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Andrea dishes about Michael and Robert to her best friend.


No arguing there. As they were passionately kissing, Janessa got a key out of her little pocket of her skirt.

"What are you doin'?" Drew asked.

"Nothing," she replied.

She unlocked a fitting room; the handicapped one. It had a big seat in it, and railings. She pushed him in and sat him down. There was only one light in the room. The other one had blown. She hadn't got around to replacing it. It was a little dim in there. Perfect, she thought. When she was out back earlier, she had put in one of her CD's with her favorite song that she likes to dance to, "Skillz". It was playing softly throughout the store. She started dancing slowly for Drew. She had been taking one of those new stripper-cise classes without him knowing. She was doing a figure eight with her hips, going all the way down to the floor and coming back up with her ass sticking out, rubbing against his legs. He sat there and enjoyed himself. He went to touch her ass and she waved a finger at him.

"No, no, no. Not yet," she smirked.

She continued dancing for him. She gave him a lap dance and grinded her ass into the bulge in his pants. She turned around and straddled him and kissed him softly and bit his lip. He reached up her skirt and grabbed onto her ass.

He was loving it. He started moaning. She stopped and stood up. She wasn't done yet. She was going to give him a little striptease. First, she reached up her skirt and slid off her skimpy, black lace thong and playfully threw them at Drew. Then she pulled off her top revealing an equally skimpy, black lace bra. Her breasts were all but spilling out. She kept her skirt and bra on. She went up to him, still sitting down, and put one leg up next to him on the seat. He wanted to have his way with her so bad, but he was trying to keep control. She ran her hand up her thigh and under her skirt and started to rub herself. She moaned and threw her head back. She was pretty confident that it would make him go crazy. Sure enough, by now, Drew couldn't take it anymore. He was hard as a rock. That had done it right there. He reached up and took over. He had to feel her pussy. She was very wet by now. He started to rub her clit and kiss the inside of her thighs. She was really getting into it. Suddenly he stopped.

"Ha! How do you like being teased?" he laughed.

"Oh, but I do," she smiled.

Janessa ripped his shirt off him and pushed him down onto his back and straddled him. She started sucking and nibbling on his ear. She moved down to his neck, then chest. She licked his nipples and played with his nipple rings. She undid his belt and whipped it off him. She unbuttoned his jeans with her teeth. She was running her tongue back and forth right below his belly button. She stood up and pulled his pants off him. She started pulling down his boxers, and said,

"Oooh, you trimmed up for me, huh?"

He looked down at her and smiled. She pulled his boxers the rest of the way off him and grabbed onto his dick. She started licking from the bottom all the way up to the head. She ran her tongue along the ridge of his head, flicking her tongue over it and sucking it. She heard him moan her name and grabbed his hand to put it on the top of her head. She slowly took all of his 9 __ inches into her mouth. Drew had his fingers through her hair, pulling on it. He knew she liked that. She continued deep-throating him. Whenever she gave him head it made her extremely horny. She couldn't help it; she took her free hand and started rubbing herself. She moaned loudly. The vibrations on his cock felt wonderful. Drew looked down to see what she was doing and he almost lost it. He started bucking his hips up. She could tell he was getting close, so she stopped.

"Oh my God, don't stopppp," he begged.

" taste good," she licked her lips and smiled.

It was his turn, he decided.

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