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The further adventures of Sam and Carrie.

It took all three of Faiths friends to pull her off. After she cooled down, Faith was so mortified by her own behavior that she found the girl and profusely apologized to her.

They all dealt with Luke's absence in their own ways.

Kaylee fell back on what she had always known, what she was comfortable with.

When it came to credit cards, no one had more experience than Kaylee. She never really told anyone that her parents had enforced a 'self-imposed' spending limit on each card; granted her parents were so well off that the limit was already plenty high. She'd never admit that, of course. And, despite her occasional rebellious streak with her parents, she never broke that limit.

Until now.

If there was one thing she learned from her father - and she'd seen him do it a million times - it was that throwing money at a problem was the best way to get it fixed.

And that was exactly what she was going to do to find Luke, even if her credit cards caught on fire in her hand. She'd hire every detective agency in Northern California if that's what it took to bring Luke home to her.

Kaylee knew once her dad got the bill, her college money would be history after this little stunt - she'd be lucky if her mom could convince her dad to continue paying for her apartment. But it would be worth it; she never even thought twice.

Kaylee could only hope one of her hired agencies would find out where Luke was. Until then, she spent her own time trying to find him, too.


"Mom, thanks for coming over," Faith sighed. "Maybe you can talk some sense into her; she's been on the computer for like eighteen hours straight! It's like she's turned into a zombie."

Audrey nodded to Jessica, agreeing with Faith, "It's more than that; it's like she's possessed. I can't get through to her, and she gets really pissy if me or Faith try to pry her off. I don't know what to do; I've always been able to smack some common sense into her, but it's not working this time."

Jessica stepped into Kaylee's apartment, carefully assessing the environment around her. She could tell a lot about a person by their living space, and the front room alone spoke volumes. Small pieces of candy bar wrappers littered the floor. "This looks worse than last time I was here." Jessica asked the two girls, "Are those yours?" Faith and Audrey shook their heads no.

Faith knew exactly what her mother was thinking. "Our healthy fitness fiend has fallen off of the wagon. I'd never have caught her eating ramen noodles a few weeks ago; now she lives off of it. And this place is a disaster. Me and Audrey have been trying to clean up, believe it or not. It's a losing battle. We're going to get some lunch, mom. You get to babysit. Call if you need anything?"

Jessica smiled, "I will, Faith."

Audrey politely asked, "Want anything Mrs. Patton?"

"No thank you, I just ate."

As the two girls left, closing the door behind them, Jessica exhaled and shook her head. It looked like Kaylee was beginning to unravel. A gallon of milk sat upright on the carpet next to the couch; the cap was nowhere to be seen. The apartment absolutely reeked. Jessica scrunched her nose.

She walked to the bedroom where Kaylee sat quietly; she was looking at something on the computer. Kaylee looked awful. Her normally gorgeous styled hair was a mess. From what Jessica could see, all she wore was a dirty bathrobe with at least two visible chocolate stains.

The only time Kaylee broke her focus away from the computer was to pick up and look at her cell phone, as if waiting for a call. Disappointment washed over her face every time she set the phone back down. Jessica guessed she was hoping Luke, or maybe one of the detectives, would be calling any minute.

Jessica approached quietly, as if walking up to a wounded deer. She calmly said, "Hi, Kaylee; what are you doing?"

Without moving her head, Kaylee quietly grumbled, "Name and address searches. Too bad 'Luke Patton' is such a common name."

"Name and address searches?"

Kaylee nodded

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