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She cried when someone calls her a slut.

We walk back about four to five racks and Mistress Deena picks up a pair of purple lace panties. "Purple is my favorite color, do you like these?"

I reply with a quick "yes."

"Yes, what?"

I pause and then say "Yes Mistress Deena."

"Good boy."

From behind Mistress Deena, a woman who I would guess is in her late 30s comes over. She has dirty blond hair, brown eyes, is around 5 feet, 10 inches tall and she has a great figure. She looks athletic and you can tell that she keeps herself fit. I look at her tag and it says her name is Michelle and under it says Store Manager. My heart races and I say to myself oh my god, I want to crawl under one of these clothes racks.

Michelle gives a smile, looks at Mistress Deena and says "Can I help you?"

Mistress Deena turns towards Michelle and pauses. Then she turns towards me, looks back at Michelle and says "I'm taking him shopping for the first time. I'm trying to decide if I think these panties are going to look good on him."

The words from Mistress Deena are not like anything I have ever experienced before. The embarrassment is overwhelming and the only thing I can mutter is "fuck!" as my cheeks turn crimson red.

Michelle lets out a small laugh and makes eye contact with me. Then with a smile she looks back at Mistress Deena and says "This is his first time shopping huh?"

"It is. The poor little slut finds this so humiliating. Isn't it adorable."

Michelle lets out a laugh and says "First time shopping is always fun. I have a sub as well. He calls me Lady Michelle."

For the second time within two minutes I let out a single word..."Fuck!", which sparks a laugh from both Michelle and Mistress Deena.

Michelle turns to Mistress Deena, "We definitely should have him try on a few different things, don't you think?

"Yes Definitely" Mistress Deena responds and passes the pair of purple panties to me.

Michelle nods for me to follow her and leads me to the fitting room. As we are walking, I look to my right and the other two sales girls and whispering and giggling while looking at me. I can't believe this is happening to me.

Michelle opens the door to the dressing room, hands me the purple frilly panties and says "Make sure you open the door and show us what it looks like." A smirk forms on her mouth while saying it and she closes the door.

I strip down naked and I put on the purple panties. It's the first time I have ever put on panties. My cock is rock hard and I look at myself in the mirror. My body naturally doesn't have a lot of hair and I have always liked my balls and the base of my cock to be shaved. I also trim very tightly.

I slip on the panties and my hard cock is very visible and the cock head peaks out over the top of the panties. I take a deep breath and I open the door. Both Mistress Deena and Lady Michelle are standing in front of the door with cameras ready and the two young girls that were giggling are standing next to them. Mistress Deena and Lady Michelle both snap pics on their phone.

Lady Michelle purrs.. "mmmm, look at that hard cock in those panties. I think he really likes them Deena.

Mistress Deena smirks back at Lady Michelle and says, "I think I need to get him a cage Michelle. I think he likes it too much."

Lady Michelle nods in agreement and looks back at me. She then points to the girls and says "The girls are in training not only for management here but I am also training them to be a Domme."

Lady Michelle then looks around the store and then faces gives Mistress Deena a kiss on the cheek "Deena, you have my phone number now, let's see if we can all get together tonight. I will pick out panties and lingerie and it will be on the counter waiting for you. Why don't you take him in my office with the girls. You can help me with their training."

Mistress Deena leads me down the hall past the fitting rooms to the managers office and the two girls follow me.

Mistress Deena closes the door behind the girls and says "you like dressing like a litt

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