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He willingly gave up his one love to make her happy.

So I walked around to the deep end of the pool and hopped on the diving board, as he watched in anticipation. I decided to sit on the edge of the board with my legs spread wide open and lay down. I start caressing my large tits, and touching my thighs, as I reach up and start rubbing my clit. It is so erotic to know that someone is watching me. I look up to see if he is still there, of course he was, so I walked back toward the shallow end (facing his house) and I started rubbing my hard nipples. I slowly lift one of my tits and lick the nipple, then I look up to see him standing there in awe, I take my finger and rub inside of my pussy and then motion for him to come down here. He is so hot, I want him bad. I want him to touch me, I want to feel him inside me, I have had way too much to drink tonight, and I am so horny.

As he walked through the gates I realized how hot he really was!! We didn't need any words, He just grabbed me and started kissing me, and His dick was already hard from the spying. He had a huge dick, I wanted him so bad. I love the feel of his hard dick against my wet naked body. So I lead him over toward the steps, and he sits down on the second step while I step in a little further and turn to his big dick and start kissing it. The water is so warm on my body, The steps touching my big hard tits, I start tonguing the top of his big cock as I move up and down, just licking every part of his dick, I cant take it anymore, I reach up and start playing with his nipples, and I swallow his whole dick, in and out, licking the top when I come up. I can feel his dick throbbing in my mouth, it feels so good, and He is grabbing my head thrusting it toward him. The water is splashing, I grab his balls so I can feel the rest of his hardness, and I massage his ass as I am sucking his big hard cock.

I slowly bring my chest up, almost out of the water so he can grab my tits while we put his hard dick in between them. It is so much more fun in the water, like we are floating. My hard tits are glowing in the moonlight, He is squeezing them together as I KNOW it feels good on his unseen hard dick right now, as it is for me to have his hard throbbing cock rub up and down my sternum as he rubs my nipples with his fingers.

I slowly slide up toward his face to kiss his soft neck, as my chest rubs on him. I can feel his heart racing. He reaches down and starts rubbing my wet pussy. It feels so good!! As he starts to put 3 fingers in side me and bend them a little, he hits my g-spot, and I am extremely horney I want him bad now, I start kissing him hard, as I thrust my pussy so he can reach deeper inside me, It feels so good, I can feel his hard cock against my pussy, I want Him now!! I reach down and grab his huge cock and rub it on my clit back and forth, his head feels so good rubbing on my clit. I can feel him throbbing, as I put his head inside my hot wet pussy, then out, then in a little deeper, as we or both ready to fuck.

I spread my legs wide in the pool and put his hard dick inside me, OH MY God!! I can feel him inside me and it feels so good!!!!!! He starts thrusting harder and harder as I am too... With every thrust my nipples get harder and harder, and his dick gets bigger and bigger. He is sucking on my hard nipples and it feels wonderful!! I am rubbing his chest hard, his sides, his head, fuck me baby, fuck me hard, I want you in me so deep I cant breathe.

He reaches down and slides 3 fingers inside while he is fucking me, as we are thrusting harder his fingers are touching my swollen clit, I am so ready to cum. I know he is too, I slow down a minute, and turn around with his hard dick still inside me, you can do that kind of stuff easily in water, and I lay facing upward, legs spread, and he wraps one arm around my body, as he plays with my hard tits, and the other hand slides down to my hot pussy and starts to rub my clit. Fuck me baby!!! So he did, fucking me like that hits the g-spot, and turns up the volume!!

How erotic, the neighbors are watching.

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