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A women walks into a trap, but it's not quite what it seems.

I think it grew in both length and girth as she did this. Then, raising herself slightly on her right elbow, she put just the head of it into her mouth and sucked it and lashed it with her tongue for at least a full minute.
I'd watched Nancy lick and tease other guys' cocks before, but this was the only cock I'd ever seen inside her mouth except my own.

And there was no use hiding from anyone else in the room, at this point, that I had a very stiff cock under my trousers. I noticed that Sid and Arnie were standing just behind me, seeing what I got to see as I videoed my wife, but I didn't notice if they too had erections.

Seconds later, Nancy quickly got on her knees next to Jack and, leaning forward, brought his hard cock all the way inside her mouth! Cradling his scrotum in her left hand, she moved her head up and down the glistening wet shaft, making it disappear and reappear. Occasionally, she would catch her breath by licking and sucking the crown of his cock and, once, she leaned down further and licked his balls. All the while she was attending to his equipment, Jack gripped one of her pig tails, but there was no need to force her. She was fully committed to giving him a super blow-job.

After almost five minutes of having his cock sucked relentlessly, Jack freed it from Nancy's mouth. He said: "Stop, that's enough for now. You're going to make me cum and I don't want to yet."

He pulled her down beside him and kissed her again. "You're quite a cocksucker," he said. "How long have you been doing that?"

"I started when I was fourteen," said Nancy in her silly teenager voice. ""I used to go out in the parking lot and suck off some of the cute boys. But I never let any of them fuck me until last year."

Jack sat up then and crawled over to his trousers, which he'd thrown on the floor. He removed a small packet from a pocket and, tearing into it, removed a condom. He crawled back over to Nancy and holding his erection just over her face, expertly rolled on the condom. He then reached down with his right hand, placed it behind her neck, and pulled her face up nearer his cock. Holding her head in his left hand, he rubbed the end of his cock all over her face. Finally, he held it against her mouth. She licked and kissed it and allowed him to stick it into her mouth.

After working his cock in and out of her mouth for thirty seconds or so, he announced: "I'm going to put this in your pussy now. First, I'm going to do it to you dog-style, so get on your hands and knees now. Spread your ass for me the way you were spreading it for that boy when I came home."


Nancy did as she was told. On her hands and knees, she aimed her beautiful ass toward the camera (I was still shooting slightly in front of the left side of the couch) while Jack stood slightly to her left-rear spreading lubricant all over his cock.

"That's really a gorgeous ass," he said, getting down on the floor so his face was inches from it. "Spread your legs wider now. Let me get a really good look at your pussy and that tight little asshole of yours. That's a nice little rosebud. Have you ever been fucked there before?"

"No," said Nancy. "Boys at my school don't do that."

"How would you like my cock up your ass?"

This caught me totally off guard. Had he cleared this with my wife? She'd never liked it much when I ass-fucked her.

In any case, Nancy didn't answer. Jack leaned forward and buried his face in the crack of her ass. Seconds later, he pulled his head back and moved it slightly to the left side so I could get a clear shot of what he was doing. I managed to shoot almost a full minute of him licking and sticking his tongue in my wife's asshole. At the same time, he was working his right index finger in and out of her cunt. She was leaning way forward on her elbows now and began moaning as soon as Jack started tonguing her ass and finger-fucking her, but the moan soon turned into a peculiar whimpering sound I'd never heard her make before.

Then Jack pulled his right index finger out of her cunt and stuck it as far as it would g

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