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Couple gives waiter a ride home.

I could feel my orgasm welling up inside of me and for a second I almost fell faint on the bed. Finally I could feel the hot juices flowing through my pussy as I scrunched my eyes and moaned louder. I rolled over arching my back as I began to masturbate faster and faster. I ran my hand across my breasts and tugged at my nipples as I came again. Soon I lay there breathing heavily but feeling little satisfaction. Minutes later I was asleep.

I stared up through sleepy eyes at the clock and then stared across the room to the window. To my surprise the window was open and my sheet like curtains blew violently through the double doors that led to the balcony. For a minute I panicked and then I realized that I had left them open and there was nothing to worry about. Suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from the living room. I began to get frightened again as I stood up realizing I was still nude with only my bathrobe to cover my naked body. I crept quietly down the hallway till I had just enough room to peek around the corner into the living room.

To my shock two men dressed in all black stood in the middle of the room wearing hockey masks. I tried not to panic but I felt my heart racing and I could hear my breath. Just then one of the men looked over at me and then began to run. I ran quickly down the hall and into my room but I couldn't shut the door quick enough. Before I knew it the man had me pinned against the bed and I could see in his eyes that he knew I had nothing on beneath my robe. I could hear the other man coming in and suddenly realized that I was going to be raped right in my own bedroom. I struggled for a moment and found the man's grip to be to strong for me.

"What are we going to do with her Pint," one man said. "What do you think were going to do with her idiot. Were going to fuck her green." Pint and Green must have been some code names or something I thought to myself as I began to struggle again. "Hold still bitch or I'm going to blow your head off." I stopped moving and tried not to breath. Was all this really happening. I could feel Green's hands searching beneath my robe and then finding my shaven snatch. By the expression in his eyes this really turned him on. "How we going to do this Pint?"

"Hold the fuck on," Pint replied. "This bitch has a video camera right here. You thinking what I'm thinking Green." Green shook his head and from what I could tell had a smile across his face. Pint flipped on the camera and then egged Green on to start fucking me. It didn't take much. Green pulled my legs apart and pulled his pants down just below his ass.

"This is going to feel real good baby," he whispered in my ear. I could feel him rubbing the head of his cock against my pussy lips before ramming his cock inside of me. His thrust were hard and fast as he banged away at my swelling cunt. I tried not to moan but his cock was relentlessly banging away at my sweet spot enveloping his rock hard cock with my hot love juices. Just then Pint set down a tripod and placed the camera on it.

"Fuck this waiting around shit," he said. Before I could say anything I was on all four's with Green shoving his cock in my pussy and Pint rubbing his cock over my lips before shoving it in my mouth. I tried to suck him off as best I could but he was fucking my mouth so fast it was almost pointless. Green's grip around my tiny waist became tighter and I knew he was going to come. I closed my eyes as Pint pulled his cock out and slapped my lips with it before shoving it back in and making me swallow all the way down to his dangling balls. Green was getting faster and I began to come again humming out moans all over Pints dick. Suddenly i could feel green's come exploding inside of me and this furthered my orgasm.

I moaned louder.

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