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Rob and Sherry's last day at the cottage.

Cindy watched him come out of the kitchen clutching the two cups then noticed he had tugged out his shirt. Then she saw it: There was a bulge beneath the shirt. He looked aroused, completely aroused. She squirmed lightly as she felt a sudden dampness in her panties.

Mike handed her a cup.

"Thank you," she managed to say.

He placed his cup on the stool and sat by her. "I have yet to thank you properly for saving my groceries," he laughed. He was watching those lips. They were driving him mad.

He could not help it. He leaned in, and she did not move. He set his lips on hers, and then something happened; A wild fire was ignited. Her hands came around his neck, and his lips took hers passionately. He groaned; she felt it.

Thousand of sparks flew through Cindy. This was unlike her, for she had never done anything like this in her life. But she wanted this man! His scent was driving her nuts, and that arousal had added to her heat.

He wanted her now. his arousal was now painful. He groaned, and his hands came down to caress her breast. She was not wearing a bra, and he could feel her nipples erect beneath his touch. Then he broke the kiss.

She looked at him with wide savage eyes. He could see how aroused she was, and there was a questioning look in her eyes.

"Come," he said. "Trust me."

he took her hand pulled her up as she followed him into the spare room.

She let out a gasp as she walked in. Stopping in her tracks, she looked about: A swing, a bed, cuffs, gags, and everything else you could imagine that had to do with bdsm. It sent a wave of excitement and fear through her.

He he turned and looked at her.

"Trust me," he said again. "You will never forget this day in your life." He took Cindy's lips once more.

He undressed Cindy and himself, never breaking the kiss. He then held her away from him, and feasted on her beauty. Her skin was so soft beneath his touch. She was amazing.


Cindy struggled at the bindings of the swing. Her body was frenzied with lust. He was driving her mad with desire. She wanted to touch him, to grab his hair as he sucked on her nipples, yet she was bound and helpless. Waves of more desire kept shooting through her as he sucked. She moaned gently, and then she felt his kisses draw lower; towards her navel, and then down to her clit. She arched her back as he began to lick her. She let out a deep moan,

"Oh, my god," she said breathlessly.

Cindy tasted wonderful to him. Her clit was so wet, so hot. His lips began to kiss and suck her, his tongue lapping. He knelt down on the floor so his face was right between her thighs; his arousal harder than it had ever been was about to burst. But he had just begun and would not stop till she was pleading for mercy.

As he found her bud and began licking it with his tongue, she twisted in her bindings. He looked up at her.

"Enjoying, my dear Cindy?" he asked.

"God! Yes!" she managed to scream.

He returned to licking her bud, her folds now glittering. He probed his tongue into her, fucking her gently with it. He could taste her wetness, her cum. One hand left its grasp and came to tease her bud as he probed her with his tongue. She screamed in pleasure.

She couldn't take it anymore. The pleasure was too strong. Cindy was thrashing her head around, moaning, screaming, her body wriggling, arching, the whole swing moving beneath her shaking body. He was pleasuring her so much and driving her wild. She felt a carnal need grow deep inside her; a need to be fucked so hard that she would not have a breath left in her. she wanted to feel him deep in her, thrusting, grinding.

"Please, Mike," she screamed as she felt her climax.

He heard her, but ignored it.

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