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Young woman is filled in on the detail of a family tragedy.

This was the point where embarrassment could easily have arisen. How to begin? So far we had been Roland along by Trudy's matter-of-fact approach but now, with an instinctive assessment of the situation, our hostess changed the mood. She moved behind Angela. Reaching round to cup my wife's breasts, she said softly, "I know Leo can hardly wait to get his hand up you skirt, but don't worry, he'll be good with you. Even after all these years I still think he's as good a fuck as anyone could want." She surrendered Angela to Leo and crossed to where I was standing, still somewhat uncertain. "But for now I want to get my mouth on Geoff's cock." Her hand caressed the bulge that had developed. "Feels good to me. But I need to see the goods."

So saying, she opened my zip and made me step out of my trousers and boxer shorts. "You can deal with the rest," she said, "I'm going to look after this." Even as I began to unfasten my tie, Trudy had knelt at my feet and engulfed my cock in her mouth. Her ability to take in the full length in one swallow at the outset was astonishing. Startled, I recalled the disaster with Sarah. This was no time to falter in that way. I interrupted my disrobing to put my hands on the top of Trudy's head and take charge. Happy as I was for this fifty-five-year-old woman to exercise her wiles on my cock, I intended to have some influence on the operation. Carefully, I rocked her head back and forward until she understood and allowed me to fuck her mouth in my own time. Her contribution was an infinitely subtle variation of suction and titillation, sometimes with her lips, sometimes with the tip of her tongue as I neared full withdrawal, sometimes with voracious adhesion of her palate. Once she understood that there was no longer any danger of a premature accident, she used a hand to caress my balls. Then her other hand crept up my inside leg and round the back to insert a finger a small way into my arsehole. Any assessment of Leo's prowess was obviously matched by his wife's.

Leo, meanwhile, had made a start with Angela. As I dropped the last of my garments to the floor and stood naked, joined at the groin to Trudy's voluptuous mouth, I looked across to my wife. She had been positioned face down across the arm of a chair before a large mirror. Leo had lifted her skirt and was purring at the sight thus revealed: a temptingly-rounded arse that stretched the silk material of her black knickers. His hand caressed the area of white flesh between the knickers and the top of her black stockings. I heard him say, "Can you go wider, please?"

Angela parted her legs a few inches more, supporting herself with her arms on the chair and her toes on the carpet. Leo stood back for a few moments to enjoy the view. "Wonderful," he said. He looked across to me and added, "Geoff, you're a lucky man. This is a gorgeous bottom. Has it ever been fucked?"

"Only by me. And not often. She needs to be very aroused."

"Fair enough." And then to Angela, "Don't worry, dear. Nothing will happen unless you want it. Any time you want to stop, you only have to say."

In the mirror I saw my wife turn her head towards Leo and nod in approval. "I'm all right. Please go on." I could imagine how wet her cont would be already. She delighted in foreplay and was quick to lubricate. Although Angela was not really a submissive she liked me to be firm in my demands and I guessed she would be the same in this new situation.

Leo had unzipped himself in order to extract his cock, the broad member I remembered from the night with Sarah.

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