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Car break down means one family needs another's assistance.

Well, folks, that strong man is me.

Ebony Williamson is on all fours, face down and big ass up. Her plump butt cheeks are spread wide open. And she has a black leather collar around her neck. The same collar is attached to a long leash, the end of which is gripped tightly by my fist. For the better part of the evening, I've been bossing Ebony around. As soon as she came to my West side apartment, I told her to get undressed. Like a good slut, she did as she was told. Good. She looked good. With her thick body, wide hips, big tits and big ass. I've always had a thing for large, dark-skinned black women with big butts. I don't know why. Luckily, I've met more than a few of them who liked me. And Ebony was one of them. This big black woman had a submissive streak the length of the Colorado river. She was eager to please. You just had to know how to ask. I told her to clean my house. And she did. Grabbing a broom and duster, Ebony set about cleaning my place.

Sitting on the couch, I watched the big black woman as she did her thing. Watching Ebony's big booty bouncing this way and that as she bent over and cleaned the rug turned me on like you would not believe. I just had to have her. So I ordered her to stop cleaning. She said yes master, and did as she was told. I rose to my feet, and stroked my cock. My eleven inches of long and thick white cock. It's uncircumcised, a fact that makes me exotic in the circles I travel in. I don't know what the fuss is about. Most civilized people have realized long ago that circumcision is an unnatural and barbaric practice. My parent, Michael and Joan Saint James were progressive and reformist Jews who spared me and my older brother Jared the horror of bodily alteration in the name of religion. I am eternally thankful for that.

Anyway, back to the story. I ordered Ebony Williamson to get on her knees to worship at my altar. She knelt before me, and began stroking my long and thick white cock. I've got a big dick and I am white. So much for the stereotypes, huh? I've slept with many black and Hispanic women who told me that my dick was bigger than that of most of the black and Hispanic men they'd been with. I guess it's the way Mother Nature works. She distributes her gifts evenly among the sexes and the races. As many big-booty white women will tell you, black women don't have a monopoly on large behinds anymore than black men have a monopoly on big dicks. Thank you very much. Just my two cents.

Ebony Williamson opened wide and took my cock into her mouth. She couldn't take most of it inside. So she slowly stretched her jaw to accommodate the bulk of my cock. She's good at this, folks. Ebony Williamson is a big beautiful black woman who is sexually experienced. She's mastered the fine art of the deep throat. Not many women of any race can say the same. She gently pulled back on my foreskin and licked my dick head, then she began fondling my big balls while sucking my dick. She worked her particular brand of magic on me until I came. Then Ebony Williamson drank my manly cum. All of it. Without spilling a single drop. I was amazed. Where in hell did this big black chick pick up all of those fantastic sexual skills of hers? I'll ask her about that sometime. For now, I'm just enjoying myself.

After Ebony got done sucking my cock, I told her to get down and start barking. She did. Laughing, I told her to roll over while I patted her belly. She did as I asked. Wow. We got a live one here! I spread my ass cheeks and ordered Ebony to lick my asshole. The big black woman licked my asshole as if it were the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted. Wow. Is she cool or what? Man, she was awesome. I walked her around the house, tugging on her leash as she followed me while moving about on all fours. I was getting horny, and just about ran out of ideas. So I decided to fuck her. She was all for it.

I put Ebony Williamson on all fours and spread her plump ass cheeks wide open.

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