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Beautiful wife, discovers her wild side with a black lover.

She tried to curl up, tugging on the restraints and moaning. She became more aware of his weight pinning her to the bed. He chuckled evilly at her efforts.

"A little intense?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good good, I hope you're ready for me to do the other one."

She didn't say anything. It wasn't a question. Her body tensed, ready for the heat around her nipple, but it didn't come. Instead she felt the chocolate drop onto her stomach and exhaled sharply in surprise. He wound his way up her body this time before starting to drizzle it down onto the other breast. She trembled as the heat surrounded then exploded onto her nipple, writhing with the sensation. He grinned down at her as she gasped. Pulling the blindfold up he allowed her to admire his handiwork, art in chocolate form covering her body. He put the bowl of chocolate down next to her, licking the spoon clean as he did. His tongue curled around it, finding every last, delicious drop. She could only watch, wishing that agile muscle was somewhere else.

Reaching to the side of the bed, below where she could see in her tied state, he came back up with a plate of strawberries and a knife. He set them to rest beside her and then plucked a strawberry from the pile. Holding it over her, he sliced it cleanly in two, the cold juice dripping onto her chest, each drip causing a twitch as it hit. The contrast to the hot chocolate felt almost sharp to her sensitised skin. He forced a sharp intake of breath as he scraped the wet, fresh cut edge of the strawberry over her skin, collecting a morsel of chocolate onto it. Using a single finger, he tugged at her bottom lip, she obediently opened wide. He slipped the half strawberry into her waiting mouth. She plucked it from his grasp and savoured the rich, sweet treat. He repeated his actions with the second half, this time eating it himself, a bounty for his careful work. Then he picked up the next strawberry and started again. She could feel him gradually working the chocolate off of her body, feeding to the two of them bit by bit, soon only her nipple still remained covered by the hot, thick liquid.

"Last one my dear,"

He said as he sliced the last strawberry over her, a particularly large one. He laid down one half and the cold metal knife on her stomach to free his hand. Reaching down he squeezed her left breast, forcing the nipple to prominence, an easy target. He swirled the strawberry half in his other hand around the nipple, gradually collecting the chocolate and working the cool, soft fruit towards the nipple. He brought it away with a flourish,

"Almost got it all."

He leaned forwards and wrapped his lips around the nipple softly, sucking off the last vestiges of the dessert. He then ate the strawberry, breaking the pattern of alternately eating a half each. Her mouth had been open and ready, but instead she was treated to the sound of him enjoying it.

"Sir, please can I have the last one."

"Of course, you've been so good."

"Thank you."

He again teased the chocolate off of her nipple, this time cleaning the other side and sucking off the remnants. Her lips were spread wide, tongue thrust forward in expectance, he slowly placed the strawberry on her bottom lip, forcing her to move her head as she reached forwards to get it. She closed her mouth, savouring the experience. The blindfold left her able to concentrate on the flavour, and the feeling of his weight on her only intensified the moment. She swallowed. Gone.

He leant forward and kissed her, his hands massaging her extremely sensitive nipples. He knew how to press all her buttons. His hands worked their way down her body and found the peg on her clit, she tensed as he touched it, the reaction immediate. With no warning, he quickly released it, she grunted and pulled her legs up towards her chest, trying to curl up at the feeling of the sudden rush of blood. He held her close and whispered in her ear.

"Shhhh, there's a good girl. I think it's orgasm time."

He knew that it would now be incredibly easy to get her off, like a g

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