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And then it happened in the aftermath.

It's not far from here, would you mind going over there for a while?"

I looked over at her and smiled. "I thought you had a migraine." I quipped.

She smiled back and slurred slightly, "No migraine. I just wanted to leave that stuffy party and have some real fun."

I was a bit disappointed and added, "I was hoping that we could go back to your place and have 'some real fun.'"

"I think you will enjoy this party and later we can go back to my place and have some special alone time. OK?"

"Sure," I said. I was damn horny and was looking forward to seeing where this was going to go. Maybe Tammy was having second thoughts.

Tammy directed me to a house a few blocks away. It was another beautiful home in Tammy's neighborhood.

As we pulled up the driveway, Tammy said, "Carol is a real estate broker she teaches Sunday school with me. I have known her for years. Her husband, Jake, is an investment banker. She has been hosting these parties for a couple of years. I never thought about coming until tonight. I thought it might be fun to come with you."

I was a bit confused. I was not sure why Tammy wanted to come here with me but not before.

There were three other cars in the driveway. We parked my car behind a Lexus and walked up the brick pathway to the front door.

We rang the doorbell and a minute later we were greeted at the front door by a very attractive, slightly overweight woman, about fifty with long dark black hair. She was Italian looking with deep brown eyes. She was only about five-foot-tall with rather large breasts for a woman of her stature. What was really mind-blowing was that she was just wearing what looked to be a black negligee and high heels.

When she saw Tammy, her eyes lit up and she smiled broadly. She hugged Tammy and exclaimed rather loudly, "Tammy, my God. I thought you would never come to one of our parties!" She looked over at me and continued, "And who is this handsome guy?"

Tammy turned to me and said, "Steve this is my friend Carol. Carol this is Steve. We sing in the choir together."

I held out my hand, and Carol stepped past it to embrace me and ended the embrace with a deep French kiss that suggested many possibilities. As we kissed, I could feel her triple Ds press against my chest. Yes, she was wearing a negligee alright. Carol invited us into her home, where there were three other couples.

Carol got everyone's attention and said, "Everyone, this is my friend Tammy and her friend, Steve." Everyone said their hellos.

Carol continued, "This is Helen and Bill," indicating a couple to the left. Helen was a tall, very slim, attractive woman in her mid-fifties with short silver hair. Helen wore a silver clinging outfit and looked like it had been spray painted on her body. She was wearing silver heels that laced up her calf. Bill was a bit younger I would guess in his mid-forties. Bill was blond and well built.

"This is Tom and Paula." Carol indicated to a couple in the middle of the group. Tom was bald with a goatee. He was thin and short. I was not sure of his age but guessed he was in his mid-forties. Paula was Asian, around 35, slightly smaller than Carol, with long black hair. Paula was thin, but with some fantastic surgically enhanced tits. They were huge. Paula was wearing a black dress with two long vertical ribbons of material that went up from her waist, barely covering the nipples of her chest, and tied behind her neck. I fully expected her breasts would pop out if she moved from side-to-side. She wore black spiky strappy heels like Tammy's.

"And this is Jenny and Paul." Jenny was about fifty with blond hair, medium build, but very athletic. She looked like she worked out a lot. Jenny was average height and weight and had what I call "dancers legs" which include well-defined calves. She was wearing a yellow see-through negligee with a g-string panty. She was barefoot. Paul was also about fifty, a bit on the heavy side. He had brown hair and a body that suggested that he was a football player at some time in the past. He was about 6'3".

Carol poured us a couple of glasse

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