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The after story of Jack.

My mind had for seemingly forever been conjuring ideas about great ways to take her and so there were more positions I wanted to try before loosing my first load. Without allowing my swollen member to escape its cradle, I helped her raise herself until kneeling on the foot of the bed, pulling her against my chest. I was then able to hold her tightly with my arms around her waist as I nearly picked her up by the strength of my thrusts, or to hold her delicate tits, kneading her nipples with fingers that cupped her breasts. Her moans became louder still and I began to loose myself completely. When her pussy clenched suddenly it became too much for my inexperienced loins to handle and I let loose a torrent of cum into her slutty little cunt. We left the master bedroom immediately for the shower, where she have me my first blowjob ever under warm cascading water. It remains one of my most memorable nights. It was the night that touched off everything that followed between us.

Years later, my response to her invitation was still as eager. I had been working my dick to make sure it never went limb but the simple knowledge that I was about to lay my youngest sister after so long a wait was now enough to keep it hard. She needed a moment to get ready so I withdrew to check on Amanda. She was still on the phone though she appeared bored as she sat on a chair fingering herself. She could be hours on the phone for all I knew. I needed to be satisfied.

I returned to Jessica's room to find the bed removed of its clutter and her pants and underwear removed. All the remained was her light t-shirt. Through it I could see the form of her tantalizing titties, their nipples poking through the worn material. She was still cute and innocent looking, even if I knew her lustful history.

She sat on the bed and using the remote turned the television volume down.

"It's been so long...Do you think we could start with a blowjob?", I inquired.

"Oh, I don't know," she mocked. "Sit yourself down."

I complied as soon as I could. First I had to fully remove my pants and underwear.

"You look as fucking hot as you did that first night when you were ransacking the porno stash," I said.

"You still reliving that memory?" She seemed surprised. I couldn't imagine how the memories did not still stir her.

As I sat down, she wasted no time getting started on my hardened rod. Its head was almost a blistered purple as she grasped the shaft tightly. I had plenty pent up anticipation since Amanda's interrupted blowjob. She took my head in all the way, right down to the shaft - something I was unaware she was capable of doing. She had always been the more sexually aggressive of the two girls but this was something she must have learned while away at school.

"Shit, girl...That's pretty hardcore..." I was in awe of her new talent.

Her saliva, applied thickly to my rocklike member, was dripping through my pubic hair. This girl had become a regular pornstar. After a few more minutes of this she pushed me back and climbed onto the bed. She crawled upward until her pelvis was level with my head and then she swung a leg over my face. Her intent was obvious and I was happy to oblige. She slowly lowered her hot box over my face as I used my hands to position her hips. My tongue touched her pussy lips lightly, sending a shiver through her that was accompanied by a moan. In no time she was mashing her pussy over my face, my tongue playing with her clit and sometimes penetrating as deep as it could. She began to rotate her hips over my face which was as exciting for me, I am sure, as it was for her. Her tiny five foot two body writhed in the air as she played with her A-cup titties, still covered by her shirt. Her sex juices flowed, covering my face.

That is when Amanda apparently hung up because I heard her from the doorway.

"I thought you were waiting for me!" she called.

I stopped eating to respond.

"There is room for more, I think. Jess is ready for a good fucking, right?"

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