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The friendly Boston bar was much friendlier than it seemed.

I couldn't believe how fast he was. Attempting to turn around I felt something wrap around my ankles sending the weight of my body crashing into the ground. That Son- of- a- bitch roped me. The other male got on top of me as I struggled to get out of the restraints. Rage filled me, I had come too far to fail now. Suddenly I felt a jolt in my left leg. I knew it was his tester.

I could feel my energy flowing into it; my whole body shook in the process. At first the change was just physical. My huge biceps seemed to downgrade in size, my pecks were becoming nonexistent. In fact my entire body seemed to be shrinking; the rock hard muscles I had worked months to perfect became slender and elegant. I felt a sense of sensuality and peace. The sheer rage that filled me before turned to envy. I wanted the masculiness back, the raw male power. I continued my struggle. My 7-inch dick became limp. My balls also began to shrivel up. With each passing moment I became less and less willing to continue the fight. Every second that went by I felt a growing feminine presence blooming inside me.

My only hope was to slam my tester back into my enemy's ball sack. That would be the only way to get testosterone quick enough to challenge him again. With a sudden surge of effort I managed to escape the bonds, standing up and facing my enemy. I looked at my member, it was miniscule probably only 3 inches and my balls were almost nonexistent. My skin felt smoother than before, my legs more slender, and my body, especially my face, softer. My foe stood before me frustrated. His arms were bulging, the veins and arteries pressed against his skin. A scruff appeared on his freshly shaved face and his dick appeared to have almost doubled in size. He also stood towering over me. His 6'8" compared to what was probably my height at 5'5".

I sprung forward trying to dive the tester right into his monstrous cock. He carelessly pushed my aside, grabbing my three inch dick in one hand and thrusting his tester right into my sack. I immediately felt the drain again. The effects also seemed to be increasing exponentially. The tester caused a layer of fat to spread over my body as my beautiful 6-pick disappeared into a sexy flat stomach. I felt an increasing urge to cry, I felt so hopeless and insecure. My shoulders narrowed as I struggled to pull the tester out. I felt a tingling sensation in my chest as my nipples enlarged and grew more sensitive. As the last of my muscles disappeared as my new tits also expanding outward starting at double A's steadily developing into B's. My opponent led me to the center of the arena; my now two inch cock lay useless in the final stages of my transformation. My pelvis exploded making room for my growing ovaries; I felt my curvaceous hips move as I walked.

I no longer had a penis or balls. A slit opened up to complement my new clit. My pussy was taking shape. In a sudden shift I no longer hated my opponent, instead I longed for him. I wanted him in me. I couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous 12 inch dick that stood before me, veins popping and head gleaming. His attractive bulging legs and tight abs and enormous guns only added to the new realization. I wanted him in me.

I let him guide me to the center, my long blonde hair and DD sized breasts bounced as I moved. My opponent became more violent knocking me about taking my tied hands and knotting the rope around the center stage pole. He bent me down feeling me up; I couldn't help but enjoy the sensation of his strong masculine hands running up the length of my body. He squeezed my tits and I squeaked in result, my voice high and girly just like I felt. The last of my masculinity slipped away. My hard cocked oppressor knocked my legs apart, moaning in the process as he felt my new pussy in delight. A squeaked again. I loved the feeling of being so vulnerable, to my own horror I wanted nothing more in that moment than to be fucked good and hard.

The male, with one hand on his

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