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Two travelers finally reach their destination.

Maybe something will come up, so to speak."

Larry gave that a good chuckle, and then used his magic fingers to bring me to yet another glorious orgasm.

I put my MMW image on the backburner of my mind and went about my usual day. I find it best to trust the universe to provide. A few weeks later I attended my monthly lunch with the girls and that outing provide the desired solution. There are five of us girls who have been friends since college and we have a fairly consistent lunch date for the second Wednesday of each month. Sometimes we all make it and other times it might just be two of us. This was one of the times when it was just Jane and me. Jane and I met when were assigned to be roommates our freshman year and have been close friends ever since. We engaged in the usual catch up news and typical girl talk. Since neither one of us had outside jobs we could include having some wine with our meal. After a few glasses the conversation became more personal. When Jane asked if Larry and I were still 'fucking like rabbits' I laughed and said yes we were. In fact we started today with a good morning fuck. "I can still taste his cum," I said with a grin.

"You two are an inspiration to Steve and me. While we don't have the frequency you have, we are better lovers now and we give our sex life the importance it deserves."

"I am happy for you and Steve. Larry and I are very open to ways to please each other. In fact we have a bit of challenge right now. A while back we were watching a fuck movie and I was really turned on to the scene of a woman having a cock in her cunt and mouth at the same time. I told Larry I would like to try that but the problem is finding a guy we could trust."

"I've had that same fantasy too but Steve and I just used it more as erotic sex talk. However if you are serious about doing that, I would volunteer Steve to be the other guy."

I'm sure I sat there with my mouth open in a bit of shock. I totally did not expect this and yet here was the solution I had been hoping for.

"Are you sure Steve is up for this? Oops, let me rephrase that, are you sure he will do it?"

Jane laughed and said, "I'm sure he will be up and very willing; however I'll talk with him tonight and give you a call and let you know."

"What about you during this little adventure?"

"I am excited about the fantasy and look forward to the whole scenario. Plus I will be thinking how nice it will be when I can be the person with a cock in my cunt and mouth at the same time."

"I am so glad it was just you and me for lunch. If our husbands are good for our fantasy come true evening then we can meet again to plan the event. My pussy is wet getting excited about actually playing with two cocks at the same time. I'm very sure not only will Larry agree to have Steve as the other guy for me but I also look forward to seeing your cunt filled with Larry's cock. I'm getting so horny I think I'll go home get naked and do some phone sex with Larry. Thank you Jane, you have really made my day and I'm sure Larry will complete my evening."

"I think getting naked and doing some phone sex with my husband is a great idea. It will really get him in mood for our request not to mention how horny he will be when he comes home."

We said our goodbyes and hurried home. During the drive home I was thinking about the fantasy. Was I really going to be enjoying two cocks at the same time? I got goose bumps just thinking about it. I hadn't thought about having Jane caressing my tits, but why not. That will be a new experience too. When it is her turn I can play with her tits and maybe rub her pussy too. This is getting so exciting I can hardly wait.

I arrived home and called Larry and told him about my conversation with Jane at lunch. Larry was very enthused and I told him we could celebrate by having some phone sex now and a real fuck when he got home. Both were very satisfying.

Jane called later in the evening with the positive results of her conversation with Steve.

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