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Stacy tells her story.

Both were excited thinking about fucking Robert and Vanessa and it wasn't long before Pamela had an orgasm and soon after Edward came inside her.

Afterwards, Pamela told Edward about the comments that had been posted in the last few days on her last pictures. She had been reluctant at first to have her pictures online, but she loved the comments, she loved knowing that many men and some women were turned on by her body. They had even received several e-mails with pictures and videos of guys masturbating and coming all over her pictures.

* * *

That night after dinner Robert and Vanessa went to their bedroom and on the way upstairs, Vanessa pulled her dress over her head. Robert had noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra during dinner, as her nipples pushed through the material of the dress. And now he saw that she wasn't wearing anything under the dress. Yes, Robert thought, she's definitely changed in the last couple of days. He couldn't remember Vanessa ever doing something like this.

As soon as they got to the bedroom, Vanessa went over to Robert and after giving him a long kiss, she took off his shirt and knelt in front of him to take off his pants.

"Hey!" Robert said, "What's gotten into you? What have you been doing?"

"Well honey, I watched some more pics and videos on the site. I saw a couple more of Edward and Pamela, and I read some of the comments people posted about their videos and pics. And I got really horny... I had to masturbate, actually a couple of times. But now I want your cock."

Robert could not believe what he heard. Yes, they had enjoyed an open sexual relationship between them, doing all sort of things. Not from the beginning, though, due to Vanessa's strict upbringing. He had led her slowly, step by step, giving her time to adjust and to enjoy each new thing they'd tried. But Vanessa had never spoken so openly, using those words, seemingly without embarrassment. He definitely thought they had taken another step in their relationship.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth Vanessa blushed slightly. She had never used this kind of language before. Not that she had never heard them. Sometimes in the heat of their lovemaking Robert used them. But she had been brought up not say nasty words. However this time they just came out naturally, without her even realizing she was saying them until her sentence was finished. 'Oh well' she thought, 'I guess it's not that bad'. Her next thought was that she had changed somehow. She was changing somehow. An inner turmoil began surging in her mind, about the way she had been brought up and what she was doing, saying and feeling now. Her mind began to wonder but she came back to the present moment when Robert adjusted his position and his leg brushed against her arm. Even though her eyes were open, she had not been seeing, her mind was elsewhere, images of her parents had flashed through her mind as if they were in front of her. But now her attention focused on Robert's cock in front of her.

She had grabbed his cock, which was already half hard and was masturbating him absentmindedly.

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