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Leena & Kira are gangbanged in a country village.

Her eyes twinkled as she realized the power that she commanded. "Hey" she thought to herself..."I could almost lead him around by that." And she laughed again in that clear tinkling way.

The photographer neither noticed nor cared about her musings. All he saw before him was a beautiful, nubile young woman who wanted to perform... for HIS camera. Her blue eyes sparkled with mischievousness and she became emboldened by her position in front of the camera. She began to lower her hands, peeling the top down with them, slowly exposing her lovely breasts to the open air... and the camera lens. She dropped her hands, along with the top, to just below her breasts and her expression suddenly changed to a very serious countenance. She pouted her lips, but before the camera could respond, she had quickly covered her breasts with her hands. They may have been able to conceal the sensitive, erect nipples, but they couldn't completely cover the mounds of her lovely flesh which were still exposed. She looked toward the camera with a wanton look as she said low and seductive "What do you think? Don't you want to touch them?" Her photographer continued to shoot away without saying anything, but it was obvious that he wanted to do just that.

She quickly turned away from the camera, facing the wall and placed her palms against the smooth, sheet-covered surface, coyly concealing her lovely breasts with her forearm. The Photographer licked his lips and murmured "Oh, Chloe... You are so... so... vibrant! So... so... perfect!" and all the time kept shooting. She brushed her hair back over her left shoulder, exposing her beautiful shoulders and back, as she flattened her stomach against the wall. She smiled that mysterious smile once again and laid her cheek against the wall, staring back at the camera, her face radiant within the mass of her silky hair. Her excitement was evident in the crimson flush of her cheeks, and she could feel the rise of temperature all along her body as she reveled in the beginning feelings of getting naked before the camera.

He flung the camera aside and rushed forward, fumbling at the belt of his trousers and kicking off his shoes. By the time he reached her, he was hobbling forward with his pants bunched around his ankles and his raging hard-on standing almost horizontal. He gripped the elastic waistband of her tights and slid them down to her knees and molded himself against her back. he kicked off his trousers, as his swelling cock found release in the fly opening of his boxers. His hands encircled her waist and he nuzzled into her fragrant hair at her neck. He let out a sigh and whispered into her ear, "Arch your back, beautiful, and stand on tiptoe." She did as she was told and was rewarded by his hand as it explored the vee between her legs. Her flowing juices lubricated her slit and he held her buttocks open as his cock slid slowly between her slippery cheeks. She gasped and said, "Oh, Yes! Addie... Yes!" It was all the encouragement he needed and reached to spread her ass cheeks even further. He rocked back and forth, letting his cock slide up and down her crack, his pre-cum mixing with her own juices as they together lubricated her sex. She looked back at him and said in a low, sultry voice, "Do it, Adrian..." He hesitated, but she insisted and hissed "DO it, Adrian... Now!" She pushed her hips backward, reached back, and roughly grabbed his cock, and placed the head right between her swollen labia. He felt her relax, and she pushed back slowly against him as she pulled on his member to penetrate her. "That's it, Addie... do your little model from behind!"

The feeling was so incredible, and she was so tight, it only took a few strokes to completely bury himself in her backside.

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