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European parties with a group of Japanese Hostesses.

He continued to slide his fingers along her clit oh so gently. But that was all. So Emily decided to give him the scare of his life by moaning and waking up simultaneously. His hand quickly withdrew as she pretended not to notice in waking up. She had a quick look around and most people on board the plane were sleeping, the lights dimmed too. The man next to her pretended to be asleep. She looked at him closely and could see his eyes slightly open, spying on her but she pretended not to notice yet again.

Emily scanned her environment and the people around her and when she deemed it safe, with exception to her voyeur tucked her thumbs underneath her panty band and pulled them down to her thighs.

Emily looked around again, nobody looking except the voyeur and scooped her juices from the crotch of her panties and sucked on her fingers. She repeated this several times, witnessing the man's erection building again. Emily continued to wipe up the seat from her mess, using her mouth as the disposal unit before finally digging into her pussy to clean it up too. Then she put her panties back on and went back to reading.

A part of Emily told her to stop toying with the man and just be a normal girl for the rest of the flight but her sexual drive told her to take it further. So take it further she did. An hour or so after her vaginal clean up, she stood, panties flashing and went to the bathroom. She did actually have to pee and while doing so gave her panties and pussy a good clean and dry session.

Afterwards she dropped her panties and tied her hair up into a pony tail using them. She fixed her skirt again and went back to her seat, privates remaining hidden this time as she passed the man. Emily decided to pretend to sleep again with her legs parted, pussy on display this time. The man, playing with fire decided to let her be for half an hour before his horniness took the better of him and he snapped a few photos again before continuing to touch her again. His finger dug between her flaps and moved up and down, he dared not insert it into her pussy.

Wide awake, Emily began to enjoy herself, the man's finger gently sliding along her sex. She moaned, gently and quietly. And again. And once more. But the man continued, fearless. Emily continued to moan for a minute or two until she was about to climax. Then she began to move around as if she were about to wake up, the man retreating as expected to his faking asleep position as Emily woke and stuck a finger straight into her soaked pussy and orgasmed. A gush of pure goodness radiated from her pussy to the rest of her body as she started to quietly pant to herself and the man. Her pussy matched her feelings with cum as her pussy erupted with the love juices. She caught most of it in her hand and quickly slapped it into her mouth, spraying some onto the man's face, before quickly racing to the bathroom.

The instant the door was locked she stuck three fingers straight into her pussy and pounded away, her palm stimulating her clit simultaneously. A second orgasm came within seconds and she squealed in pleasure. After she ingested all her juices, she cleaned herself up for the last time before the flight was over.

Emily retained an innocent girl attitude for the next couple of hours after she got off the plane and took a taxi to her cabin. As soon as the taxi turned the corner she stripped herself of her skirt, top and bra, followed by her hair tie aka panties and shoved them in the side of her bag. Then she pulled out the key for the cabin and headed inside. Her back to back orgasms had tired her out so she called it a night and went to sleep right away.

The next morning Emily slid herself out of bed and skipped to the veranda.

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