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Her New Nirvana.

She smiled as She watched 'Her' cock throb twice before She ordered him to stand. he gasped as he did and his hardness stood out just in front of Her smirking lips. She breathed out hotly across the skin and then leaned forwards, Her tongue snaking between Her lips and then circling the head of the hardness hanging before Her. Her lips part and She took him into Her mouth all the way to the base of Her cock.

he moaned once again his voice quivering, as Her mouth took him he thought this was going to be it, he thought. She continued moving Her mouth, Her tongue, Her lips and then She pulled back with a pop Her mouth left him. he groaned deeply as Her cock bobbed wanting just a little more, and She smirked back up at him grabbing the red pair of panties and moving Her hands to the floor beckoning him to step in. Once he stepped in She pulled the panties up slowly and then as She neared Her property She leaned back in pressing Her lips to his sensitive aching balls. he moaned again just as She pulled the panties over the entire package and then patted the portion that was covered, She knew by the time that he finished getting dressed that it would subside just enough to be covered.

She stood then and leaned in kissing his lips deeply, pressing Her breasts into him and leaving him light headed. As She stepped away once more the smirk playing on Her face, "I am going to put my makeup on foot boy, finish getting ready and then go get the car." She left him a quivering mess and he reached for the undershirt to finish dressing. She hummed happily as She entered the bathroom once more, he was SO easy like this.

Chapter II: Getting Ready

he sat in the car waiting for Her to join him when his phone buzzed for the first time. It was a message from his Mistress as he opened the text there was a single word "Stroke" followed by a pic of Her extremely low angled as though he were looking up Her body he assumed from only a few moments ago. The smirk on Her lips omnipresent as he studied the image, he tapped out the reply 'yes Mistress' and then began to run his hands over the bulge that had already formed.

She laughed out loud in the bathroom as She saw the reply and then chewed on Her lower lip, tonight was going to be so fun for Her. So long as he was this obedient throughout the night, not to mention this malleable. She shivered a little from the power thrill of it all and began snapping some more photos. These would become useful throughout the night, She thought to Herself. Once She had finished with Her makeup and the photographic prep work She checked herself in the mirror and then made Her way to the car.
As She approached She noticed the windows were starting to fog, She slid into the passenger's seat and reached over, stopping his hand. She leaned in close and once again whispered 'good boy' into his ear. She then slid Her hand over gathering up the large bead of precum onto Her fingertip and raised it to his lips. 'Now clean your mess foot boy,' he gasped and squirmed in the driver's seat but parted his lips and suckled off his precum from Her finger tip.

'Time to go you dirty little foot,' he shuddered once again then then with a shaky hand reached over and put the car into drive. About ten minutes later they arrived at their destination, She looked at Her boy and raised a finger for him to wait. As She exited the car his phone vibrated again, this time some simple instructions were detailed. 'you, are to wait in the car for 3 minutes, by then i will be inside. Once you have entered you are to immediately go to the restroom and text me with photographic evidence that you are there and await my next command.'

She smiled at the doorman as Her boots clacked on the floor and She made Her way to the bar for Her first drink of the evening.

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