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A gang bang in New Orleans.

Mandy, noticing her desire, smiled to her and panted seductively, 'I would love you to try me out too!' as she helped her unveil Johnny's hard on from its confines.
Now Janice had no lesbian inclinations in general, but the thought of having sex with this woman, (and possibly Charlotte), appealed to her at the moment and so, as she lowered her mouth to take her husbands penis, she reached over and rubbed on Mandy's clit to match Johnny's finger fucking rhythm. It took a minute to get her co-ordination in order, but soon she was sucking cock, rubbing clit and riding Carlos' finger at the same time as he smothered her fanny and arse with hot mouthed caresses.

Johnny pushed himself up to meet his wife's hot mouth as it enveloped his dick. He moaned and fingered Mandy harder as the tingles of pleasure surrounded his entire groin and sent shockwaves indiscriminately around his body. Janice sucked cock like no one else- she'd even had her tongue pierced to heighten his pleasure- and watching her clit rub Mandy as he fingered her made the buzz so much better. Pure, unbridled, wanton lust mixed with drug euphoria. He was in a synthetic heaven and couldn't believe how well it had all eventually turned out. He'd been so paranoid about this sex party and now a total stranger was frigging off Janice from behind, while she sucked his cock and helped him wank off the stranger's partner. It's funny how things turn out!

Mandy began to make little whimpering noises as she began to move herself up and down on Johnny's fingers; focusing her gaze on the erotic scene opposite where Charlotte, Dan and Harry had joined the quartet on the matching couch. Harry was underneath one of the three girls while another sucked his cock from the floor with her arse in the air. Dan was penetrating her with a pink dildo that he had selected from the dozen or so sex toys that Charlotte had placed on the coffee table that was central to the two couches. Siras was still sucking on the girl in the summer dress as Charlotte helped them both undress while kissing, sucking and wanking them here and there. The scene helped Mandy get off and the sound of her cumming raised the tempo of Carlos' movements into Janice's dripping pussy and he pushed another finger into her as she gyrated for more. Janice had let go of Mandy as she climaxed and began to rub Johnny's balls as vigorously as she mouthed down on him, to which he groaned his lustful approval.

Then Charlotte, being the perfect host, then took over from Carlos to allow him to get undressed and slip a condom onto his rampant cock- so far he'd had nothing at all and he really deserved a fuck for his patience and his efforts with Janice, thought Johnny.

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