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She becomes addicted to the fit of his cock.

She sat alone, away from me. Other men said hello, attempting to pick her up. It was a good half hour before she accepted a drink from a middle-aged man, one with a touch of gray in his hair, wearing a business suit and a tie.

It was less than half an hour more before she walked out with him. This time I followed at a safe distance, and saw the two of them enter an elevator. Then I waited fifteen minutes.

Again I used my cell phone to call her. It took several rings before she answered.

"Hello? Oh, hi dear." I could hear some movement in the background.

"Are you being fucked?"

"Yes, dear. I am having a good time. Bonny and I are at the art museum," she replied.

I heard her turn away from the phone and whisper. "It's my husband."

"Is he good, Vixen?"

"Yes, the exhibit is very worthwhile. I wish you had come with us, but I know you have to work tonight. When will you be home?"

"You are a Vixen," I said into the phone.

"Oh, not 'til that late? Oh do try to come home earlier. I am sooooo horny."

I could hear her voice quivering. I knew that she was being fucked as we spoke.

"What position are you in?"

"What, dear?"

"Are you standing?"


"Ummm. On the bed, on your hands and knees?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes"

I could just picture her, with another stranger behind her, being fucked doggie style while pretending to talk with her husband, who was not supposed to realize what she was doing.

She must have taken the phone away from her mouth, maybe pretended to cover it, because I heard her say "Don't stop." Then her voice in the phone was louder.

"I've got to go now. I'll see you at home later."

Before I could reply she had dropped the phone on the bed, but she did not punch it off. I could continue to hear, and now I could hear his voice.

"So the wifie likes to fuck other men, huh?"

"Oh yes," Vixen said. "Oh, God, yes!"

The voices were faint, and I had to strain to hear, but from time to time one of them would cry out in passion. She must have cum, and squirted on him.

"God, what was that?" A male voice said suddenly. "Did you just pee on me?"

"No," I heard Vixen reply. "That is my cum. I squirt when I cum really good."

There was quiet for a few minutes. Then he spoke again. "I've never had a woman do that. I've read about it, but I thought it was fantasy."

"Did it feel like fantasy?"

"Oh my no. God, no wonder you insisted on a towel."

"Did you like it?"

"Yeh, I think so."

"You want to taste it?"

"Uh. I don't think so."

Vixen gave a little laugh. "My hubby loves it. He likes to go down on me and make me squirt. He loves the taste."

He was quite for a moment.

Vixen spoke again. "Here, let me put some on my finger. Ummmmm. It tastes sweet."

"OK," he said. "Let me taste."

Again quiet. He spoke. "My, it is sweet. That's not pee at all."

Vixen gave a little laugh. "No. It is my cum, wherever it comes from. Now lay back, you haven't cum. And your cock and balls are covered with my cum. I need to clean them off."

I knew what that meant, and it most definitely did not mean a washcloth. Vixen was giving his male parts a tongue bath. I could hear him faintly as he moaned, and then louder.

"Oh, yes."

There was quiet again, this time for quite awhile.

His voice was louder next. "Oh, my, you do like to suck a cock."

Before long he was talking to her more. "Yes, do that. Do that. Yes. Ohhhh, good, good. Ah, suck it baby. Take it all the way down that throat. Ah! Ah!Ah! God, how do you do that? I can feel your lips on my balls. God. "

Then he voice grew even louder. "Oh, baby. You keep that up and I am gonna shot it."

I could faintly hear her moaning.

"You want it, huh? You want me to cum in your mouth?"

Her moans of approval were loud enough for me to hear.

And then he began a series of grunts and moans that were guttural and left no doubt that he was feeding her a load of white hot semen.

"Oh take it, baby!" he shouted.

There was quiet again, for a moment.

"Oh, god, baby, you swallowed it all."

"I always do. I love the taste of cum."


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