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She reflects on fetish party.

Karen felt Lori grasp her backside and pull it to her. The waves of pleasure were coursing through her veins. It had not been her intention to seduce this girl, or was it she who was being seduced? No matter, that. She lowered her face and kissed Lori's hair. Lori lifted her face, and their lips met for the first time. A tender, exploratory kiss, with partly open mouths. Lightly, their tongues extended and touched. The electricity between them sent sparks through both bodies, straight into the pits of their stomachs.

Dancing forgotten, they kissed hot. Tongues lashing one another, exploring each other's mouth. The sundress fell, leaving Lori completely naked in Karen's arms. The cool leather of Karen's pants on her naked flesh sent Lori's body into overdrive. She wrapped her thighs around one of Karen's strong legs, squeezing the limb firmly. Her clitoris rubbed across the fabric, and she had a cum, right then. Her little body shuddered and she moaned.

Karen felt it, and broke the kiss. "Ohhhh, did I make you cum?"

Breathless for a moment, Lori gasped, "Ohmigod! .. Yes! .. Ohhh ..It was so quick!"

She leaned into Karen's body and held her tightly. Her hands moved to the front of the taller girl's pants and touched the belt. A question in her eyes was met with a gentle smile. Slowly unbuckling Karen's leather `skin', the aroma of her arousal wafted up to greet her. I seemed heavier than her own scent, thicker, yet still sweet. Karen stayed motionless and let Lori peel off the fabric over her trim thighs.

Lori was pleased, surprised and delighted with the smooth shaven vulva behind the heavy leather flaps. Much like her own slick mound, the puffy outer lips glistened with nectar. Karen stepped out of the legs with Lori kneeling at her feet. Lori placed her face near the swollen cleft, and inhaled deeply. She understood why it appealed so much to her brother. Just the aroma was enticing, but to add the sight of the smooth fleshy lobes increased the effect measurably.

Karen felt Lori's small hands palming her lower belly as Lori came closer to her wet, hungry vulva. She resisted the urge to pull the smaller girl's face into her crotch, letting Lori take her time to examine the soft flower. Kissing on the outer labia caused them to part, exposing the deeper rose colored petals beneath. The touch of Lori's tongue to the inner folds sent a shudder through Karen's whole being. Bending her knees, Karen spread her thighs for Lori.

A hunger built in Lori's mind, echoed by the relish with which her tongue slipped into Karen's vagina. She wasn't sure that she was doing"right", but did what she thought felt good in her own mind. The thick nectar coated her tongue as it delved into the sweet flesh hole. Her heart was pounding as she felt Karen's legs begin to shake and tremble. A quick lick of her friend's swollen clitoris caused Karen to grab Lori's head for support, the orgasm ripping through her body.

"OHHHHH, .LLLLORRRIIIIII!!!!!" She cried out. Her nectar flowed like a river into Lori's open mouth. Karen's knees buckled, and she fell to the floor. "My god! That was fast!" she gasped.

"I ..uh ..guess we were both pretty hot?" Lori asked.

"Must be! . I haven't cum that fast in ages!" Karen replied. They both giggled like schoolgirls.

They sat on the floor, gently touching one another's breasts and bellies. Looking into each other's eyes, with an understanding only two girls could have. They felt good with each other and wanted more.

Karen took the initiative, and gently lowered Lori's body to the soft carpet. Lori watched as Karen turned and placed her legs on either side of her head. Karen's long legs went way up her body, from this view. The wet mound between her thighs came closer as Karen brought her kitty near Lori's mouth. The shaven flesh was slick and shiny with dew, inner petals distended with blood, the clitoral hood pulled back and cradling the swollen bud that descended towards her.

Just as Karen's vulva settled on her lips, Lori felt the hot breath o

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