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She turned to face him "About what???"

"Us. What's going on between us." He stated seriously, his dark hypnotic eyes boring into hers.

"There is NOTHING going on!" Jasmine spluttered, unnerved by his intense gaze. "There is no us."

Before she knew what was happening Rowan's face was suddenly inches from hers. But just seconds before their lips could meet he whispered "Are you sure about that?" Smirking, he suddenly dropped her wrists and pulled away from her.

Seconds after the 'almost kiss' Jasmine stood there in a total daze, her cheeks burning and her heart slamming against her ribcage as if trying to escape from her chest.

What a prick! she thought angrily as turning away from him and started to continue towards the bridge, when she felt Rowan's hand clamp down on her shoulder.

She swiveled around, coming face-to-face with Rowan who swiftly cupped and tilted her face upwards with his strong, masculine hands. She looked up into his eyes and began to protest "Wha..." when he suddenly leant forwards and gently kissed her.

She clung to him as the kiss deepened and became more passionate, his fingers tangling in her long dark hair as their bodies melded together.

His hands slid under her top he skillfully unhooked her bra and then quickly removed her top. He ran his hands over her breasts before gently squeezing them with his hot hands. Jasmine stifled moans as he tweaked her nipples and suckled them fervently.

She removed his shirt and ran her hands over his muscled chest and flat stomach as she planted gentle kisses all over his neck.

As soon as Jasmine felt his hand brushing the top of her leg and slipping into her panties she started to panic. Tensing her whole body, she rallied herself to push him off and run away when suddenly his fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy and touched her clit. That first brush of his fingers made her gasp and clutch onto his broad, muscular shoulders and he leaned down to her, working in rhythmic circles with his experienced hand.

He looked into her eyes, "I know you want me" he smirked.

Jas made no effort to reply, her hips moving gently now to the rhythm of his hand.

"God... ever since I first met you I've wanted to fuck you." His riveting words tantalized her, but frightened her at once. He removed her panties with ease and then slipped his hand down the line of her pussy before returning to her clit.

Despite herself, Jas felt a small smile on her lips. His fingers began to work faster, slipping into her wet pussy as she groaned with pleasure "Oh God..." Arching her back against the wall, she clung to him as her first orgasm rocked her body. Sagging back against the wall, she opened her eyes to see Rowan had unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles.

He didn't look at all like a schoolboy in that moment. He really was a man. Her eyes dropped. She'd never seen one before. His long, hard cock stood high and proud above a bush of dark hair. His balls hung beneath it, large and swollen, and Jas could not help but drop to her knees and wrap her slender fingers around it.

She gazed up at him with dark eyes, lost in a sea of desire. Seeing this, Rowan gently pushed her to her knees and positioned his cock before her mouth. Gently, she opened her lips for it and, cupping his balls in one hand, ran her tongue up and down the shaft, sucking furiously and making a soft moaning in the back of her throat.

After a few minutes he knew he couldn't stand it any longer without shoving it all down her throat, he suddenly grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up, her legs wrapping around him. When she felt his thumb rolling around inside her pussy, Jas thrust against it with unbridled passion.

"Rowan...I want all of you" she whispered urgently.

Sensing her desire, her desperation to have him fuck her, he then withdrew his thumb. He lifted her up, pushed her hard up against the wall and placed his hands about her hips before forcefully pulling her down onto his hard, throbbing cock.

Jas cried out, burying her face in his neck as h

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