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Miaya doesn't obey, now its hurt turn to be punished.

Tommy waited as Traci slipped the shorts over her hips and down her legs. When she stepped out of them, they both looked at Tony.

The man with the knife moved forward a couple steps until he stood directly in front of Traci. Looking at Tommy, he said, "Keep going, kid." Tommy pulled off his briefs and added them to the pile of clothes on the floor. He had large thighs, a little waist, flat stomach and big arms...thanks to his farm upbringing and running. And no one in the room could help but notice his disproportionately long, thick cock. Even now, in this unreal setting, Traci's mind went back to the first time she had seen it in the locker room shower. She had been forced to strip naked and hand out towels to the guys as part of her freshman "initiation" on the cross-country team. It immediately had become her mission to feel him inside her, which first occurred as she stood leaning against a tree and he took her from behind during her final "initiation run."

"I think Mom's going to enjoy this," Tony said. "And Dad, we have a treat for you, too."

Tony moved the knife underneath the center of Traci's thin bra. He pushed it up so the blade was visible between her breasts and, in one quick motion, cut the bra in half. Traci shuddered at the suddenness of Tony's actions, but stood in place. Tony situated the knife on the inside of her left breast and pushed the bra aside with the blade. He ran the tip of the knife gently over her nipple, watching as the young girl closed her eyes, then he pushed back the other side of the bra. Traci's firm, tan breasts pointed outward from under the frayed remains of her bra as Tony moved the knife to her shoulder and used it to pull the strap down her arm. When he repeated the process on the opposite shoulder, the bra fell to the ground.

Tony admired the tits before saying, "Take off your panties."

Traci quickly removed the panties and stood nervously with her arms crossed in front of her. All eyes were on the girl's tall, athletic body. Her days of tanning topless on the back porch and naked at a tanning salon had resulted in a consistently gold tan that seemed even darker under her flowing blonde hair.

"What's your name?" Tony asked Tommy.


"Well, Tommy, have you met your girlfriend's Mom yet?"

Tommy shook his head.

Tony looked at Carol. "Mom, this is Tommy. He's going to be your date tonight. Or, I should say, your first date. Dad, here, will be getting to know his daughter better," Tony continued. "Afterwards, Pete and I get our turn."

Pete smiled at his partner, who was already getting hard from watching Traci strip. Now, his cock desperately needed attention.

"OK, kid," Tony was saying to Tommy.

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