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Sara enjoys a night out with Nate.


"Prepare to lose your pride, " as she struck downward.

The sword blade flew into the wall

Casper started laughing, "All right you proved you could be as cruel and vicious as Sarah."

"Thank you ." Karen looked around for her next tool.

"Please Mistress Karen!" Cane pleaded." Mercy!" the captive tried to stop panting.

Karen grabbed his cock and put 5 rings on it the last reaching his balls. She than hit a musical note.

"Ah.!. What have you done to me?!"

"You are under my musical dominance" The singer informed him. "Each note," as she hit a lower octave, "causes a different pain. So my fuck toy, who is the slut now?"

"I am Mistress."

"She sat on his face, "Slut suck my pussy."


"You Cunts better let me go!"

Sarah glanced up from her chess game at the straight jacketed man hanging helplessly. "I am worried", she said to Cassandra.

"Surely not about him?" the High Witch asked.

"You better, you don't know who you are dealing with!" Branch fumed

Ignoring him, "I am worried about the future of our species."

"How so?"

"In the last 2 weeks, I have seen one male that is worth contributing to the Gene pool."

Cassandra laughed, "You are too young to be so cynical. Trust me as High Mistress you will have the opportunity to have sex with many of the male workers."


"And, many of them can hold a conversation with words over two syllables."

"They can indeed." Interjected a new female voice.

Casper escorted a beautiful auburn haired woman into the dungeon.

"Daniela," Cassandra hugged her, "its been a long time."

"Yes Darling it has." she held out her hand, "You must be Sarah."

Sarah shook it.

"Daniela is a long time client, "Casper told her.

The guest walked over to the captive, "Well Peter you really are in trouble this time."

"Dani, what are you doing?"

"Negotiating your future dear as well as that of your miserable brat."

Casper kissed Daniela, "We are old friends and after our talk, we decided on a few things."

"I am taking over and you will be my servant." His wife told him.

"You think you will get way with this."

"I've dealt with lousy sex from the time of our marriage." Daniela undressed revealing her luscious body. "You are going to see how a real man treats a woman."

"I'll kill you both!"

Sarah, please gag him and makes sure he watches as we take pleasure from each other." Casper requested as he stripped.

After gagging Branch, Sarah picked up a ball buster paddle. "You will watch pig."

Casper was making this love sinuous and was emplacing pleasing Daniela. For her part Daniela was making no secret that she enjoyed cuckolding her husband.

"Master, please tie me up and make me your slut."

Daniela allowed her self to be tied spread eagle as Casper tortured her with a vibrator.

"I'm cumming" as she squired out

Do you want my cock?"

"Please fuck me ." she pleaded.

Branch tried to turn his head, but a strike with the paddle brought his attention back every time. Danielle arched her back in satisfaction.

They went to cowgirl , as Sarah was getting hot herself and whispered something to Cassandra who left the room.

"Finally an orgasm, "Daniela's taunted her husband.

The bound man could only fume as Cassandra returned with a leashed Jessica crawling on her knees.

Jessica looked in horror at her dad's predicament and how her step mom was with the enemy.

"Daniela, Sarah has a request."

"Which is?"

"I want to fuck your husband like the lower form he is!" Sarah requested.

"By all means, dear."

Sarah put on a strap on and grabbed Jessica by the hair, "I told you I would fuck him. "Now lubricate it."

The beaten enslaved girl obeyed without resistance.

Sarah than lowered the bound father to a comfortable position and ripped out the gag. "Ask me to fuck you!"

"Fuck you bitch!"

"You don't have a choice, "as the High Mistress slowly eased the tool in.

"May I join in?" Cassandra asked.

"Of course, " as the High Witch forced Ted face into her snatch.

"So you will going to sell the slut overseas were you? Make me Cum

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