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Sometimes it's right in front of you...

"Ahhh! Omigod, you're jerking the cum out of me!" she wheezed, gripping at her husband's hand and with her thighs and bucking up against his fingers with short, jerky motions of her hips. "Fuck me Ken, fuck me down!!"

"Work it out," he grated, almost snarling as the intensity of her emotion caught him in its storm too. "Yeah, let that cunt have all it wants!"

The incredibly strong vaginal contractions brought on by the flood of orgasmic feeling caused the rim of Lucy's cunt to snap and grab at his fingers with surprising force, a manifestation of her special degree of arousal. Ken, no amateur in the sexual field, had never known a woman whose cunt possessed the amazing power and agility of Lucy's. As he invariably said, she could do things with her cunt that many women could not do with their mouths.

Heaving and grinding as her womb dissolved into powerful spasms of ecstatic delight, Lucy lost sight of her stepchildren for a moment or two. The heavy thuds of orgasmic excess robbed her eyes of their ability to focus and she could see nothing for a time. Bowing her head, she surrendered to the waves of delicious agony coursing outward from her throbbing cunt. Again and again the inordinately inflamed tunnel pulsed, each contraction releasing another thrilling burst of sexual pleasure.

When se finally recovered her equilibrium or enough of it to be able to see clearly, the scene being played out in the clearing below had changed considerable. Being so far away, she naturally could not hear what was happening, but it appeared Dave and Ann were having an argument. The youth's cock had lost much of it former stiffness, making it droop down at half-mast, and that surprised Lucy. She knew that a lad of Dave's age should be able to maintain an erection for a long time, notwithstanding the fury of his first orgasm.

"What are they doing?" she asked frantically. "Aren't they going to keep on? What's wrong with them?"

"I don't know, looks like they're bitching away at each other," Ken replied. "Oh, what the hell, honey, Let's get ourselves a real piece of ass while they're making up their minds what to do. I've got a hard-on that won't quit for a while, I can promise you that!"

Part 6

Ann's trouble with Dave had begun directly after he had finished ejaculating. They had disagreed over what were to do next. Dave had found himself becoming even more excited once he had seen the glistening droplets of his cum on Ann's flat young belly. That, together with the tantalizing closeness of her virginal cunt, he had created a fierce storm of desire within his loins and he had wanted to move closer to her.

"C'mon, Sis, lemme feel it," he had urged. "Hey, I'd really like to fun a finger up that sweet little cunt of yours!"

"No! I'm not going to let you! Ann had cried out. "It. . . isn't right! And besides, you'll start wanting to do some other things to me!"

"So what if I did?" he retorted. "You can't keep that cherry forever! Man, I'd like to shove this cock right up your hole, bust that little cherry apart! Yeah, that'd be out of fucking sight!"

Ann had stoutly refused to comply with his requests, maintaining that she had no desire to go any further with their games and that she was not about to do anything so wicked.

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