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A lot of bad luck, a man suddenly finds he is more.

The material of her bikini top started to be dislodged by the movement, her nipple appearing out the side. With each stroke his unyielding shaft could be seen crashing into the solid plinth of her nipple, the latter bending over to be buried in the generous flesh of her breast to make way for the former.

I could see Greg was starting to get to the point he might come. Through a series of hand singles, I made it clear to Kate I wanted to be the one who finally got Greg to deliver his seed.

Changing tack, Kate brought her crutch up over Greg's face. Lifting his hands up off their resting position, she placed them on the string ties of her bikini bottoms, indicating he should remove them. Slowly, savouring the moment, Greg complied; gently pulling the strings one at a time and letting the crutch of the bikini bottom now damp with Kate's juices fall across his face where he made a point of sniffing them before pulling them aside.

Putting a hand under his head, Kate lifted his face towards her crutch - not so high it would touch, but just so much that as she rocked her hips past him he would get a scent of her. With a second pass - moving from the top of his head downwards - she tilted her hips forward and lifted his head just a fraction higher to lightly glide the tip of his nose through the slot of her crutch and across her clit. Easing his head back to the ground to give her two hands to support herself, she lowered herself down to present her naked crutch to his mouth, inviting him to use his tongue on her. Greg was of course all too ready to do so and I could quickly see Kate was becoming very aroused; swaying back and forwards ever so gently, her face giving expression to silent moans that couldn't be vocalised least they gave Greg notice of a different player.

Predictably at one point Greg reached up to try and play with her breasts. Since there was no way Kate's breasts could be mistaken for mine - even with a blindfold and welder's gloves on - that would have given the game away. Kate firmly grabbed his hands and put them back on the ground.

Now I could see Kate was reaching the point of her own climax. Rather than go over, she pulled back from Greg's mouth and moved her body back down along his until she was straddling his shaft. Then she bent it up. With aroused excitement I watched as my boyfriend eagerly lifted his hips up to meet her and saw the length of his shaft disappear inside another woman. Then it partly withdrew and entered her again, and again, and again. The tempo of Greg's thrusts started to increase as Kate started to bring her body down to meet his, grinding her clit on his pubis.

Greg's shaft started to glisten as it was coated with Kate's juices. As they kept at it beads of her fluids ran down his shaft and enmeshed themselves in his pubic hair. Somewhere I lost my need to be the one to take delivery of his seed. I wanted to watch Kate be filled by his precious cum; to watch him coat the inside of her pussy with it; to watch her crutch pounded by the massive final thrusts that would accompany his orgasm, to be able to watch the thing over and over on the video I was recording.

Just watching proceedings to this point had already left me needy; my fingers already playing with the front of my own bikini now wet with my own juices.

Kate leant right back, so that she was almost lying on her back along Greg's legs.

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