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An erotic story helps a girl seduce her older brother.

Samantha looked on, wide-eyed and understandably anxious to see how far we could go without Trevor waking up.

Surprisingly, it only took a couple of minutes before we were treated to seeing it thicken as even my light stimulation began working its magic. Samantha then reached out a hand and let it hover over mine, which I took as a non-verbal cue that she wanted to help things along. So I moved my hand and decided to let her have a try for herself. Instead of using her fingernails, Samantha was a bit bolder in trying to get it hard and began using her fingertips to lightly stroke along his hardening length.

Her manipulations got an immediate response from Trevor's cock, as it started to move a bit as it got more engorged with blood. I alternately looked from his face to what Samantha was doing, playing look-out while getting simultaneously nervous about waking him and progressively turned on. I was amazed to see that Trevor wasn't looking like he would ever wake up again, as he was appearing to be in a deep sleep despite what we were up to.

After watching his face a few seconds, I glanced back down to see that Samantha was now lightly squeezing his cock in between her finger strokes. "Easy now, Samantha. God, I can't believe he's getting this hard and not even stirring," I whispered to her while watching the veins start to stand out on the shaft and his entire cock begin to raise off his leg and up into the air.

"Oh God, this thing is off the hook," Samantha half-whispered, half-giggled as she visually took in what we'd created. "Ok, your turn now," she said as she sort of passed the baton to me, smiling widely as she did so. I noticed that her hand looked extremely dwarfed by the size of his cock as she was even smaller in stature even compared to me.

I chuckled softly, reaching out my hand to grasp him much like Samantha had done. I began lightly stroking the underside with my thumb while keeping my fingers loosely around the rest of his shaft. Although he wasn't completely hard yet, my hand looked like it only covered a third of his cock. I could feel the pulses of his heartbeat through the skin getting stronger every second as the heat radiating from the still inflating member increased. As I continued to touch him, I couldn't help but begin stroking longer and less gently in small increments. I knew I was getting carried away, but since Trevor wasn't reacting whatsoever, I went ahead anyway.

Curious to see Samantha's reaction, I asked her as softly as possible, "So what do you think? Pretty fuckin awesome, right?" Samantha barely responded with a nod, licking her lips while staring at my pseudo-hand job performance.

While I continued to more brazenly jerk him off as the moments wore on, Samantha reached out and grasped the top portion of his cock right along with me. It completely shocked me at first, but then again by looking up at Trevor's face and seeing no real reaction, I calmed down quickly. It was amazing that even though we both weren't all out jerking him, just still somewhat lightly stroking, he had gotten this hard this quickly. Once her hand joined mine, Trevor was completely and utterly hard as a rock and had started leaking pre-cum onto Samantha's hand.

"Damn, look at that," Samantha breathed heavily while looking at the sticky fluid clinging to her hand. She inspected it for a second then quickly brought the back of her hand to her mouth, licking what had collected there. "Hmmm, not bad at all," she commented while licking her lips, then went right back to stroking the upper half of Trevor's hard-on that my hand wasn't occupying. I was stunned by her outwardly slutty display yet watching her do it was an incredible turn on. After all, what did I really expect her to do? I would've probably done the exact same thing, plus I had to keep in mind that I'd had a lot to do with starting all of this in the first place!

So here we were, collectively stroking Trevor's big beautiful eight-plus cock, each of us seemingly getting more aggressive with our efforts.

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