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"Ooh the band was great," Kim cried in a breathy voice when she had recovered her senses. "I think you're sooo wonderful!"

"Is she the president of his fan club?" Julian whispered in Molly's ear.

"Definitely-if the role involves shagging him thrice nightly," Molly hissed back.

"Can I get you guys a drink?" Jack asked politely.

Molly noticed Kim's hand stroking Jack's chest like he was a delicious lump of candy and she felt sick to the stomach. "Sure," she replied dully. "I'll have my usual." In triplicate.

"Make mine a Carling," Julian said as he nuzzled Molly's neck affectionately. She pasted a smile on her face and pretended to respond to the loving gesture while still keeping one eye on Jack. Molly saw the look Jack threw her before he stalked off towards the bar leaving the lovely Kim to soak up the admiring glances from all the leather clad bikers in her vicinity.

After having consumed far too many drinks, it suddenly occurred to Molly that she desperately needed to pee. "Be right back. Don't feed the animals and keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times," she advised Julian as several bikers edged nearer to ogle Kim's tits. Kim seemed oblivious to the attention. She was carefully examining her acrylic nails with a vacant expression on her face.
* * *

The toilets were blessedly empty as Molly washed her hands in the filthy cracked sink. Classy place, she thought in disgust, eyeing the graffiti covered walls and grimy mirrors. It was beginning to feel like she'd made a huge mistake in trying to wind Jack up. Although it was obvious he was less than amused about Julian/Brian, it was pissing her off immensely to see him with Kim.

"What is the point?" she asked her reflection hopelessly as she stared at the fragmented mirror above the sink. If only she wasn't so addicted to the sex, then maybe she could forget about Jack. If only...

By the time she left the toilets, another band was playing on stage and the music was deafening. The thought of sitting through yet another hour of thrash metal whilst watching Kim eat Jack alive, did nothing for her digestion. Molly just wanted to go home and cry. As she hovered in the corridor outside the toilets, trying to stall her re-entry into the bowels of hell, she made a decision to tell Julian she was leaving. It didn't matter any more about making Jack jealous. It was obvious he was shagging porn star Barbie and therefore he didn't want her any more.

An arm suddenly slid around her waist from behind and somebody dragged her into a dark corner beside the fire exit.

"What the-" The words were cut off in a cacophony of screeching vocals.

"Brian's a wanker," Jack told her bluntly.

"That's unfair," protested Molly, "You don't even know him!"

Jack pressed her against the wall and slid his hands up from her waist until he reached the swell of her breasts. "I have no intention of getting to know him," he said before he kissed her, his tongue pressing for urgent entry until she gave in and allowed him into her mouth.

The all too familiar heat exploded within her like a firecracker. It had only been a week since she had been to his flat, but it felt like forever. Her body responded with traitorous ease and she melted into a puddle like butter in the scorching sun. Jack was hard as stone against her belly. The smell of his pheromone enhanced sweat sent her senses reeling in a blind surge of lust and when his hand dived inside her bra to squeeze her breast, she didn't have the will power to push him away.

"Barbie girl will be missing you," she gasped as his lips nuzzled the soft skin of her neck.

"I doubt it," he replied, forcing her thighs apart with his knee. "What about Brian-are you gonna dump him?"

Molly ground against him, trying to quell the ache deep inside. The trouble was, there was only one cure and a sleazy pub corridor wasn't the place for it.

"That depends-are you gonna dump Barbie girl?" The memory of Kim and her awe-inspiring tits still niggled her immensely.

"Kim doesn't mean anything to

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