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A game of strip mini golf leads to public nudity and sex.

A bed for a princess I thought to myself. My princess I then thought. Somehow I just didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay with her in her new room and get into her bed and be with her.

I noticed her relax and starting to unwind. I could feel my sexual tension and lust for her building all the time. I so much wanted to get into bed with her. My cock was going harder with every additional minute of time that I spent with her.

I thought to myself that this is one hell of a sexy teacher that needs a good hard fuck. I wanted to break all the boundaries with her and go beyond them.

I could tell she was tired and that at this moment it was not going to happen. She reached for the door and I suddenly grabbed her to close it again but something inside me then said stop. "Let her be" I said to myself. I therefore continued opening the door and I left her alone to sleep.

I went down to my car and I looked up at her window thinking and wondering what she was doing in her room. I wondered whether she was naked or not. I did not want to leave.

I thought it would be best to wait for tomorrow when she would be less tired and had a whole day ahead of her.

The next day I decided to pay her a visit to see how she was settling in. As I went along the lane I saw her in the distance in a field picking flowers. I stopped and followed her trying to get nearer. She was looking so sexy I almost fainted. She had her yellow dress on and I could see all her delicious alluring curves. She had her hair down and it was slightly wet, long and flowing in the breeze. The sun was shining on her and she looked fresh faced.

I just had to get with her I thought. My desires were just too strong. It had been so long that my body had seen such beauty. I was starved of sex. The village life was brain numbing with no girls around just apples and oranges all the time, horse crap, flies and dust. Her breasts were far more interesting to look at than all of this.

I didn't want to disturb her as I was enjoying just watching her move. But eventually I couldn't stand just watching I had an urge to do more.

I stood behind her. She was so caught up in what she was doing that I made her jump. She looked round in a fright and I realised that I had scared her. I could tell she was very innocent indeed.

I needed to show her a good time. I felt it was my duty to. I took her to a field where I knew there were lots of flowers and I saw her face light up.

All of a sudden as we walked along she fell to the floor holding her ankle. I reached down and grabbed hold of it and massaged it in my hands. She was not hurting badly and I knew it but I took advantage of the situation .

I wanted to kiss her but I held back my urges. I felt bad because I was capitalising on her misfortune. I looked at her dress and knew that this was an excuse to lift it a little. I cheekily lifted her dress up to see her leg. I knew that I would not have been able to have done this if she had not hurt it.

I laid her on the hay stack. I melted inside. She was just in a perfect position to get my ever growing cock inside her.

I became obsessed with rubbing her soft legs and hitching up her dress it was turning me on big time. I found myself going higher and higher as I teased and massaged my way up her legs.

I looked at her breasts. They were gagging to be fondled. I asked her if she felt hot. She said no but I could tell by her flushed face that she was feeling something inside.

Naturally I found my hands getting higher and higher up her legs and I eventually reached her wet pussy. I rubbed it and she screamed out. "It's ok" I said in a reassuring voice.

I decided to keep on rubbing but eventually she pushed me away. I could feel that she was repressed by the teacher thing. It was then apparent that her career we so very important to her.

She shouted out to me "stop it I'm a teacher and I don't want to be sacked".

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