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They meet in a hotel for lust.

I returned to my position close to her feminine lips. I glided my tongue up and down her slit, careful not to touch her hot button. As I heard her breathing deepen with anticipation, I inserted two fingers inside her folds. Krista gasped for air as I thrust my fingers in and out of her wet, hot walls. I was still careful not to touch the one spot that she wanted me to touch the most.

"Chelsey...come on" Krista could barely get her words out of her mouth. I allowed my thrusts to become quicker and harder, but still would not lick her swollen hard clit. Krista could not take it any longer. She took her hand and pushed my head into her. She moved herself until she was under my lips.

"Stop torturing me. Please, I am begging you." I finally gave in, and gently brushed her hot button with my tongue. "Oh God, Chelsey..." She removed her hand from the back of my head and began to clutch the side of the bed.

After a few short licks, I took her hard button into my mouth. I licked circles around it and removed my two fingers from her opening. I heard her groan from disappointment. I quickly replaced them with three of my fingers. My hand moved in and out of her wet folds. "Chelsey, please don't stop..."

I had not intention of stopping. I quickened my thrusts and sucked her swollen clit even harder. I rode Krista's orgasm as it consumed her body. She began to buck against my mouth and her walls grabbed at my fingers. I still kept my pace through her ride of pleasure.

"Chelsey...I don't think...I can handle anymore." Her gasps grew deeper, and her moans became louder. Krista's second orgasm ripped through her. I thought she was going to scream. I kept my rhythm, but then slowed my movements as Krista's breathing returned to normal.

I removed my fingers, now wet with her juices. Krista grabbed me and pulled me to her. She kissed me hard and with urgency. Her cream was still wet on my lips. She rolled over on top of me, and whispered in my ear. "Now it is your turn, and I plan to torture you more than you did me."

Krista removed her crumpled clothing from her body. Then she pulled my tank top over my head, yanked off my panties, and threw them to the floor. Krista straddled my stomach. I could feel her warm folds against my skin. She leaned down and blew softly on my breasts. I wanted her to touch them so badly. My nipples were hard and yearning for the press of her lips.

Krista gently kissed my breasts, avoiding my nipples. Her soft little kisses sent shivers down my body. I reached to hug her, so that I could hold her close to me and feel her nipples press against my body. Once she realized my intentions, she stopped what she was doing, grabbed my wrists, and held them above my head.

"The torture, sweetheart, is only beginning. Don't try to speed up the process; that will only cause me to stop." Krista let go of my wrists and continued her gently kisses. I loved that fact that she was taking control. Krista slowly began to suck my nipples. I softly moaned and knew Krista was as wet as I was because I could feel her dripping on my stomach.

She sat up and repositioned herself on top of my breasts. I could feel my nipple touching her clit. Krista slowly began to move back and forth on my chest. My skin was already wet from her saliva, but her own juices allowed her to glide easily. The feeling was amazing, but Krista was getting the most enjoyment. As her breath caught, her pace quickened. I wanted to touch her so much. I wanted to hold her breasts in my hands. I wanted to be able to slap her ass as she grinded on my breast. Krista held on to the headboard as her orgasm weakened her knees. She gradually slowed down until she came to a stop. Krista's beautiful large breasts rose and fell with every breath she quickly made.

I was so hot; my own juice began to run down my leg.

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