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The night ends with Doug pounding Alison in my face

He's now my fiance, and hen things got interesting. We spent so much time together our sexual tension was tough. Every hot kiss got closer and closer to us being together.

It was the first week of June and I had just moved and my new room was in the basement. No one was home but me and the dog. I hear my phone vibrate on my bed, then i see a flash of light from the glass block window. I slowly walk up the stairs to see a red jeep sitting in the driveway. His face was at the door, my heart jumped. I ran toward the door, threw it open and jumped into his arms and we spun around. We walked inside and straight down to the basement. He sat down on my bed, and leaned back against the cold white concrete wall. I was in the middle of cleaning up the mess we had from the move, and what i really need now is a break. I hopped on my bed, sitting cross legged directly in front of him. I leaned over and kissed him, a long passionate kiss. Our eyes shut, lips pressed together. I lean further over, our bodies pressed against each other, our hearts beating as one. His hands on the small of my back, my hands running through his hair and along over his cheeks, down to his chest.

He reaches under the back of my shirt. His strong, warm hands feel amazing on my back. I climb up so I'm straddling his lap. He slowly pulls my shirt off over my head. I start kissing his neck, just lightly pecking his collar bone and shoulders. His long fingers undo my purple lace bra, it comes falling off between us. My bare chest now exposed. He puts his hands all over my 38DDDs, nipples hard and perky against his hands. I take my hands down and pull off his shirt to expose his smooth chest. I press myself against him. The room starts to heat up, and so do we.

He uses his strength to force me over. He begins to kiss my neck, he knows me to well. I squirm under him, his ands on my hips. He slides off my shorts, His hands move to my stomach. He is kissing my inner thighs. He slides his hands down, rumbaing on my shaven pussy. He lightly rubs down my slit and back up. He pulls my lips apart and blows ever so lightly on my clit.

My body tenses up, I sigh with pleasure. My hands rumbaing my chest, feeling my erect nipples. HIs tongue flicks my clit and I moan softly. My pussy soaking wet, begging to be pleased. He keeps flicking my clit with his tongue. He starts to rub his fingers over my pussy. He slides one finger into me, my back arches and i squeeze down on my chest. He slowly starts finger fucking me while he flicks my clit. My breathing gets heavy and uneven. i moan loud, screaming his name in extacy. My warm pussy juice getting all over his face.

He comes up to kiss me. I hold him close. I push him down on his back and now it's time for me to please him.

My hands start at his sides while I start to kiss his chest then his stomach. I get down to his pants and unzip them with my teeth. I pull them off and see his 9 inch dick staring me in the face. I blow on the had of his dick lightly just to see him twitch. I put my hands on his hips and wiggle my fingers back and forth. He squirms under me. I take his dick into my mouth, running my double pierced tongue around it. I take my hand lightly rubbing and squeezing on his ball sack, I can feel his dick swell in my mouth. I press down with my lips and let my hand drop. I grab his shaft and start rubbing all over his dick. I flick the tip of his dick with my tongue tasting his sweet pre cum. I squeeze his ball sack again and tighten my lips. He moans loud and thrust his hips as he unloads into my mouth. I lookout him after he gets done so he can watch me swallow. I lick his dick clean and goto kiss him and he pulls me close to him.

He rolls me over and says for me to get ready to be pleasured even more than before.

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