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Her big round nipples were pointing right at my face.

"And tell me, Paul," she asked, pushing her tits out. "How old do you think I am?"

"Hmmmm," I answered. "I don't know."

"Well, baby," she continued, dropping her tits onto my cock. "I'm fifty-six. What do you think about that?"

I didn't think much about anything at that point, except raising my hips up so my cock would be smothered by her luscious tits.

"Yessssss," she gasped. "That's it. Old enough to be your mother, at least."She dipped her head down to lick my cock. I groaned and she lowered her body and grabbed my cock. She played with my dick, stroking it, licking it, wiggling it, and finally, stuffing it into her mouth, inch by inch.

"Ahhhh," I groaned as she gobbled up my cock. Soon she was feeding it in and out of her mouth like a woman starved for a good meal. I pushed her head up and down as she greedily gobbled up my dick. Then, as I felt myself getting really stiff, I reached down and pulled her up. She dragged her tongue across my body as she rose up. Our lips met, and seconds later she sat on my dick and my hard seven inches was buried deep in her pussy. We fucked like that for a half hour, me sucking on her titties and running my lips across her chest and neck, she straining with pleasure as I bounced her up and down on my hips. We came together and she plunged her tongue into my mouth as we ground out our orgasms together.

We fucked with abandon all night. We fell exhausted into sleep with my cock still buried in her cunt, having just taken her doggie style.

The next day was my first day off, so I was in no hurry to climb out of Barbara's bed. We woke up together lazily, kissing and hugging, and then she headed off to take a warm bath. I lay there in bed, listening to her draw her bath, admiring my tired, deflated cock, and enjoying the bright sunshine and ocean air. I heard her get in the bath.

"Paul, honey," Barbara called from the bath.

"Yeah," I answered.

"Where are you from?"

Los Angeles I told her. She asked me where I went to school and other questions. Then she asked, "Do you like fucking older women?"

I felt my cock stir. I'd never really thought about it that way. But looking at my stiffening cock and remembering the night before, I answered: "Yeah, I guess I do now."

I heard her giggle.

"Paul," she asked again. "What's your last name anyway?"

"O'Neill," I answered back.

There was a pause.

"O'Neill," she said. "Paul O'Neill. That's my son's name."

"Yeah," I said. "I guess it's pretty common."

There was a longer pause.

"What was your mother's maiden name?" She asked me, as I heard her rising from the tub.

"Brindle," I answered.

I heard Barbara gasp in the bathroom.

"What's the matter?" I asked as I rose from the bed. I thought she'd tripped or had some kind of accident.

"Paul," she said, filling the doorway to the bathroom and wrapping herself in a towel. "Paul, my god. My name is Barbara O'Neill. My son Paul married a woman named Sue Brindle. They had a baby named Paul. He was born in 1981."

"What?" I gasped. My head was reeling. I could barely think. The room spun around around me. "What are you saying?"

"My god," Barbara almost screamed. "I'm your grandmother!"

I couldn't' speak. I had just spent the entire night fucking a sexy, hot, horny woman. I had just spent almost eight hours with my cock buried happily my grandmother's hungry cunt!

Barbara moaned and closed the bathroom door. I sat back on the bed, numb with shock. Slowly, I rose and knocked on the bathroom door.

"No, no, no Paul," Barbara groaned from behind the door. "Go away. Go away."

"Barbara," I pleaded half-heartedly.

"Go away, please," she mumbled through the door. "Just go away."

Still in shock, confused, I turned and pulled on my clothes. I could hear Barbara sobbing in the bathroom.

I leaned against the door.

"Barbara," I pleaded, full of sadness. "It's okay. We didn't know. How could we know. Please . . .say it's ok."

Barbara sobbed. "Go away. I'm sorry."

I backed away from the door and turned to leave her cabin, casting one

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