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Gasm continues to wreak havoc.

She breathed out a relieved sigh when he stopped and backed away from her, and she quickly shut her legs and fixed her tank top. "I'm... You're not... Look," she started. "You seem like a... a real catch. I just... it's only my second semester and I don't wanna get caught up in anything I can't handle," she concluded, biting her lip nervously as she waited for him to speak. When he didn't say anything, she chalked it up to be that he was going to leave, but instead he leaned against her desk. They stayed that way until the sound of the door opening caused both of their eyes to look towards it.

"Hey, sorry but um... you've gotta go. I've got classes in the morning and so does she," her roommate pointed out and Arabeth mouthed a thank you. Benji said nothing as he gathered himself to leave, but not before Antoinette added one more thing, "And next time.. don't show up here uninvited. I don't like being forced out of my room by uncomfortable situations, okay?"


"So he just showed up to your room? How'd he get in the hall?" Ina proclaimed. They were sitting in the Student Union having lunch, and Arabeth was filling her in on the previous night's events.

"He has 'friends'," she told her, trying to mock the arrogance in his voice as Ina laughed wholesomely. "It was just really weird... I don't know. I don't really know him and I've already let him feel me up, kiss me and... shit!" Arabeth exclaimed, "He's coming over here..." she whispered, and Ina immediately stopped eating.

"What? Where? Here? Holy shit!" she nearly shouted, and Arabeth hushed her.

"Shhh-shhh.. don't make a big deal out of it. Just act cool, okay?" She finished talking right before he'd reached their table. They both stared up at him, Arabeth's face turning in disgust.
"Hello, ladies," he said brightly, and Ina rolled her eyes. Benji noticed, but didn't say anything. He wasn't here for her anyway. "Arabeth, mind if we talk?"

But Arabeth wasn't the one speaking, it was Ina, "Uh, yeah. She does. We both do. We're having lunch. So excuse yourself from the table, yes?" She all but barked at him. She was having none of this foolishness today, not while she was enjoying lunch with her friend.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I was talking to you..." he replied, his tone harsh. Ina rolled her eyes again and looked at Arabeth who was just sitting in her chair, trying not to laugh.

"But I was talking to you, kuma nina," she retorted, and watched as the smug smile disappeared from his face and was replaced with disbelief. "Now, I'll make you this offer once more... excuse yourself from the table."

Benji couldn't believe this little freshman, "Or. What?" he challenged, amused by her bold demeanor.

"Or I'll excuse you myself... cool?" challenge accepted, motherfucker. Benji's eyes flitted back and forth between the two young women and he caved. He didn't really want to be bothered with Arabeth's friend, so he let it go. He waited for another 20 seconds before his eyes rested on Arabeth.

"Meet me at the amphitheater around 8pm, okay?" he offered, waiting for her to accept. Ina was still glaring at him and the tension was so thick, it could probably break someone's skull. Arabeth nodded and Ina sucked her teeth. Without another word, Benji was off.

When they were both sure he was gone, they stared at each other before bursting into fits of laughter. "Ina! That was so rude!" Arabeth said, trying to catch her breath as their laughter slowly died down.

"Pshh, please Arabeth. Wait... you're not actually going to meet him are you?" Ina questioned. Arabeth shrugged nonchalantly and continued eating her food. "No... no, no, no! Do not go meet him!" she begged.


"Because! He's still with that fucking girlfriend of his and I don't want you getting caught up!" Ina had dropped the bomb.

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