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I realised that I was holding my breath in anticipation and that my hand and been playing with my nipple through my top. I clicked on another clip and pulled open my top, my fingers searching out my erect nipple in my bra. I don't have big breasts, a U.K. 36B, but I have large nipples that are very sensitive when I am turned on. And I was very turned on. I took off my top completely and unhooked my bra, soon followed by the rest of my clothes. I spent the next 60 seconds watching the screen as I fingered my trimmed pussy to orgasm. Oh My God. I have never had an orgasm so hard and so fast. My pussy was so wet I soaked the seat.

I went to my bedside cupboard and brought out my dildo. It is the only thing that has made me orgasm during penetration. My husbands cock certainly hasn't. I went back to the computer and once again pressed play. There was a girl being penetrated by 3 guys at once while her boyfriend sat in the corner of the room. I watched as they used her for their own pleasure, taking it in turns to fuck her mouth, pussy and arse. I pushed my dildo inside my soaking wet pussy and fucked myself with long, slow strokes as I imagined it was me in the movie. I have occasionally had anal with my husband but his cock is quite thin. The black cocks that this girl was taking were so much bigger than his. I wondered if I would be able to take anything like that?

I slid the dildo out of my pussy and gently pushed it against my tight little hole. It was soaking wet with my pussy juices but it wasn't enough. I went and fetched some Vaseline and covered the dildo in it. If the girl in the movie could take it, then I was going to try. I pushed it once more against my arse, and slowly felt it stretching to accommodate it. Unbelievably I felt it go in. Oh my god, it felt incredible. Once I was past the tip I slid it deeper in quite easily. Mmmm, if only it was black I thought to myself.

I opened my eyes and looked down at this white dildo penetrating my arse. If only it was black. Those words just wouldn't leave my mind. I looked at the screen, the girl was being pounded harder, faster, deeper. I began to fuck my arse with the dildo and fingered my clit as I watched those amazing cocks use her like a slut. Oh god yes, my orgasm was building, my pussy twitching, my arse clenching on the dildo inside me as I imagined I was there being fucked like a slut by three big, beautiful black cocks. Ooohhhh yessss. It hit me like a train, so hard and powerful that I felt as though I might pass out.

That night my husband was obviously ready for sex, but I told him I wasn't in the mood. This went on for the next couple of nights. I just couldn't bring myself to make love to him. Maybe it was because I was angry about his hidden porn collection, but then wasn't I guilty of my own secret in that regards?

The next Tuesday I saw him again, it was a quiet morning in the shop and there he was. Mr Gorgeous. He was looking around the shop again but this time without his wife. I was serving another customer, discussing the benefits of an A rated washing machine. Or at least I was trying to, I couldn't help but watch Mr Gorgeous glide around the showroom. I gave my customer some brochures and told her I would be back.

"Hi, my names Rachel, can I be of any help," I asked him.

He turned to look at me, he big brown eyes seemed to look right through into my mind.

"Hi Rachel. I was in here the other day looking for a t.v for our bedroom."

"Yes I remember," I said, feeling the colour rising in my cheeks.

"I noticed that you have a sale on your white goods."

"Yes we do, we currently have up to 50% off on selected items."

"Only 50%, I was hoping you might take more than that off for me," he replied.

A thought entered my head...I would take everything off for you...


I looked up, he was looking at me again only I hadn't realised, I was too busy staring once again at the obvious bulge in his tight jeans.

"Oh...sorry...I was just...shit!"

"Its okay, he replied laughing, they are

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