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Desirée watches Veronica having sex with an alien.

My legs were apart to allow him easy access. I could feel the wetness from my vagina and my poor swollen clitoris that was eager for some attention. I wanted to spread my legs and masturbate for him so badly, to rub my clitoris and finger myself so that he could see me do it, but I wanted him to take the lead in this. He'd hurt me before and I didn't want to be making the moves on him. I sat in the car chatting nonstop, while thinking about him his cock.

The car turned into a darkened street and pulled into the driveway of his house. Luke pulled me towards him and kissed me, darting his tongue into my mouth while rubbing my breast. He moved his hand underneath my top and pulled down the top of my lacy bra, rubbing my nipple until it was hard as a rock, getting rougher and rougher on my soft, sensitive skin. His other hand moved up my skirt and his fingers found their way to my thankful clitoris, as he rubbed it and flicked it whilst all the while kissing me. I saw his dick making a tent in his pants and eyed it eagerly. He moved his hand away from my breast and grabbed my hand, motioning for us to get out of the car. Leaving my luggage in the back of the car, we briskly made our way inside his house.

The mood was not lost as he locked the door behind us. He picked me up and he dropped me on the sofa. As he undid his belt and pants I pulled off my skirt and panties which were now soaking wet at the crotch. He yanked off my top and held my legs and quickly thrust his cock into my waiting vagina which accepted him. He fucked me furiously. It was real fucking, so hard and so powerful. He continued for so long I was amazed at his stamina. I could feel myself reaching climax and I wrapped my legs tightly around him so that he would go deeper. I loved the thickness of his dick, the hardness. He pumped in and out, the hardness of him feeling like it was tearing my muscles, stretching me and he thrust himself into me deeply. I lost myself in pleasure and mindlessly screamed in time to his thrusts, with the most powerful orgasm I've had in a long time. He came inside of me and his juices mingled with mine and seeped out of my satisfied orifice. He zipped himself back up and announced that he was going to get my stuff and left while I sat on the couch naked with my legs apart and my vagina dripping while I regained some composure and some strength in my legs.

I was dressed by the time he got through the door with all of my luggage. He showed me around his modernly furnished house. I hadn't yet found a place to stay so he'd offered for me to stay with him until I found somewhere. Of course, with the condition that I sleep with him in his bed because he only had one bedroom. The second bedroom was used as a study.

When we made his way to his bedroom I sat on his bed. He abandoned the luggage that he was holding and with a glint in his eye, he met me at the bed, pulled his cock out and rubbed himself hard in front of me.

"First fuck in my bed?" he asked, as if needing my permission to fuck me again.

I spread my legs in front of him in reply, welcoming him into me. He pulled my skirt off, and my panties down and I cursed myself for putting them back on. He took me again on the side of the bed, harder and faster than the last time. I grabbed the side of the bed to steady myself against his thrusts.

"Oooooh fuck your cunt is so tight" he said between moans.

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