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Thomas and Michael test the waters.

Some turned back just as quickly. Eri's special qualities didn't appeal to all, Steve knew that. But there were several who watched the pair all the way to Steve's table before they turned back to their business. Steve noted who they were. Those were the ones that interested him.

He stood and greeted his friends a two-hand shake for Jeff and the three cheek kisses so beloved in Europe for Eri. Steve also took time to place his hands on Eri's slender waist as he kissed her. It was a slightly suggestive gesture, a little unusual for those who noticed it, and that was Steve's intention. He wanted to set a few imaginative minds racing. Jeff went off to the bar and Eri sat next to Steve. Steve immediately leaned over to Eri and kissed her firmly on the mouth. Eri was happy to be greeted so effusively and encouraged Steve linger over his kiss by putting her hand on the back of his neck. Steve withdrew eventually but left his hand high on Eri's thigh. When Jeff returned with drinks Steve made no effort to remove his hand. That should nicely confuse anyone taking an interest he thought as he looked down at Eri's left hand holding her glass of wine which also prominently displayed her diamond engagement ring and her platinum wedding ring.

They stayed drinking for a while and enjoying each others company but avoiding the particular line of conversation that had brought them together that evening. Steve was very free with his hands around his friend's wife's thighs - he had managed to sit on the side where her dress was cut high and so could occasionally rest his hand on her naked thigh above her stocking tops. He also slid the edge of the material of her skirt over her thigh to expose as much of her perfect white skin as possible. This took the top of the vent almost up to her hip. The crease on her thigh was visible to him, and anyone who took a close interest, as was the fact that her flesh continued on up without being broken by the fabric of any underwear. But he didn't make a point of his interest in Eri's body until he asked if she had followed his instructions to the letter.

'Yes,' he agreed, Eri had dressed 'hot', but had she left off what was normally well hidden? Eri coloured slightly and nodded her head, 'Hai! She said softly.

'Good girl,' Steve replied, he knew already from what he could see but he wanted to hear her say it.

'You know if I didn't know better I might think that Eri was just some Chinese whore we had picked-up for an evening's fun,' Steve suddenly said quiet loudly. In fact he said it loudly enough to be heard at several surrounding tables. Jeff looked uncomfortable at having his friend spell out what a number of people around them were already thinking, and Eri just looked calmly down at her drink. She appeared to be waiting to see what Steve might have in mind next.

'Don't you think we're being unfair keeping this pretty lady all to ourselves Jeff?' said Steve. Jeff wasn't at all sure where this was going and just smiled awkwardly at his friend.

'You know there's a couple of guys in that booth over there who have had their eye's on Eri ever since she walked in.' Steve said it loudly enough that he could have been talking to anyone, the guys in question might even have been able to hear him though they were several tables away.

'Jeff,' said Steve, his tone had suddenly become less conversational, 'go ask those guys if they find your wife attractive,' the way he said it was more of an instruction. Eri sat with her gaze averted, studying her glass. Jeff looked at his friend, unsure whether this was just Steve's idea of a joke.

'Steady on Steve,' said Jeff, 'They might hear you.'

'That is the idea Jeff, go on they won't bite, just ask them if they like the look of her, be polite and they won't take offence.

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