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Jack explores his sister's secrets.

Pat was very embarrassed. Sue said she wanted to join in, but thought better of it, telling them to make themselves more comfortable and she would see them downstairs later. She could hear our bed squeaking!!!

By all accounts Sue had made them coffee, and Paul appeared first, with a smug grin on his face. I know the look well, having seen it many times after he'd screwed Sue, and he was followed by Pat, looking a little flushed and sheepish. But Sue soon altered that by asking her if she enjoyed 'it'.

It was certainly not a regular occurrence for Pat to get serviced, as Sue likes more than her fair share of rock hard young cock. I know you must be wondering did Sue and Pat ever get involved together. Well yes, only the once I think, when it was Paul's birthday treat.

From their various women chats, Pat certainly enjoyed having a 'young admirer' again. To avoid her husband getting suspicious, though, Pat gets changed at our house rather than arouse suspicion at her house. I can certainly vouch for her sexy looks even at 50, although maybe somewhat clouded by the fact that she had everything on show and offer, some guys would fuck anything if it was handed to them on a plate, and Pat certainly knew how to look good in just bra & suspenders and stockings with a hint of make up to give her a bit of colour.

So Paul popped round for his birthday present - two women both with eager cunts, both dressed for the occasion, both eager to please. If only I had been there, one can only imagine Ooooooooh! Sorry, getting carried away.

As in all sex, and sexual matters Sue is very good at recounting the 'action', which of course has the desired effect on me, resulting in some if not all the detail being forgotten by that certain feeling in my cock with the often quick and inevitable outcome.

So, according to Sue, here we have the two of them. My wife as often happened before a 'liaison' had showered and pampered herself and couldn't resist warming up with a few of her toys. As she says, it can save time in getting it up her if she's well lubricated. Not that the two of them had been intimate with each other, nor was there any such thought, and certainly not from Pat, but at least they had seen each other in 'action'. Pat, whilst taking time for her to get warmed up, fucked like a train once she was primed. With this in mind, and as arranged, Pat arrived early and Sue suggested she make herself comfortable and relax. I think this was another way of saying, "You know where the bedroom is - go and get changed, and oh, by the way, there's a nice video running which you might like." Pat confessed that she liked seeing older white women being fucked by young black cock. Don't we all?

Sue for her part was beginning to run out of new lingerie ideas herself, but knew Paul loved her to have her tits out on show, so she dug out a very old, cheap, cup-less underwired bra which was now a size or so too small. To keep her hot, the old favourite nipple clamps were also in place, at least until he arrived, as she often complains how sore and aching her nips feel, but it certainly keeps her on heat. She finished off her attire with just a thin silk suspender belt and sheer stockings and some new black high heels. I love the way high heel shoes make her unfettered breasts wobble as she walks. This was topped off with her coverall dressing gown, which I know would only remain in situ until the door was closed behind Paul as he walked into the house. I took a coffee up to Pat, and saw that she was looking a little red faced in her almost see-through top, not really disguising her 34B tits. No doubt it would have the appropriate effect on Paul, particularly having an enhancing padded bra. Paul, I gathered, loved to bury his head in a nice cleavage (don't we all!). Pat's top finished mid thigh, trying to disguise the fact she wasn't wearing any knickers. But, hey, why waste time?

According to Sue, Pat quickly moved her hand, from where presumably she had been playing with herself, and a knowing smile pas

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