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International group swingers on an Indian Ocean cruise.

The surroundings began to fade in and out. He reached in his pocket, felt the tablets. Desperate for relief, he popped one in his mouth, hoping to stimulate moisture.

Instantly, he could smell the water. Stopping by a large Cactus, he tore into the flesh of the plant. Precious moisture, elixir of life came pouring out.

The tablet dissolved in the sweet fluid. Then a horse appeared, saddled, bags on it's side, a rifle in the scabbard.

Mounting, he gave it it's head, knowing somehow that it knew the way.

Riding into the town, he dropped the horse at the stable. Pulling the saddlebags, he headed for the local tavern.

No more than inside, the voice called out. "I never thought I would see you again."

He looked up at the thin man, standing with a sneer.


"You know what!"

Tense now, not knowing, he looked at the man.

"What do you want?"


Looking at the thin man, he decided to just walk away. The man would have none of it.

"Gun." he said flatly.

"I don't have one."

"In your bags."

He reached and yes, a gun, holster. No idea what to do, or how to use it.

"Take a pill." popped in his head. He reached in his pocket, took one, and popped it in his mouth.

He strapped on the holster, turned, waiting. He saw the thin man reach, the gun at his own side appeared and fired. The thin man never cleared his holster, like magic, a hole appeared in his forehead.

Men were running, reaching for him.


He stood for a moment as the fog rolled in, then cleared. He was standing on a beach, the surf piled gently against the sands.

He heard the sound in the background, a humming, then a roar. A machine rolled up, the man inside looked him up and down.

"Move on, bud." the man said. Catching a glimpse of the badge, he said, "Sure." and headed off down the beach.

Tourists, every size and shape were everywhere. He just kept walking.

It was just a mile or so when he saw the bunkers, something drew him to them.

Walking up to one, a voice challenged. Some foreign language, he could not make it out.

A sudden explosion made him drop to the sand, looking up, he saw ships on the ocean. Thousands and thousands of them, men everywhere.

Hell broke loose. He tried to get as low in the sand as he could, then he spotted a clump of some kind of beach grass, elevated. Diving, he made it and ducked down behind as shells exploded all around.

The bunker he had just walked up to became an inferno. Then another bunker cut loose on where he lay, sand leaped up in spurts. There was barely room to stay out of the line of fire. It was getting closer and closer.

He reached in his pocket, felt the tablet. He popped it in his mouth. In seconds, a tank rolled up. "Get in."

He didn't need to be asked twice, he leaped up an into the tank.

Down the beach they went, firing left and right. The man running the machine grinned as one after another of the bunkers exploded in flames.

"Laser guided." he said. "Sitting ducks."

At the end of the beach, the tank driver pulled up and over the embankment.

"Out." he said.


"Take the car."

He stepped out, slid behind the steering wheel of the Blue Corvette, and turned the key. Rewarded with a throaty roar, he slammed the car in gear and headed down the highway.

He drove rapidly into the fast approaching darkness.

"Where?" popped in his mind.

"You will know."

He drove on. Hours. It began to get light, he followed the endless white line, seeing no one.

Then a flashing red light, he dropped down through the gears, the change of the engine tone almost a relief from the hours wide open.

"Hello." came a female voice. She hopped in the passenger door, smiled. He looked her up and down, soft, her breasts obvious under the thin material of the top she wore.

"Where do you want to go?"

"I am already there," she answered. He saw the silver gun appear in her hand.

Reaching, he grabbed the barrel, twisted it up and away as she fired. Then she was slashing at him. His doubled fist ended that.

Understanding now, he reached in his pocket, pull

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