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A friend gets talked into putting on a show.

"I just lay down for a little while, the trip kinda wore me out" she replied. "I was just going to take a shower," she added.

I noticed as she turned toward the bathroom she was deliberately keeping the right side of her face turned away from me. But as she passed the dresser mirror, I could tell that side of her face was wet, and I saw a gob of white moisture in her hair. I only caught a micro second look, but instinctively I knew it was cum.

Barbara shed the purple panties as she entered the bathroom, and closed the door behind herself. Seconds later, I heard the water start in the shower. I quickly went over and picked up the panties. They were soaked. I didn't have to get them all the way to my face to smell cum.

I think I subconsciously smiled as the realization that Barbara and Jay had just had sex soaked in. I found myself more bothered by the fact that once again she had sex with another man without giving me the opportunity to watch. She had done this a few times before, and I thought I had made it clear to her that the condition of my approval of her extramarital sex was my watching.

I sat on the bed processing all this new information. In a few minutes, I heard the shower turned off. A few more minutes later, Barbara emerged from the bathroom with a towel around herself.

I was still sitting on the bed, the panties still in my hand. She saw my serious look and looked down to see that I was holding her cum soaked panties. For a brief instant our eyes met, then she looked away and looked at the floor.

I finally broke what seemed like an eternity of awkward silence by asking, "What did you say you did this afternoon?" With a defiant edge to her voice, she answered, "I told you, I came home and laid down to rest."

"Cut the bullshit, Barbara" I said. "This is cum all over your panties, and I saw cum on your face and in your hair. It's obvious you and Jay had sex. I insist that you tell me all about it".

Barbara stood for a minute before rushing over and embracing me. "Oh, Ron I'm so sorry. I never intended for this to happen. I came home early and found Jay wearing these panties, playing with some of my other things, and jerking off. It just turned me on so much I couldn't help myself".

I made her tell me all the details. She was embarrassed at first, but after awhile she loosened up, and I think reliving it was turning her on. As she talked, I took out my cock and began to stroke it. She took over for me, continuing to describe in lurid detail her sex with Jay. Finally she reached the end, and I quickly grabbed the back of her head and guided her mouth to my cock. She hungrily took it in, taking me deep into her throat. Sometimes she gagged when she took me into her throat, but this time there was just a moan. Her hands played with by balls and scrotum, and I knew I wouldn't last long. In almost no time, I felt my cum rising up. I shot the first two loads deep down her throat, and then pulled out and popped two more loads on her tits. I stepped back from her and admired the way she looked with red lips and cum smeared tits.

She started to reach for the towel to dry her chest, but I stopped her. "No" I said, "if you're going to be a slut you need to be a slut. Put your bra on your slimy tits". I handed her a bra, and helped her put it on, making sure to rub the cum around the inside of the bra cups. "Here, put this on too, with no panties" I said as I threw her a denim skirt. The skirt was not too short, about 3 inches above the knee, but the thought of her being naked under it was exciting to me.

I added a tank top to her outfit, and said, "lets go on downstairs". Barbara started for the bathroom and said, "wait a minute, I need to brush my teeth". I jumped in front of her, and said, "No, a good slut should have cum breath. Lets see if your niece can figure out that her idolized aunt has the cum of her husband on your breath".

We went downstairs to join the family for dinner.

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