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She shifted side to side on her knees, the bars and curtain in front of her blurring through the tears in her eyes. Gradually, she turned her head to face Colleen and stared blankly at her, tears flowing down her soft cheeks.

Colleen placed her hand on Gina's shoulder and smiled at the kneeling woman. "It is good that you are comfortable kneeling, that will please your new owners greatly." She gave a quick squeeze to Gina's shoulder and looked her straight in the eye "This will certainly be a most unpleasant experience for you, but I can assure you that I will do everything I can to minimize your discomfort at all times. Pat, can you release her from the handcuff at the next red light?"

The car rolled to a stop shortly after Colleen's request and Gina felt her wrist being released from the steel cuff. She pulled her arm back through the bars and sat back in the seat, angling herself toward Colleen as she pleaded "My new owners? What do you mean, owners?"

Colleen smiled slightly and nodded understandingly, "All in good time Gina. Pat, is that the first time our prisoner has spoken without permission?"

Gina heard Pat chuckle "Nope, she is on strike two already, and we aren't even out of town yet!"

Colleen shook her head and sighed "You must do better Gina, on strike three you will regret having spoken for a long time. You must never speak unless asked a direct question. But enough of this chit-chat, I will need you to undress for me now. Remove all of your clothing and place them in this bag." Colleen reached under the front seat and produced a small plastic shopping bag, handing it to Gina.

Gina stared back in disbelief, the overall shock of her situation now numbing her completely as the word "owners" rang in her ears. "Quickly now girl," Colleen quipped, "I want all of your clothes in this bag within 1 minute, or you will pay dearly. I am not accustomed to having my orders ignored!"

Gina felt tears running down her cheeks as she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a simple white lace bra. The blood rushing through her head sounded like a freight train to her as she stuffed the shirt in the bag. She took a deep breath as a powerful wave of humiliation rolled through her trembling body. She reached behind her back and unclasped the bra, pulling it off her shoulders as she felt her breasts sink from gravity's pull on their weight. They swayed freely as she leaned forward and placed the bra on top of her blouse in the bag.

Gina slowly reached behind her back and unzipped her skirt, closing her eyes and blushing a crimson red as she lifted her ass from the seat and slipped the skirt to her ankles, revealing her clean tweezed sex to Colleen's view. She thought back to the humiliation she had felt when her panties were discovered in the office trash bin and she realized that just hours ago she had no idea what true humiliation felt like.

"No panties slut?" Colleen asked sarcastically, "and a perfectly hairless cunt huh? Hey Pat, the little whore isn't wearing panties and she doesn't have a single hair on her pussy. She is going to be a popular one. The flaws we were advised of in advance are present, but they will be fixed, or at least improved in time I am sure. The poor thing needs a gym in the worst way! Are you listening Pat?"

Gina felt true terror coming over her as she heard Pat's voice from behind the curtain "Very nice, this was a wonderful tip wasn't it? Saved us from doing all the research! I need to make some turns ahead, is the little bitch blindfolded yet?"

"Not yet Pat, sorry, I was getting carried away watching the poor thing tremble.

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