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It was a room divider, but in this position, it formed a tiny little room no more than five feet by four feet. It was nearly pitch black, but Cindy knew what to do as she dropped to her knees before him and worked on his zipper.

Along with his help, she had his pants around his ankles in no time, and had her lips wrapped tightly around his cock. The shear idea of sucking off Susie's dad caused her pussy to drip. She was so caught up in what she was doing, she didn't have time to react as he suddenly gushed forth spurt after spurt of warm cum. Just the fact that she got him to cum in her mouth was enough to set her off, as she trembled in an unassisted orgasm. She swallowed every drop, savoring the salty sweet taste, milking his cock for as much as she could get. As she stood up, he reached under her skirt and slipped a finger in her very wet pussy. In the dim light, she could just barely make out a stack of chairs in the corner. She grabbed one, set it down, and grabbed the seat, bending over for him. He had no qualms about burying his tongue deep in her. He worked his way from her butt to her pussy, and back again. She shuttered in small orgasms that made her shake. She felt his tongue vacate her orifices, and felt his hands on her hips. His cock, now rock hard once again found it's way to the tight entrance of her pussy. She rocked back and forth, as he pushed more and more of it in. Once it was half way in, he pulled out, and slammed it home, much to Cindy's delight. He pumped in and out, grunting and groaning, and after a few minutes, held her hips tightly. She could feel each jet of cum as it bounced off the walls of her steaming pussy. He slowed his pace, but didn't stop.

"My god, I can't believe he's still hard!" Cindy thought as she enjoyed the fucking. He was soon pulling all the way out, and slowly pushing it back in, stopping on occasion to rub it up and down her butt crack. On the fourth time he pulled out, he smeared her juices once again along her backside, but this time stopped a little higher, as he pushed against her chocolate starfish. She tried to lean forward, but her head hit the back of the chair, as he continued to push. She relaxed as best she could, and thanks to the slippery cum juices he had smeared around, the head of his cock popped right in. He was courteous enough to wait, and allow her to adjust to this new intrusion. After a minute, he slowly pushed in and out, relishing the vise like tightness of her virgin ass. Cindy began to moan in a pleasure and pain combination. All at once, he buried his cock to the hilt in her, as they both shuttered in orgasms. Cindy didn't think she could cum from anal sex, but as his cum filled her bowels, she found out differently.

Meanwhile, Susie decided it was time to find her dad and friend, so she wandered back down the corridor towards the large banquet room. As she walked around among the hordes of people, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"There you are, Susie!" he shouted.

"Oh, hi daddy! I was just looking for you guys!"

"The other Santa showed up after all, so I went down the hall and took a little nap." he said, as he took the bag from her hand. "I thought Cindy was coming with you?"

"She wasn't with you?" Susie asked, now starting to worry.

"No, I haven't seen her, she's probably lost in the crowd here somewhere." he yelled over the crowd as he pulled a sandwich from the bag. "Well, I have to get back to my post. You and Cindy should stop by. Tell her I have a candy cane her to suck on!" he teased.

"Daddy!" Susie shouted as she punched him in the arm. He soon disappeared into the crowd, and Susie continued her search for Cindy. As she threaded her way around, she saw her dad sitting on his throne, waving as he caught her eye. She waved back as she mingled with the group.

Suddenly she saw Cindy, as she seemed to appear from nowhere.

"It looked like you just walked out of that wall!" Susie said as Cindy grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the side.

"Where have you been? I've been looking all over f

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