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Nick & Julie come again.

"The bartender said he thinks you are a smoking hot babe." Stan said.

"Does he now?" she replied, blushing even more deeply and pulling her shoulders back, forcing her heavy boobs up. Stan watched as the red color spread across her chest and her nipples visibly hardened under the blouse.

"It's not polite to point." Stan said as he looked directly at her tits.

She smiled. "Somehow I don't think you mind." She giggled as she rocked her shoulders to move her tits.

"In this case; no." The blood was pounding in his head again. Actually the blood was pounding in both of his heads. Stan was so hard his cock ached and he was sure he was leaking pre-cum.

Francine was a bit flushed, but she also looked radiant. They played their flirtatious game until Francine finished her last drink.

"Shall we go to the room now?" She inquired.

"Do one more thing for me before we go." Stan requested. "Undo another button."

Francine looked over towards the door, thinking about the fact that they would have to walk past the bar on the way out. She looked back at Stan, licked her lips nervously and asked "Are you sure that's what you want? Because so help me, I'll do it."

Stan looked her in the eyes and said as calmly as he could "Yes."

"You want me to undo another button; even though all of those men are going to see my boobs bouncing under this sheer blouse as we leave?"

"Yes!" He repeated.

Francine Smith reached down and popped out the fourth button on her blouse. Now her blouse was open almost down to her navel and only two buttons were holding it together. Mustering her courage she stood up.

"Okay stud; walk your horny wife to the door before she fucks you right here in this booth in front of all these peole."

Stan stood up, grabbed the bra off the table, took his wife's hand and started for the door. He tried to look straight ahead as nonchalantly as possible, but he couldn't help glancing over in Francine's direction. He could see the edges of the two halves of her blouse fluttering and threatening to blow completely apart as they walked. Only those two little buttons were preventing it from rendering her effectively topless.

As it was her big tits would be exposed to anybody with a direct side view, like the bartender and anybody else sitting at the bar that happened to turn around at the right time.

Her big boobs jiggled provocatively under the loosened sheer blouse, her distended nipples clearly detectable. As they approached the door Stan saw the bartender leaning in and talking to all of the men sitting at the bar, grinning. All of the patrons turned around quickly on their bar stools, leaving no doubt about what the bartenders conversation was.

When they got to the door Stan held it open for Francine and as she passed through the threshold into the dim parking lot, a small breeze blew in and caused her blouse to billow out like a parachute. Momentarily her tits were completely exposed to view from the front and Stan thought the final two buttons might give way, but alas they held and the breeze abated. Her blouse fluttered down to a more modest position and they headed through the maze of hallways to their hotel room.

Once they were on their way to the room Stan had a chance to think about what had just happened. His wife had exposed herself in public to a degree Stan never thought was possible, and he loved it! In fact she still had not attempted to button up her blouse as they walked through the hotel. When Stan looked over to her he could see almost all of her big right tit through the gap in her blouse and her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer blouse.

"Why did you do all that?" Stan asked with a smile.

"What, unbutton my blouse...or take off my bra?" She teased with a smirk.

"Both, actually."

"Because you wanted me to." was her simple answer.


"Well, you said you wanted me to be wicked tonight, and when I thought about it, I realized that I wanted to be wicked for you. I thought it might be fun; and it was" She explained.

Stan dig

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