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Ashley describes her life and experiences.

Do you enjoy these dances? There seem to be a lot, one every week."

"They've got a sound system, and we just play recordings. The dances help us meet people. I asked Becky why there were so many dances. She told me that when she was a kid, they only had one dance each term, so it got turned into a big to-do, with girls crying that they didn't have good enough dresses to go to the ball and students who didn't get to dance crying at school the next Monday. Guys running around afterwards with glass slippers, that sort of thing. This way, it's no big deal, they can be tough on time and it's a lot less formal."

"Sounds like it was her idea."

"I think maybe it was. Anyway, there's a lot less pressure than at home, and I have a lot more fun."

"Fine, I'll do it." The fact that Becky would be there wasn't a factor. No, of course not. She was a sweet thing but way too young for him. At least five years. That wasn't so much. But it was a lot. When he was in high school. Didn't women go for older men?

"We should leave about 6:30." Verrie interrupted his thoughts, fortunately before they began a spiral somewhere that involved rings. He could take being a father, but he was sure he'd be a lousy husband. Of course, he used to think he'd be a lousy father, too.

"What's the dress code?"

"Girls wear slacks or dresses. Viv and I are going to wear those party dresses we bought last weekend. Well, the ones you bought for us. They're not too dressy, are they?"

"No, actually it was this kind of thing I had in mind when we got them. A prom dress is something else again. You'll look fine, just a step above classroom wear, but nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, any clothes with you two in them become extraordinary right off."

"That's very nice of you to say so. You've got that wicked grin again, Uncle Chad. Are you planning to scare off our friends?"

"Just the boys."

"Please don't. We have enough trouble getting them to dance as it is. And while Viv's a good dancer, I don't want to end up dancing every dance with her."

"All right, I promise. But if anything gets the least bit out of line, you know I'll come down hard."

"That's all right. That's what a chaperone's for, after all, and the way I'd like to see it. If anything gets too far out, they'll cancel the dances, and I wouldn't want that to happen."

Chad did feel he was escorting two beauties to the ball as they walked the half mile to the school. Once there, he saw the boys freeze for a moment as they saw the girls. Most of them stayed frozen, but three of them started over with the calculated manoeuvres of the hunting male. Chad grinned at them. It wasn't a particularly amused grin. There were a lot of teeth. It was one of those grins that said if you trespass on my territory, I will make you hurt. A lot.

Two of the boys backed off. The third continued, modifying his approach so as to seek the, if not approval, tolerance, of the alpha male. Chad gave him a little nod just as he asked Verrie to dance. Viv didn't care. She went over to the boys line and asked one of the quieter guys to dance. The look she gave him almost melted him. It said that you'll dance with me or I'll make you look like an asshole. And then I'll hurt you. She seemed to enjoy her dance just as much as Verrie did.
A little later on, one of the bigger boys started throwing his weight around. He came onto Vivian hard, seeming not to be willing to take no for an answer. Before Chad could get there, though not much before given the speed he was travelling, Viv had the guy on the floor clutching his balls with one hand while she worked the other up to breaking point behind his back.

"Cool it, sweetheart," he told her, "the cavalry are here. Is Verrie okay?"

"Yeah, thanks Uncle Chad. I don't think I could have held him much longer without really hurting him."

"Guys who don't understand that no means no don't deserve your consideration, Viv. They deserve to be hurt. A lot. How's Verrie taking this?"

"Oh, sorry, I should have been keeping an eye out.

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