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Erotic menage a trois between Internet friends.

He said that my vaginal flow also keeps me clean inside. I'll douche, though, if you want me to," offered Cynthia.

Paula piped up, "No! Your pussy is delicious. I wouldn't want to change that one iota or one microflora." The other women laughed at Paula's obvious concern.

"Okay girls. Since Cynthia is willing to play with us, you may tell her what you want from her; but nothing far out or painful; just cunnilingus and make it as easy on her as possible. Just remember that this is new to her. Don't traumatize her. Cynthia, are you going to be all right with this?" Dawn asked.

"Yes Dawn. What do I do first? Tell me what to do," suggested Cynthia.

Heather took her by the hand into the guest room. "Cyn, you can sit on the floor at the foot of the bed, and we'll lie down on the bed with our legs on either side of you; sort of like when we had sex with you in the car. Let's try that." Heather lay down and waited until Cynthia sat on the floor between her legs. The girl leaned forward and put her face close to Heather's pussy.

"This is a little uncomfortable, Heather. I have to twist and reach toward you. Can I sit or kneel up on the bed?" asked Cynthia.

"Would you be more comfortable if you laid on your back, and we could straddle your face?" asked Heather, anticipating her favorite position.

"Yes! That would be a lot better. One more thing; could you tie my legs apart. In the car, I had to struggle to keep from closing them. If you hadn't been between them, they would have closed automatically," Cynthia admitted.

"Are you into bondage, Honey?" asked Heather.

"I don't know what that means, but I do have this fantasy about being tied to a bed and having someone make love to me. Is that perverted?" asked Cynthia with a worried tone.

"Oh no, Cynthia. We all have fantasies. Yours is normal. It probably means that you think it's wrong to have sex, but if you're tied down, you can't help what's being done to you sexually," affirmed Heather.

Paula left and came back with a box. She rummaged through it and took out a pair of leather cuffs; she fastened them to Cynthia's ankles. Next, she took lengths of nylon rope and tied the cuffs to the bed's legs. "Is that too tight, Honey? Do you want your hands tied, too?" Paula asked.

"It's not tight enough, Paula. Could you pull the ropes a bit tighter, so my legs are farther apart? No, I don't want my hands tied. I can fantasize about that, but I'd feel too helpless that way. I won't struggle. You don't have to tie my hands," Cynthia responded.

Heather waited until Cynthia nodded to her; then, she knelt on the bed and straddled Cynthia's face. "Can you move down a bit, so I can reach you and will you put a pillow under my head, please? Aren't you going to take your panties off, Heather?" asked Cynthia.

"There. Is that better? No, Hon, I'm leaving my panties on. My fantasy is being licked through my panties," Heather divulged.

"Paula, Dawn, do you have to stay and watch? It will be very embarrassing to have you watch me lick a woman's genitals. Or, at least, can you turn the lights out?" implored Cynthia.

"No Cynthia, we want to see what you're doing and how you react," said Paula, imagining the scene about to take place. The anticipation of watching the girl eating pussy for the first time was exhilarating. Paula was so turned on by the imagery that she was having difficulty controlling her breathing.

Paula had been putting several towels under Cynthia's bottom. "Cyn, I'm going to go down on you while you're eating Heather. Dawn, I know you want to be here, but why don't you sit on the chair over there, so Cynthia can't see you? I was about to put a pillow under you, Cyn, but your sweet, round bottom lifts your pussy up off the bed without one.

"Oh look, girls, look at her pussy.

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