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Anabelle learns about sex from her mother.

Slowly, she began to nod her head. I didn't know what to say, but fortunately, she spoke.

"I know it's a little weird and some might say it's wrong but all I need is some help from my brother. I trust you and I know you'd never hurt me. John? Will you fuck me to give the confidence to be with Steve?". There, she'd said it in plain English. I knew it wasn't a joke, that just wasn't her style. I looked at her face and her body again and if perhaps I didn't know the answer in my mind, I knew it in my pants. My cock began to stiffen with desire. I looked into her eyes and this time it was my turn to nod slowly. She smiled and leapt from her seat and hugged me. She whispered in my ear "thank you, I'll never forget this" and then before I knew what was happening her lips were locked on mine, her tongue starting into my mouth.

I pushed her away. If we were going to do this, we were going to do it on my terms. She backed away looking startled, apparently fearful that I changed my mind. I stood up and took her in my arms, kissing her deeply as I did so. She moved into me, my still stiffening manhood on her hip. She began to grind gently against it as we kissed. I groaned into her mouth. I slowly moved my right hand down her back and onto her butt, kneading her buttock. The kissing stopped and she looked into my eyes, still in my arms. She had the most wonderful mixture of fear, excitement and anticipation in her eyes. I said "it'll be OK" and she smiled. I moved my hand slowly, up and around her body, our eyes remaining locked the whole time.

I took her breast in my hand and her eyes closed slightly but still met mine. She gently moved my hand from her chest, backed slightly out of my arms and slowly, ever so slowly placed her hand on my stomach and began inching it down toward my crotch. My cock was blue-steel by this point; thick, long and hard. Her eyes followed her hand down my body but when she at last took me in her hand through my pants her eyes shot up to look in me in the face. She had that look of fear in her eyes again but this time tempered by awe and wonder. Again I told her "it'll be OK" and kissed her on the forehead. She smiled but still had that trepidation in her eyes. She went down onto her knees in front of me, unbuckled my built and took my pants and shorts off in one. My dick sprung out and ended up a couple of inches from her face.

She took me in her hand and looking past it said "why don't I try this while I'm down here?". Before I could say anything, she took my cock in her mouth. She didn't really know what to do next so she just stayed there with my cock in her mouth, hands wrapped around the base of it. She had about three inches in her mouth and there were perhaps four, even five more inches covered by her hands. I gently held her head and began to move it back and forth on my cock.

Then I whispered "suck". She began to suck me gently and when I removed my hands from her head, she continued to bob her head on my penis. She began to gather pace as she gathered confidence and before long was giving me a blow-job a porn-star would be proud of. This was the first time I'd had anything other than a girl's hand on me-and even then it was through clothes- and I knew I wouldn't last long. I could feel my orgasm building. I grunted at her "you better quit before I go in your mouth". She stopped quickly- she didn't like that thought. She stood up and took my hand, started to move toward the bed.

I kicked off my pants and followed, still wet with my twin sister's saliva from the blow-job.

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