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Mother & son story.

came as Jo thrashed under her Daddy, finally demanding his cum fill her cunt, "Your cunt, Daddy!" she screamed, "always yours!"

Sydney roared as he obeyed her request and the three people clasped each other tightly as Sydney sobbed into Jo's breasts as he filled her with the biggest load of cum he had produced in days. The sheet below Jo was soaked in juices, both male and female and the light pink of blood. Beneath Kelsey the bed was also wet and Jo giggled as she told the woman holding her that she had felt her female spurts of hot liquid low on her back as she came with Sydney.

"That has got to have been the most wonderful experience of my life," the woman told them as they lay either side of her.

"How do you feel sweetie," asked Sydney, his concern for the nurse was evident in his voice and eyes.

"Like my Daddy just gave me the most wonderful birthday present ever," said Jo sweetly, her lips found his and kissed away his concerns.

"When is your birthday, Jo?" asked Kelsey puzzled.

"Today," she said shyly, "it was why I came over yesterday. I wanted to see if you wanted to come out to dinner with me. But this is a far better present than I could ever have imagined. I don't know what you did to me Sydney, but I have never felt so carefree, loved and wanted in all my life. Even my real Daddy would be struggling to match what you two have given me."

"Can you explain this?" Sydney asked as he flicked some controls on his bed head and the screen dropped from the canopy above. The large screen showed Sydney's cock withdrawing from Jo's pussy and the light red drops of blood mingled in the fluids visible on his thick shaft.

Jo giggled, "I think my sex shop owner is going to be very pleased with her 'Virgin Again' product!"

She jumped from the bed and picked up her carry all bag that was lying against the wall of the room and produced a small box. Inside were several flat rings covered with a fibrous mat. Holding one in her hand in the circle she made between her thumb and forefinger she poked another finger through the mat and red dye oozed from the ring as the material stretched then broke. "It was something she got made for a couple that wanted to pretend to be virgins on their wedding night," she smiled. "I put it in when I got up this afternoon hoping that someone was going to be around to help me break my 40 year old box in!" Her laughter at Sydney's face set Kelsey off into giggles as well.

"Bloody women!" he chuckled.

An alarm sounded on Sydney's bed head and Kelsey also heard it go off in the kitchen. "Fucking hell!" she cursed, "Not again!" She bounded from the bed and out through the doors. The alarms stopped as further curses were heard by the pair remaining on the bed wondering what was going on.

Kelsey appeared in the doorway again. "Well it looks like take-away for dinner, that's the second curry we have managed to ruin today!"

"And someone told me I had done it wrong," Sydney remarked smugly. Then he announced that he would take them to dinner if Kelsey could get Jenny and Bonnie organised. He beckoned to the shower and Jo jumped up to join him. Kelsey went out to the kitchen to ring her daughter and niece before she joined the two.

"Seems familiar doesn't it," she said as Sydney rinsed her hair with water to remove the sweat from her locks after he had done the same to Jo.

"Soft of," mused Jo, "I remember something about you saying you were going to dye your hair cause you wanted Daddy," she giggled as she said the word, "to wash your hair to get rid of it."

"What else Jo?" asked Sydney as he rubbed his fingers through the dampness of Jo's hair again.

"A lovely dream of running on the beach with you two then being in your bed. Oh," she stopped as she recalled more of her dream. "I am such a naughty girl, I made my Daddy cover my nipples and pussy with suntan lotion in front of my sexy Mummy!" Her soft tinkling laughter caused her breasts to jiggle, her laughter turned to moans as the two fastened their mouths to her erect nipples.

"We will never get to dinner if you two don't stop tha

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