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Lori and her husband go out on the town.

I arrived at the hotel, check in and headed up to my room. I decided I would also rent a car, and make a drive-by the next day. Then at night, I would begin my reconnaissance.

The next day, I rented the car I would use for this endeavor, and headed toward our home to observe what was going on. The first drive was in the morning, and her car was in the driveway, but no signs of any foul play. Since I choose the morning for my first observance, which was not odd as it was Saturday.

The next passing of my house was in the late afternoon, and I noticed her car was not there. Again, not that odd, she may have gone grocery shopping or hit the mall. I then decided to go out for a bite to eat, and maybe see a movie, as I did not plan my last drive until after dark.

I wound up eating at this great Mexican place, I noticed, but my wife never wanted to go, then caught an early showing of the new action flick. As I started out for my 'checkup', I began to ponder what I would see, and what my reaction would be. I honestly was not feeling jealous this whole time, but chalked it up to the task instead. Then I thought what if she was not even doing anything. I mean, this kid could just be an intern at her firm and she was platonically teaching him the ropes.

This drive did give some information at least, as there was a car I did not recognize sitting in my driveway. Just then, I felt the jealousy in the pit of my stomach. I turned out my headlights as I pulled over to the curb across from my house. I sat there, in the car thinking about what was going to happen in the next few minutes. I tried like hell to prepare myself for what I would see, but to no avail.

As I made my way to the living room window with a lump in my throat and a pang in my side, I positioned myself for the best viewing. I looked in, but no lights were on and no one was present. "Hmm..." I thought to myself in confusion. Then, an idea sparked in my head, I will try the bedroom window.

This thought obviously made my senses heighten, and palms start to sweat as I crept around the shrubbery. When I reached the window, I peered inside and with the help of the light from the nightstand; I could see clearly what was going on. The jealousy I felt before, was nothing compared to what I now felt, as I watched my wife take this black twenty-something year old into her mouth.

I quickly pulled back from the window and slid my back to the house. "What the hell?" I thought to myself. "She was really fucking someone, behind my back!" My mind raced with questions. Should I bust in there and rip them a new one? Should I merely leave and come home tomorrow to confront her?

I moved around to the window again, still wondering what I should do. He lay on his back, legs extended and my wife was on her knees sucking his dick. As I started to watch more, I realized she was having hard time taking his entire cock into her mouth. He did look rather big, and if I had to guess, I would say about ten inches. Wait... what the fuck am I doing? Was I getting turned on watching my wife suck another man off?

I then began to notice my growing tighter as I continued to watch her. She was now using both hands to guide her mouth up and down his shaft. Why was I enjoying this? I should be furious, as I still felt the rush of jealousy over my body.

Suddenly she stopped her sucking; I quickly went to the side making sure I was not discovered. However, as I peeked around, slightly sticking my head to the corner of the window, I realized she only stopped to climb on top of him.

She was wearing the white nightly that did not cover her ass.

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