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The participants have a moment of reprieve or do they?

She still held his hard cock in her hands as she further humiliated herself for his pleasure. She met him at a party just a few months ago and they both quickly took a liking to each other even agreeing to go out on a date but seemingly after that first date his dominant side started to show up.

He managed to talk his way into her bedroom that night and they had sex, the next day he started treating her like a slave. Zendaya was so shocked by his behavior toward her that by the time she got it in her head to fight back it was already too late, he had basically turned her into his 'fuck slave" which is why she was in the position she was in right now.

Zendaya kept barking as while looking at his cock with need in her eyes. He finally clamped her hand over her mouth making her stop.

"Are you gonna be a good girl Z?" He asked her, she nodded. He smirked and removed his hand.

"Suck it bitch."

He didn't even finish the word 'bitch', something she would have spoken up against before, when Zendaya engulfed his cock with her mouth. She let out a deep moan of pleasure as she started to suck him. Zendaya stroked him softly a couple of times before engulfing his cock in her mouth.

Zendaya closed her eyes and bobbed her head up and down on his cock, she signed deeply and her hand slid down her nude body and stopped at her pussy, she moaned slightly with a cock in her mouth as she began to stroke her pussy. Zendaya's eyes opened when she felt her hands being slapped away from her pussy, he tilted her head up so she could look him in the eyes.

"None of that, you don't get to cum until I do." He said as Zendaya obediently put her hands back in his view and continued sucking. Stroking his shaft with one hand Zendaya used the other to cup and fondle his balls. She kept sucking and licking his cock and moaning in pleasure, she fondled her tits and moaned.

"Do you want to cum on my face baby?" Zendaya asked as she looked up at him stroking his cock.

"You bet I do slut." He said as he ran his hand through Zendaya's hair. Zendaya kept jacking him off, feeling his cock pulse in her hand she gave it a couple more quick licks and sucks then aimed it at her face shutting her eyes tight.

The first ribbon of cum leaped out of his dick at her landing between her eyes, Zendaya smiled slightly as her face was battered by hot bursts of cum. Once he was done she had a coat of cum all over her face. Letting go of his cock she gathered up his seed from her face and ran it through her hair.

Again he smirked at her doing this degrading act, he knew she belonged to him and so did she. Still, it didn't hurt to hear her say it.

"Who owns you?" He replied forcing her to look in his eyes again.

"You do master." Zendaya said continuing to massage his cum into her hair. It was an act of ownership that she knew turned him on, she also knew what was next. He stood up.

"On the couch" He said, Zendaya smiled and stood up, she bent herself over the arm of the couch and spread her legs. Zendaya steadied herself and waited for him, she knew he liked to make her wait and wait she did.

He slid his cock up against her tiny, wet pussy and pushed in. Zendaya let out a satisfied moan, this is what she had been waiting for since the moment she woke up this morning knowing she would be coming here to visit the man who, lets face it, owned her.

He grunted as he slammed his 8 inch cock deep into her teenage pussy, even accentuating his last thrust with a slap on her ass making it jiggle. He gripped the ends of her hair to keep his balance, she may have been resisting outwardly but her body was loving the treatment she was getting as her vaginal walls gripped him tighter almost milking him.

He pulled out of her pussy and held his cock directly at her lower lips, teasing them and driving Zendaya further up the wall with desire. Zendaya looks back at him pleading with him, she hadn't cum yet and he was denying her. He could be so cruel sometimes.

"P-p-please master.

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