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Petra's first virgin night in a prison cell with Wreford.

I reach across the table again to kiss her passionately while I let my hand slide discretely down her chest and brush against her willing nipples. I press the button again and her head falls back while one of her hands disappears under the table. I'm sure the people around us have noticed our little display but they can't possibly know what's going on ... can they?

I've seen her cum a thousand times and I can tell she's very close. She leans forward again to look deeply into my eyes and I meet her in the middle. We're not so much kissing now as touching lips. Her eyes are open, her pupils dilated, and breath heavy. I hit the button again and she starts to cum immediately. "O Chris, O Chris, Oohhhhhhhhhh" she says breathily into my mouth. She shudders twice and leans back slowly in her seat. I turn off the remote and she thanks me with her eyes.

We finish our food quickly when it comes and leave the restaurant holding hands as usual. She needs a bit more support from me after 3 margaritas and laughs drunkenly about a funny thing I say. The remote is in my pocket now and as I reach for the car keys I turn her vibrator on again. Her walk slows and as we approach the car she pins me against it and kisses me passionately. She presses her body against mine and I can feel her vibrator now as she straddles my thigh. She grabs my hard cock through my pants and strokes it brazenly. I grab her ass firmly and pull her into my leg harder. With my free hand I reach down and hit the other button on the remote, the vibrations increase intensity as she slowly starts to ride my leg -- dirty dancing style.

The light is low in the parking lot but I can see that daring look again "Make me cum again," she says to me demandingly. I quickly hit the button a second time and can feel intense and deep vibrations through my leg. I free my hand from my pocket and grab her breast through her shirt. I slide my hand past her bra and find her nipple fully erect and wanton for my touch. As I gently roll her nipple in my finger, I move my kisses down her neck. She leans her head back and begins to cum wildly squeezing herself onto my thigh. Her previous restraint and discretion in the restaurant are now gone as she proclaims loudly to the parking lot full of cars - "O God, O God!"

Again I reach into my pocket and turn off the vibrator and she thanks me with a tender kiss. I let her into the car and ask her what's next. "You said you were going to buy me a new dress, so let's go." Not exactly the answer I was hoping for but I comply because I know my turn is coming soon. We hurry over to the mall next door and wander into one of her favorite department stores. It's busy with pre-season shoppers and bargain hunters of every type. She's the most beautiful woman in the store, red hair and svelte figure the envy of every woman in the place. She stops to look at shoes and I decide it's time for some fun.

I hit the switch just as the saleswoman returns from the back with her shoe selections. She looks over at me and I pretend not to notice anything as the attentive saleswoman talks about size and comfort for these shoes. I can tell she's worried that the woman will hear so I turn off the remote. As soon as she goes back to get another size for her, I turn it on again - this time on the second intensity level. She's trying to remain composed with half a dozen shoe boxes scattered around her and I turn it off just as the woman returns with 2 more boxes.

I stand and wander over to the men's shoes .

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