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A victim of bullying gets a surprise.

Twice the number of taxpayers! And twice the number of people working their ass off so they don't have time to think about what a shitty job their government is doing. That's a power-hungry politician's wet dream.

And of course men have the same problems as women. We've been taught at school to believe we should share the responsibilities at home. So men should cook, clean, do the dishes... all that stuff. Now that's fine for men who enjoy that and have a knack for it. But let's face it: most men haven't. Now, I can cook and clean and do all that shit -- up to a point. I can keep my bachelor pad clean (although my mum would probably disagree, but doesn't everybody's mum do that?) and I can prevent myself from going hungry. Hell, if I say so myself: I can even cook a pretty damn good, elaborate dinner if I have to (which usually means: if I want to win a lady's heart -- or pussy for that matter). But my repertoire in the kitchen is very limited. I don't enjoy it. And while I can rebuild a small block V8 blindfolded in about four hours, I'm clumsy as hell in the kitchen. Come to think of it: preparing that elaborate dinner will take me about four hours as well. Anyway, the problem with all that is that we've been tricked into believing that we are worthless people if we cannot fulfill each other's classic gender roles. A woman that doesn't have and doesn't enjoy having a career is a pathetic, worthless creature. And a man that cannot cook and doesn't enjoy cooking is an equally worthless creature.

We've all been brainwashed by school and society into thinking that. Feminists have forced their stereotypical model of what the world should be like according to them down our throats. That wouldn't be so bad if we could easily shake off the brainwashing and just be ourselves. But the damage has been done. It's become part of who we are. And it's ruining the lives of many of us: because we try to live up to those impossible standards and roles; because other people try to force us into those impossible roles; or even because we ourselves are forcing other people into these impossible roles. Yes, I admit: I'm guilty of that as well.

All this is especially evident in relationships. In generations before us (and I'm a sixties model in case you were wondering) divorce was the exception. Each and every one of my parents and grandparents and the complete family tree as far as I could trace it back all consisted of married couples that stayed married until they died. In our current generation staying married is the exception. Divorce is the rule. And I'm sure that's for the most part because the list of things we look for in a partner is completely impossible to live up to. Most of us don't even realize that the requirements on our lists are contradictive. The feminist oppression we've all been brainwashed with is the big culprit.

Most girls are born with a genetic preference for the classic man.

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