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.. Oh! I did have a flirt with Greg last year, and I admit to have flashed some skin to Philipp in more than an occasion to see him look hungrily at me. The sin of a lonely girl, perhaps.

"My Lord Abbot, I beg your forgiveness. It was the mistake of a lonely woman, who had not felt precious or cherished in a very long time. Surely you can comprehend, Abbot."

"But why turn to some of our younger novices, sister Audrey? Some would say you wished to tease, with said actions, some other person you wished to allure." Both his hands grazed my hipbones now.

I swallowed. That had been partially true. But how could a nun have the Abbot? It could never be, so the nun resorted to what she could have.

"I beg your forgiveness Abbot, I did hope for some other to notice, but I think I miserably failed." The last words came out chocked in fear.

"Failed, sister Audrey? You did not obtain the man of your desires, am I correct?"

"I could not, Abbot, he would never touch me." I whispered, feeling his own breath right on my neck. "He is too much of a good person too, I fear I have lost his respect with my foolish actions."

"They were foolish, to be sure. Why did you resort to them, sister Audrey?"

"I was persuaded he could never see me. I am but a nun, after all, what could attract him to me if no jealousy? I tried my riskiest card, and failed."

"I would say, sister Audrey, that the order is very much disappointed in you. But I, for a fact, might enjoy bringing you back to the right path." With those last whispered words, he spun me around and kissed me forcefully. Taken aback, I could not keep him out of my mouth, nor I wanted to. as I wrapped my bare and cold arms around his neck, he broke the kiss for air.

"Naughty nun." He smirked.

"Perverted Abbot." I whispered, still breathless.

"Careful sister Audrey, you might put yourself in more trouble than you already are." He bit my lower lip and walked me back to the cold stone wall of the crypt, kicking the wooden door shut, to prevent the improbable other tourists to spot the unusual nun-Abbot interaction.

"I beg forgiveness, my Abbot. What can I do to repay you for my behavior." I was perfectly conscious of my expression so not nun-like.

"Since you were so eager to show more skin than allowed, finish that job, sister Audrey. Take this inappropriate dress off, so that we might change you in a more suitable one." This sentence, combined with the smirk on his face, took away from me every will power to resist this mad game.

I slowly reached for the straps of my black dress, and let them fall on my shoulders. The light dress begun to fell loosely around my hips. I shook it off and let it pool at my ankles, biting my lower lip.

"What will my penitence be Abbot?" I whispered, hoping he would keep playing the game that was making me so bold and shameless I barely recognized myself.

"Mmmh..." he faked pondering looking around the crypt. He finally sat on a stone stool, one piece with the wall, and gestured me to come closer.

As slower as I could, I stepped out of the pooled dress on the floor and approached the Abbot waiting for me.

"Naughty nuns need to be taught a lesson." He grinned. "Lay flat on your stomach on my legs."

A shrill went down my spine. I knew what would happen, only I had never imagine Rick, Abbot Rick, would do such a thing.

I did as instructed and felt my reddened skin brush against his jeans. The subtle pain was drowned out by the adrenaline rushing over my body.

The first hit was light, not meant to hurt, but my burned bottom felt a little pain all the same. "Should a nun have sunburns, sister Audrey?" he motioned for the waistband of my thong, worn to prevent rubbing on my burned cheeks, and slid it down my backside and legs, to my knees.


Another slap still not to hurt, but hard enough I knew I had to keep playing along. "No what?"

"No, Abbot, she should not have exposed herself so."

"Then she deserves to be punished.

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