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Sarah & Julie go shopping.

My hands are cupping your bare ass cheeks, and my erect cock twitches violently.

"Oh baby," I moan. "If I had known you weren't wearing underwear in the restaurant, I would have attacked you on the spot."

My fingers roam hungrily, eagerly over your bare skin. I curl them into the warm space between your ass cheeks, and I am delighted when you moan into my mouth.

I am trembling with lust and desire. "Oh, I want to fuck you right here, right now," I whisper. I reach for the front of my shorts, and begin to urgently slide them down, over my erect cock.

"Oh Hon, no," you moan. "We can't do this...not here."

"I don't care," I reply in a trembling voice. "I need you now. And anyway, we're between two cars, and it's dark. No one will see us."


The look on your face says it all. My body betrays my thoughts of "good judgment" as I feel you press into me. I glance around and discover that we are in a somewhat secluded area of the parking lot.

My eyes glide back over your body as my hands leave your shoulders to reach up and pull the pin holding my hair. Silently you watch as my long brown hair cascades down from the intricate French twist to rest at the middle of my back. As it settles, I lean my head to the side, letting it shower over my right shoulder.

As my tongue slithers from the wet heat of my mouth to lick my lips, your breath catches. When you exhale sharply, I realize that you have been holding your breath.

"Touch me," I whisper.

Amazing what two words can do for two people caught in the most basic primal need. No sooner were the words tumbled from my lips your arms were closing about my back. One hand falling to the curve of my bottom, the other threading through the thick wavy tresses at the nape of my neck. Your eyes cloud over with desire as your mouth descends toward mine. The erotic shock of your hands on my soft body makes my knees weaken. My upper body presses against yours as my hips grind into yours. Slowly, my skirt rises up my thighs as my body yearns for intimate contact with yours. My fingertips dig gently into your shoulders as our lips touch.

Your hands travel down my curves until your hands fill with my ass, lifting and pulling me into you. My legs wrap around your waist, bringing my sex flush against yours. I feel your cock jump and throb against me, the heat of my cunt enveloping your cock. Bending your knees slightly, you position yourself to penetrate me as you straighten. The feel of your cock nestled against my woman's center is a pleasure I cannot deny myself. Nudging you with my feet, I press my body downward, slowly impaling myself on your upthrust cock.

As you push into me, the desire floods my body once more. My head falls back and my mouth opens as a long sensual moan bursts from my lips. Your head bends down toward me. My neck is exposed completely to your lips and mouth. Your hips flex and push you even deeper into me.

The darkness encloses us - no one to hearour vocalizations. With your cock still buried deep inside me, you shift us to the side and down to the trunk of the car. Pushing me to my back you begin to heighten our arousal with long slow strokes into the velvety heat of my cunt.

My own needs are not willing to go slow as I reach for you. My hair fanned out behind me on the car, my back arches as my fingers brush your chest.

"Please, don't do this to me.. you KNOW I need you and how much I need you!"

"Shhh baby, enjoy this." you softly croon.

Lifting myself up off the trunk of your car I put my arms around your neck, pulling you to me in a frenzied kiss as my legs wrap tighter around your waist. As my mouth opens against you in a fleeting kiss, my teeth close about your bottom lip, and I nip you sharply.

"I do not WANT to go slow this time. There is always later to go slow, lover. Please, just fuck me. HARD!"

As you draw away, you see the look in my eye, but you do not say a word.

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