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Scott's pledge semester ends with a bang.

Stopping You pick up the nipple clamps. Walking towards me the clamps dangling from Your fingers by the silver chain attached to them. Standing directly in front of me You run Your hand over the side of my face it moves downward over my neck, shoulder, lower still to cup my full breast grasping and pinching the nipple, i catch my lip between my teeth biting as You manipulate my nipple to full erectness.

Pulling the nipple further outwards You quickly attach the clamp. I take a deep breath feeling the clamp pinch my nipple. Your hand moves over to my other breast rolling and squeezing the nipple between Your fingers before attaching the second clamp. My head rolls back as the clamps pinch my nipples, You tug on the chain causing them to pinch harder i moan half in pain half in pleasure. Leaning over You grasp my chin brushing Your lips tenderly over mine, whispering to get on my hands and knees. As i crawl to the center of the bed You slap my bare ass, the butt-plug slides deeper in me. I watch You move from my position on the bed. Grabbing my wrist You jerk it from under me pulling my arm taut as You place the cuff on it. Moving towards the end of the bed, You remove Your belt sliding it between my leg and the bed wrapping it around my thigh buckling it securely.

Moving quickly You finish putting the restraints on me, cuffing one ankle then the next, grabbing a second belt that i hadn't noticed before securing my leg together. Taking my other wrist You secure that too taking the last of my support from me. The front of my body collapsing against the bed, the chain dragging across the sheets making me moan. I hear You chuckle as You move behind me to the dresser. I try to twist and see what You are doing but am unable to as i can only move an inch or two bound in this manner. Suddenly i feel the leather tip of the crop against my wet pussy gliding against it. I moan trying to move against it as You tease me with it lightly stroking me with it. Feeling bereft as You pull it away, You swing it upwards slapping my clit making me jump and moan... again You slap it... slap... slap... slap. My head thrashing back and forth as i whimper under the assault.

Juices flowing from my pussy dripping down the inside of my thighs You rub the tip against my opening soaking it with my juices before You raise it bringing it down on my ass. I yell at the sharp sting... slap... slap... slap... slap. My ass feels on fire as You deliver one stinging slap after another leaving traces of my juices there. Swiftly You take the dildo and shove it deep in my pussy pressing it against the plug already there, holding it there inside me as i gasp and moan writhing on the bed pulling against the restraints. As You pull it out and push it in i beg You my Master to please let me cum. Laughing You respond... no. You remove the dildo, gently caressing my buttocks listening to my ragged breaths as i lay there panting. As my breaths begin to slow i feel Your warm hard cock press against me, i realize You are now as naked as i, rubbing Your cock up and down between my asscheeks pushing against the plug it slides deeper than before... oh god i think to myself i don't know how much more i can take...

You shift slightly sliding Your cock between my lips it glides easily back and forth my pussy juices coating it.

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