breasts to his gaze.

"Nice," he said in a whisper, tracing a finger around one firm globe.

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