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Owner gives new uniforms to workers.

It wasn't that hard, it wasn't something that hurt her, but it got her attention, shocked her back to reality almost like a slap to the face.

When he heard her crying die down, he asked her again: "Are you going to be cooperative?"

"Yes!" She was quick to answer this time.

"Cooperative means you do whatever I tell you to. Are you going to do whatever I tell you to?"

"Yes, sir", she said through the tears and the ground pressed to her face.

"Good girl." He said. He raised his bulk off of her and stood up. "Let's get you standing up."

In addition to the blouse she was wearing, she was also wearing a pair of very form fitting blue jeans with a belt. He grabbed the belt at the small of her back, and lifted her up effortlessly until she was back on her feel. He put his other hand to her elbow to guide her back to the patrol car.

"Now, you just do what you're told, and don't try to cause any more trouble and you just might get out of this alright. Do you understand?"

"Yes," She said.

"Yes sir," he corrected. "Yes sir", she said immediately. He smiled knowing that he had her.

When they got to his patrol car he bent her over the hood and held her in place with one hand. He kicked her feet apart until she had a wide stance. "You already lied to me once tonight about drinking and you resisted arrest. I have to check you for weapons or drugs."

"I don't have any!" She said again.

"We're past me believing anything you have to say." With that, he started patting her down.


About two years ago Mike had pulled a woman over for speeding. It was another dark country road on a dark night much like this one. He had been having a rough time with his then fianc__, and hadn't fucked in a long time. He had been fantasizing about a stripper he had once known when the woman had blown past him doing more than twenty over the limit. He had pulled out and pulled her over right away.

Her name was Veronica. She was 42, an executive at a local insurance company and smoking hot for her age. Mike had always liked the MILF Librarian look, and veronica had it all together. But twenty over the speed limit is a must arrest and he handcuffed her and started checking her for weapons and contraband just like he was with Sophia. Veronica Givens was wearing a business suit with a skirt and when he ran his hands up her legs... maybe he went a little too high checking her, but he had found out she wasn't wearing any panties. The side of his finger had touched her pussy lips in the search, and even without looking he could tell that she was shaved clean and soaking wet.

Now maybe if he was getting more at home at that time, or if he had taken time to really think about what he was doing, he wouldn't have let it happen. But he was hornier than he could ever remember being. He pushed her skirt up over her ass, and fucked her right there against the car. She was wet and ready for him the moment he entered her and he came in seconds. ...but so did she. She was as turned on by the whole thing as he was.

He was ready to go again in minutes and the second time he fucked her he made it rough, and he made sure it hurt, and again she came just as hard as before while he was thrusting into her. Still standing there, bent over the car, handcuffed and exposed, he watched as his cum dripped out of her pussy and onto the ground.

To this day he still thinks about it and it still turns him on.

He had let Veronica go that night after he fucked her the second time. For weeks he had been worried that she was going to file a complaint or bring charges against him. After all, he had raped her, hadn't he? But she never did. She got out of a ticket, and she got a good fucking and that was the end of it.

Except it wasn't. That night had awakened something inside of him. He found out he liked to be in control. He liked to have them handcuffed. And most importantly, he liked it when they were too scared to say anything after.

Ever since that night there had been others.

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