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It's the night of the Phi Sig party!

Seeing this Karen scurried around the table and pulled down her sister's shorts and undies and voraciously ate Theresa's ass and pussy. Terry came over and, while milking one of Karen's boobs, stuck his rigid pole right in my mouth.

Excitedly I sucked his entire length into my throat as I watched the heads of the two women working on their respective crotches. I was the only one still sitting at the table but this soon changed as somehow we all ended up on the living room floor just a few feet away. It was a mass of flesh with bodies intertwined.

The moaning rose to a crescendo. Just as I shot a load of spunk down Theresa's throat I received my reward for sucking Terry's cock as a jet of his cum slammed into my mouth. Immediately I looked for Karen's mouth and delivered Terry's cum to her. At one point I was sucking a tit and wasn't sure which of the ladies it belonged too.

The smell of pure sex filled the air as I thought I heard a door open and close. I looked up and saw nothing and resumed eating out Theresa's pussy while someone sucked my cock. Then Terry sat his ass on Theresa's face and began pinching and twisting her titties. Sliding forward he rubbed his cock from one of her C cups to the other before letting it settle in the valley between his wife's orbs.

I watched his cock poking in out of her boobs coming straight at my head. Karen was working her magic on my cock and made me yelp when she gave my tender balls a tortuous squeeze. We continued to sweat and play for the next two or three hours. I don't think any of us missed out on trying any possible combination of ecstasy.

The only negative thing for Karen and myself was that night after they left we didn't have enough sexual energy to play around before going to sleep. On Tuesday night we all took it easy and talked on the phone and decided to get together at Theresa's and Terry's house on Thursday evening after work.

Karen and I had fantastic sex on Tuesday night after talking about our new foursome. She asked after we were finished if we could do one on one Thursday night instead of another foursome as she wanted to have Terry over to fuck his brains out. The next morning I called Theresa and told her of Karen's request.

She readily agreed as she had thought of the same thing. After calling her husband Theresa called me back and things were set for a saucy Thursday night of Swinging family style. The kink in our plans came on Wednesday evening when our daughter, Gina, dropped by having driven an hour from college.

Now Gina is the oldest of our three kids at 22 years old and, of course, we are very proud of her. At 5'7" and 150 pounds with D cup boobs, long legs, and a nice large heart shaped ass she is never lacking for a date. That Wednesday evening she walked in and I instantly knew there was something different in her demeanor. She seemed to float around the room and was wearing much more suggestive attire than she ever wore in front of me.

"So, Gina, how did I earn the pleasure of your company this evening," I asked alone in the house as Karen had a meeting across town. Then she dropped the bombshell.

"Well, dad, I came over to do my laundry like I do every week or two. I came over Monday evening and I think you and mom were too busy," she let the words roll out nonchalantly. My face turned crimson as I realized that I really did hear the door open and close while I had been eating Gina's aunt's pussy.

"Oh my gawd, Gina I'm so sorry, I can't explain what happened," My entire face felt hot.

"Don't apologize dad; I watched for over an hour. What you guys and Aunt Theresa and Uncle Terry were doing was better than any porno I've seen," she whispered almost shyly. I couldn't help it but my cock suddenly became rigid in my pants. My mind was racing remembering what we had done two nights earlier and wondering why Gina was spilling the beans about what she saw.

"Gina, this is so fucking embarrassing having my own daughter catch me like that! I can't believe you watched us, I don't know what to say

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