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He takes her to Buffalo.

I crawled up onto the bed and encouraged him to try three fingers, then four fingers, and then to fold his thumb into the palm of his hand and get his whole hand lubricated with the natural lubricant Liz was producing. I whispered for him to begin slowly pushing his hand into her pussy, a little at a time, pull back, advance, pull back, and advance until your whole hand is inside her pussy. He looked at me as he obeyed, unsure of what I was instructing him to do, occasionally glancing up at Liz, now with her eyes closed and beginning to move, pant and react to his hand's advancing. Once inside her canal, he stopped. Liz eyes snapped open and she sucked in several quick breaths. I told Dan to slowly rotate his hand so that the fingers could reach her 'G' spot and then softly 'scratch' at it.

"You'll know when you're there. Believe me she will let you know."

He obeyed and began to rub her special spot. Liz arched her back, sucked in air and screamed as she went into an orgasm that rolled over and over. She bit her lower lip, rolled her eyes back and for the next two full minutes, experienced the pleasure of being fisted, and challenged Dan to keep his hand inside her pussy. She bucked and twisted as her orgasm took hold of her and Dan's finger movement was unrelenting in delivering the pleasure stimulation to her nervous system.

We finally heard her mutter 'Stop, enough, I have to breath."

Dan stopped his finger movements and I whispered him to slowly begin extracting his hand. As he did, he watched as her flesh slowly returned to normal size, outer lips folding back, like nothing had happened.

We gave her some time to recover, watching her pussy still ooze fluid. Dan lay between her legs, watching and wanting to attack with his mouth. When Liz recovered, she told Dan to use his tongue again and find her clit. He used both hands to open her up and watched her clit emerge as he pulled her labia apart. He licked it, moving in to gently suck on it and then began to, again, insert fingers into her pussy. Like before, she reacted, this time quickly falling over the edge into orgasmic pleasure.

When she came down from this orgasm, I told Dan to go on and fuck her. He moved up her body, as I helped her open her legs for him. I was behind him and watched as he was finally able to make his dream come true. His cock found her wet hole, her lips opened and he slowly pushed in. His pre-cum had left a trail up the bed and was easing his cock's access to her cunt. I watched as his cock disappeared into her and his scrotum tightened and pulled his balls up and into his abdomen. He was ready to shoot. He started to fuck her, increasing his speed as he approached his release. His back arched, he threw his head back, and released a deep grunt. I watched as his ass cheeks flexed and he pumped his boy seed into my wife's vagina. Liz knew he wouldn't last long, but was very surprised at the volume of cum he deposited inside her. Five, six, seven heavy squirts of cum and several small convulsions of his cock before we saw it soften and Liz was able to squeeze her muscles and push him out. He flopped to her side, exhausted, sweat covered and sticky. I watched as his once erect cock shriveled to only two inches. I reached over and began to lick his cock, picking it up and sucking the sweet small cock into my mouth, enjoying the taste of Liz and Dan's cum. He was so small, I was able to suck in his whole scrotum as well as his cock, rolling them around in my mouth, enjoying the feeling of a soft cock being stimulated back to life and engorging in my mouth.

When Dan came back to life, a full erection now very visible, I asked Liz to get onto her hands and knees, lifting her ass up and exposing all her womanly treasures.

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