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The slut extinguishes the father in law - consumes him.

He knows what he is doing. Lori promised to herself that she will not be giving into the pleasure. BUT FUCK... CAN'T HE JUST SUCK MY NIPPLES FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT? Her brain seemed to be screaming it. Suck it. SUCK IT. PLEAAASSSSE. He knows me... He really knows me. A mix of emotions clouded Lori's brain as she felt him moving down.

He got between her legs. As he continued to rub her clit with his thumb and her G-Spot with two fingers, she felt him slowly rub her asshole.

Fear came rushing back to the forefront of Lori's brain. She had almost forgotten about this.

He moved up to her breasts and teased all around her nipples as he drove her closer to an orgasm with fingers inside her. She realized he knows how to play her body against her. The different parts of her brain were at war and she knew which one was winning. It's impending. It's inevitable.

"Ask me to suck them. You will have to ask me."

"NO! Fuck off, you bastard."

"Oh, is that what you want?"

He took the fingers out of her pussy. He moved away. He got up from the bed.

FUCK! What did she do? She was so close. Goddamn it, Lori. Ugh. No, this was the right thing to do. She will not enjoy this. She will be faithful to her husband in her mind even if they had already defiled her. And she will not give her ass up so willingly. FUCK! Fuck! She wanted to cum so bad. Oh god, he got her so close. She was ashamed to admit it. Her legs were the first to betray her.

She squeezed them together. Then it was her hips. They bucked. Wishing his fingers were still inside her. She was watching his figure move out of the room when she cringed to hear herself say, "Come back."

He moved closer to the door. "Please, come back."

He turned back. And got back in bed. "Good girl. Lori, this time you will have to beg."

"Please suck my nipples."

He got back between her legs and moved up to her breasts. As he squeezed and teased them, he took a nipple and rolled it between his fingers. He quickened the pace of his fingers inside her. He waited to get her to the edge and then he started sucking her nipples. The sensation drove her wild and the struggle inside Lori's brain ended. She gave in. She felt the explosion not just in her body but her mind as well. He had made her cum.

He kept rubbing and led her to her next orgasm. In the middle of her ecstacy, she didn't realize when he had switched hands and was using her own wetness to slide a finger into her asshole.

Lori gasped. He moved his fingers in her pussy faster. She knew she was gonna cum again. She felt him slip a second finger in her ass. Then a third. Within minutes he had her rocking to the fingers in her pussy and ass. She orgasmed again.

As she was coming down, he got up and blew out the candles. Turned the normal lights on. He walked back with a bottle of lube. For the first time she saw his face.

Deuce. Oh my god, it's Deuce. He smiled. Then she looked down. His big brown cock. His Indian uncut cock. Oh my god. No, it's too big. Too thick. No way.

He smiled and rubbed some lube on his cock and then her ass. She squirmed and tried to crawl away.

"Please don't Deuce. Please no. Please. Let me go."

He grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders as he positioned himself between her legs. He leaned in. The angle left her pussy and ass obscenely accessible. She was at his mercy.


He caressed her face. Then he rubbed her nipples. Her body betrayed her once more. She knew he noticed.

"Ask me to fuck your ass, Lori Eryka Featherston. Ask me to shove my hard cock in your ass."

"No! Never!"

He twisted her nipple. She winced. But she got turned on as well. And then he started rubbing her clit again.

"Ask me to fuck your ass."

"You mean rape it."

She saw the look of anger flash across his face. He slapped her hard. The shock of it was jarring. He caressed her again. Played with her hair. And finger her pussy and clit.

"Ask me. Recognize what could've happened. How it could've happened. Appreciate what I've done. Then, ask."

Lori stayed silent.

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