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Continuing saga of her adventures in erotica.

It wasn't particularly clean, but she ignored the griminess of the room and locked herself into one of the two stalls. Rushing to undo her thin belt and unbutton the lightweight slacks she was wearing, her thumbs hooked into the waistband of both her slacks and knickers, pushing both down to midthigh.

Leaning her back against the door of the stall, she bent her legs slightly at the knees and spread them as wide as the cramped space would allow. Having her pussy accessible was a relief in its self. Not enough to satisfy, but with her mind in overdrive it helped because she knew she was about to get herself off.

Her fingers parted the pale pink lips of her labia and she found it very easy to plunge two of them deep inside her, she was nearly always moist, but when she was like this, she was soaking wet and could have slammed a dildo inside herself with ease.

Vigorously working her pussy and clit, she bit her lower lip to stifle the moans she was now making as she simultaneously ground her hips towards her fingers and thrust into her warm wet hole with three fingers.

She heard the door open and close, followed by the sound of heavy footsteps and raucous laughter, two men had entered and they talked and laughed loudly as they went about their business.

Uncaring in that moment that there were men in the ladies room, she continued to masturbate with wild abandonment, her only concession to the male presence was to try and be a little quieter.

"Did you see that little blonde with the big tits mate?" Male one said.

"Fuck yeah, more of a red head than blonde though mate." Male two countered.

"Who cares, she had a fucking great rack, shame she was wearing a bra." Male one grunted out as he proceeded to use the urinal and Felicity heard the unmistakable sound of a man urinating.

Any other time she would have been disgusted by the sound, yet now she had the knowledge that there was a cock out, she got even closer to an orgasm, delving as deep as she could into her cunt with her fingers and letting out a muted moan.

"I'd fuck that ass of hers too, Christ mate, that thong she was wearing made her ass look great." Male two said with a dirty laugh.

Felicity clapped her free hand over her mouth as she came, muffling the sounds of her orgasm as her body convulsed in pleasure.

The two men continued to talk as they left the lavatory, unaware that their smut filled conversation about her had helped to get her off.

She sighed and let her head drop tiredly, lazily she licked her fingers clean, the pleasure had been good and it was enough to leave her somewhat more clear headed.

Hitching up her slacks and knickers, she made herself decent again and opened the door, the room was empty and she quickly washed her hands and used the hand dryer, she knew now that in her dazed state, she must have entered the men's room.

Nervously she exited the loo's and looked around, luckily no one saw her and she made her way back to the table, George smiled at her and asked if she was feeling okay, as her face was still flushed and she looked a little out of sorts.

She nodded, "Just hot daddy, the heat here is horrendous." Her excuse seemed to satisfy him and she picked up her glass of wine and took a gulp of it.

Felicity noticed the four men enter the pub immediately, they had that wolfish lean look she had come to associate with military professionals, not the usual kind, the kind that were specialists and the ones Harrington Securities recruited whenever they could.

"Daddy, they are here."

George looked over his shoulder calmly, noting the men and holding a hand up in greeting, the leader, Sargent Williams, casually waved back and approached with an easy and confidant walk.

She was always nervous around such men, they had a special air about them and sexually they were her fantasy, in reality they were often brash and danger junkies with little attachment to the women they fucked.

Falling for one would be the height of stupidity, yet she still fancied all of the fit lean men that approached.

Williams and his team arranged them

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