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A brother and sister are lost at sea; hijinks ensue.

She opened her mouth slightly to let his tongue find hers, and as they connected, he instinctively drew her closer to him. She wrapped her other arm around his shoulder and let her breasts slide up his firmly against his chest. She ran the fingers of her other hand along his neck and through his hair.

She was lost in this tender moment and no longer was second-guessing herself. She wanted this man to make love to her tonight. She wanted to feel his fingers and tongue explore her whole naked body. She wanted him to suck and nibble at her breasts. She would anticipate him tasting her wet sex and sending her over the edge. She wanted to take him between her thighs and feel his cock fully inside her. She wanted to feel him cum with her as she wrapped her legs tightly about him.
As they separated, she let her tongue dart about his ear and simply whispered, "Craig, I want you to come over tonight. Let's get out of the rain and go have that drink. And then I want you to make love to me."

Before he could answer and hungry for more of his kisses, she found his mouth waiting anxiously for hers, and she lost herself in his embrace. There was more urgency in this kiss with tongues flailing and hands groping. His tongue was hot with excitement and dueled with hers in a most erotic way. God, his tongue was wonderful! Tonight she would feel that tongue make love to her pussy. As she entertained that thought, she felt one on his hands slip under her dress and begin massaging her ass over her silk panties. She moaned as it slipped under the elastic, and his middle finger applied the slightest pressure to her rose bud back there. He could feel her grind herself against his erection in response.

He had to stop and look at this incredible woman and broke off the kiss and removed his hand. He gently placed his palm on her cheek and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Is the drink requisite to making love to you? You don't need to get me drunk," he teased letting his lips settle against the nape of her neck. She let herself fall deeper into his chest when he nibbled and let his tongue flicker against her exposed nape (God, she loved that. How did he know that?). Then reaching down she felt his legs buckle as she let a hand slide over his erection. It was pressing against his slacks, straining for release. It was an easy target, pushing out and giving her easy access. She wrapped her fingers around it and slowly stroked its length through the material, smiling as he groaned with pleasure.

"Mmmmmmmmm, your cock feels so nice, Craig. I want to taste you. I want to feel this inside me tonight."

He reached below her hemline in response and lifting her dress, he let the pads of his middle two fingers rub gently against her silk panties. Only the thin material separated his fingers from her very wet and excited pussy. She moaned at his touch. He could hear her begin to pant with short breaths and feel the wetness spread at his touch.

"Oooooooooooooooooo, Craig. That feels so good. You're going to make me cum right here," when suddenly and to his surprise, she pulled away and jumped in her car. She fired up the engine and rolled down her window, and taking one of his fingers between her lips, she began to suck it just as she planned to suck him. Then she took his finger from her mouth and slid it from between her lips down between her legs.

He couldn't believe this was happening.

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