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Soldier stationed in Korea makes friends.

She was heavy set with the broad features of common women. Her hands were thick and rough with callouses. She was solidly built, somewhat heavy set, with the large breasts telling of a primitive and salacious nature. He instructed Emily how to prepare Rachel for her treatments, and when he entered the East wing where his rooms had been prepared, his heart raced.

Rachel was no match for Emily. The large woman was frighteningly strong, and easily restrained Rachel and removed her clothing. Despite Rachel's yells and thrashing, Emily was unmoved. She had secured Rachel into a strange contraption. It was unremarkable, a padded white leather piece that looked rather like a pommel horse without the handles. Instead, it was a bit wider with attachments for securing hands, feet, and waist. Rachel was fastened against it on her back, with her legs bent under her at the knee. She was lewdly spread open so that her sex was visible and raised. Her breasts shook with her rapid breathing. Emily had neglected to blindfold her, as Conrad had requested, but he realized now that he preferred for Rachel to see.

"Emily," he said sternly. "Gag her and secure her head."

Emily silently nodded and rushed to secure the gag, which wrapped entirely around Rachel's head and secured firmly to the pommel. Rachel's eyes widened with fear, and she protested uselessly against the gag. She was now barely able to move her head, and the rest of her was securely restrained. Her strongest thrashing only made the entire contraption wiggle slightly. Conrad approached and wheeled a metal tray over. He paused to peruse from the array of tools and devices Emily had neatly arranged. Rachel's eyes darted between Conrad and the tray, panic rising.

He calmly selected a small speculum, and sat down on a small stool between Rachel's legs. He coldly spread the lips of her labia open with his fingers, feeling lightly for lubricant. Fear had replaced arousal, and Rachel was not as lubricated as Conrad would like. He gently tried to slide a finger into the tight opening of her sex, applying gentle pressure, but she tightened involuntarily. She squirmed ineffectually and he slapped the inside of her thigh sharply with his open palm.

"We'll have none of that, thank you." He said firmly. He paused, and put down the speculum.

"Emily," He called. "Bring me the injection needle." The oafish woman shuffled into the next room and could be heard rummaging through his supplies. She returned with a thick steel cylinder. It had a strange handle on one end - what appeared to be finger holes, and a thick tip with a hole at the other end.

"Ah, perfect. Thank you." Conrad took the syringe and turned away from Rachel. He opened a jar of a thick, oily looking fluid, and dipped the tip of the syringe into it. He pulled the handle about half way, filling the syringe with it. He pushed the handle down slightly, so that a drop of amber liquid fattened and fell. He turned back to Rachel and lifted the syringe. He picked up a small metal device that spread the labia apart when the wheel was turned. Rachel felt the lips of her sex slowly spread apart, and saw Conrad lift the absurdly large metal syringe above her genitals. She felt the cold tip slide into her tightened sex, and felt the cold lubricant shoot deep inside of her, filling her tunnel. She felt some of it ooze out of her, and Conrad roughly spread it over her sex. She squeezed her eyes shut, terrified of what he would do next.

Conrad once again tried to slide a small finger into her opening, but she tightened against the intrusion.

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