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Married woman endures punishment session with master.

" She said in a soft seductive tone. She was so small, sitting there like a sexy cat.

My jaw hit the floor. How could I ever explain this to my relatives? Word would spread through my family about the sick way I use my girlfriends to get ahead in life. I vaguely remember trying to tell her that this was in fact my grandfather, not my sex-crazed employer, but Eric covered my mouth with a big sweaty hand. I half expected my grandfather to throw her off him, and go over the immorality of sexuality. But then I guess I didn't know my grandfather as well as I thought.

Frank, my grandfather nodded with a satisfied looking grin playing about his lips. I watched in horror as his hands slowly rubbed her hips and ass, growing more intense every second. Lindsay began to respond, thinking this was her chance to earn me the raise we had been waiting for. I could see by the way her body was tensing up that she was uncomfortable, but she continued to do as she thought I expected - smiling, giggling and softly returning my grandfather's kisses.

Eric was nearly in hysterics, unable to believe what was going on. I could tell the pair were making small talk, but to me their mouths moved without a sound. My mind raced with thoughts of embarrassing family reunions. What would they think of me once they found out about my personal life? At the same time I was torn between extreme jealousy and a morbid fascination, mixed with a heavy dose of erotic lust.

Every so often Lindsay's innocent blue eyes would lock with mine as if to seek reassurance and I assume the lust she saw there was all the encouragement she needed. She continued her make out session with my grandfather, and I could see he was offering no resistance. Frank's tongue danced around hers even as his grandsons watched on.

My grandfather's wrinkled hands slid under Lindsay's short skirt, cupping her bare curves. The view he afforded us with his groping showed unmistakably the black thong panties my girlfriend wore.

Every few minutes Lindsay would pull away, or try to slow his mounting assault but Frank always pulled her back for more and I watched as her resistance dissipated by his experienced hands.

From the corner of my eye I watched Eric open his jeans and force a hand inside to stroke the erection he made no effort to hide. Only then did I notice the firmness straining against my pants. I was enraged with my grandfather for doing this while at the same time experiencing an incredible voyeuristic pleasure all at once. When at last I looked up again I saw Frank had rolled my girlfriend's red halter up over her round breasts and was sucking on a pink nipple.

By this point Lindsay was squirming with pleasure, and I could faintly hear the soft moans escaping her parted lips. Her head tilted back as her back arched in Franks hands.

"Fucking awesome, man!" Eric whispered in my ear as though I had planned the entire affair. It occurred to me that at any moment my real boss could arrive to witness this sick, borderline incestuous mating ritual taking place.

Enough was enough, I reached out to pull away my grandfather's greedy old hands only to have Eric pull me back to the couch. "Relax!" He commanded, pointing to Frank's crotch where he had loosed his wrinkly old cock. I wasn't sure if Lindsay had seen it yet, but her fingers were quickly being wrapped around his thick manhood. I was amazed at how hard and wide he could become for a man his age.

"That's it, girl." He coaxed in a husky voice.

I could see Lindsay was amazed as well, her hand struggled to wrap around the entire girth. She was tense, that much I could see, but at the same time her cheeks flushed a bright red, and her nipples stood erect. I knew she was having the time of her life. Frank gently coerced her hand up and down, up and down until she got into a rhythm of her own. Then, his thumbs hooked the inside of her black thong and began sliding the thin material down the length of her long, smooth legs.

In a way I could never hope to accomplish my grandfather masterfully manipulated my girlfri

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