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No rest for the wicked.

Back in Scott's home town, they had a fresh start, and enjoyed making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.

Neither Scott nor Dana were fond of Ted's wife, and that helped make Ted more comfortable talking about Emily. Scott even joked about having Ted bring his new girlfriend over some night "so we can party". Ted filed the idea away on his mental "to do" list.

Ted had spent the morning with Emily at her request. She had registered for her college classes and received the syllabus from each of her professors. Today was book-buying day and she knew she'd want an extra pair of arms for all the materials she'd have to purchase. Ted followed Emily up and down each aisle of the college bookstore, as she checked off each item on her list. He noted all the pretty young girls in the store, some of whom gave him an approving glance. Emily appeared to bristle when she'd notice, not at Ted but at the girls. Ted wasn't interested in the girls, but it was nice to know he was still desirable, even to girls in Emily's age range. As they stopped at one rack and Emily looked for a book, they overheard an exchange on the other side of the rack.

"Did you see that girl's dad?"

"Yes! Oh my god he was hot."

"I know, right? Wish he was my dad," and she giggled.

"I wish he was your dad too," answered the other girl.

"Why?" asked the first.

"Because then I would fuck your dad," and both girls laughed.

Ted smiled and Emily continued to scowl at the row of books.

When they had everything on the list, Ted and Emily carried the books to a counter and a bored-looking young man scanned each item as the register tallied the total. He looked up from the screen at Emily. "Okay, your total is $648.14."

"What the fu..." Emily exclaimed. She knew the books were expensive, but she wasn't ready to hear that. Ted waved her off, reaching for his wallet.

"Okay, plastic is okay, right?" he said, offering his credit card.

"Sure," said the young man, swiping it in the machine.

Emily was grateful for Ted stepping in, because she only had about $400 in her checking account.

The clerk bagged the books and handed them across the counter, and Ted scooped them up. "Thanks, have a great day," he smiled. The young man nodded with the boredom of someone who wasn't planning to have a great day at all, as he had to be there for at least 5 more hours.

In the parking lot, Emily walked fast to keep up with Ted, her shorter stride forcing her to hustle in order to keep up. "I'll pay you back, I wasn't expecting it to be that much," she said, sounding embarrassed. She genuinely wasn't expecting it to be that costly.

"No problem, Angel. Save your money for other stuff," and he smiled.

When she unlocked her car, Ted put the bundle in the back seat, and went around and opened Emily's door for her, kissing her on the cheek as she got in. Emily looked around quickly but didn't see that anyone had noticed. Ted circled around and got behind the wheel.

When they went out together, Emily liked her own car better than Ted's, but Ted did almost all the driving, and always played the old-fashioned gentleman. It took some getting used to, as Emily had never known a man that did such things.

As they drove, Emily tried to tally up how much Ted must have spent on her over the last year, and gave up when it reached well into four figures. He never complained, and seemed to love paying her way for everything.

Car repairs, clothes, makeup, personal items, endless dinners and day trips, and now school expenses. He had already paid half her tuition fees, so the money her parents were giving her to help out went towards a fund she had started for her future with Ted. He had pointed out that the church probably wouldn't want a divorced man as their youth director, so he'd need to find other work.

She tried not to think about a term she had recently learned: "Sugar Daddy.

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