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A lucky fan meets two former WWE divas.

Some have built in lattices or other features but they add to the cost so it's up to you. I took the liberty of measuring most of the windows as I ran out of work earlier. I just need the dimensions of your bedroom windows."

They proceeded upstairs where he took the measurements as she stood just inside the room. A few minutes later they were again on the street where John unlocked his passenger door to allow Julie to get in. As they drove he figured now was the best time to broach the subject.

"About yesterday morning Julie, I apologize. If I had waited until you left before starting to work-"

"No John, it wasn't your fault. If I was watching where I was going instead of rushing blindly into you like that, so no apology is necessary and we won't mention it again."

He knew there was no way he could forget what he saw even if he never mentioned it but he held his tongue - for the moment at least. With a sidelong glance he noticed that Julie's face was red as a beet so he continued to keep his face turned straight ahead as he drove.

"You have an idea of what color paints you want?"

"Uh huh, for the most part."

"Well then you just have to decide which rooms you want done first. If you want I can work tomorrow and get a number of windows done if they have them in stock which will allow you to have the rooms painted according to your schedule. I figure when I paint your room you might want to sleep somewhere else for a night or two because of the smell."
"I'll think about it but I probably want my room done first if that's okay," she said softly.

"Whatever you want Julie."

Things worked out well at the home improvement mega-store. She was able to get all the paint colors she wanted and they actually had some of the windows she chose in stock. The bathroom window wasn't available as it was an odd size and the glass needed to be opaque but the rest of the second story windows and the paint were soon loaded in his truck. On their way back John decided to try something.

"Julie, with all this running around what do you say I take us to dinner? There's a nice Italian place coming up and we can work out a timeframe for the work as we eat. What do you think?"

Her initial thought was to say no but instead she surprised them both with her reply.

"All right but I insist that we split the cost."

"Fine if that's what you want," he said with a big smile, just happy that she accepted his offer.

They settled in and ordered dinner. At first they discussed what rooms she wanted tackled first with her bedroom the number one priority followed by the kitchen. As the meal went on however talk turned to other subjects aided no doubt by the carafe of wine John ordered. Julie learned that he had been living in Las Vegas before his recent return to town.

"Things were booming at first when I went out there, there was construction everywhere. When things went south I still did all right for a while as the company I was with had some contracts with the big developers or on government subsidized jobs but after a while the jobs were completed and the new ones weren't coming in like before. Work started becoming infrequent and soon I was just looking to do anything to tide me over."

"If I had been able to dance I'd have been able to earn money but unfortunately I have two left feet so that didn't work out. I actually worked with a magic act where I stood on stage with no shirt and I'd assist the woman who would be levitated or sawed in half. Me and another guy would lift her or help her get into position in the box or whatever. Lousy pay and hours and certainly no future in it though the work was easy. So that was my career in showbiz. Things got worse after that and I knew I needed a change."

"Then my uncle contacted me letting me know my Dad wasn't doing too well.

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