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I wouldn't get relief until he was inside me. Every cell in my body screamed for him.

But he didn't rip off my pajama pants and fuck me like I'd hoped. Instead he chuckled against throat. "Not yet princess. I don't want to hurt you. You need to be ready for me. Tonight is going to last for a long time princess."

A shiver raced down my spine at his words. He sat back and pulled off my shorts. I laid still and quiet as he stared down at me, his eyes roaming over every part of me.

"You shaved," he observed softly.

"Did I do a good job Daddy?" I asked, spreading my legs wider so he could see all of me. I felt oddly brave spread before my Daddy again. I could see his happiness, his desire, his pride.

"You're so perfect princess. Every part of you is so perfect. Roll over onto your stomach," he ordered.

I did so obediently, although the bravery started to evaporate now that I couldn't see Daddy's face. Daddy's strong hands closed over the back of my legs and rubbed up until he was gripping both butt cheeks in his hands.

"Mary, you have such a perfect heart shaped ass." I jumped a little when he nipped one of my ass cheeks. He stretched over me, kissing my spine on his way up. One large hand wedged between my abdomen and the bed, his fingers sliding into my slit to find my pussy already soaked. I moaned and ground into his hand.

"Daddy!" I gasped as he bit the junction between my neck and shoulder.

He kissed my neck and brought his mouth to me ear. His breath was hot and heavy as he said, "I'm going to taste every part of you tonight. And then I'm going to fuck you and fill you with my cum. After tonight, I am going to fuck you whenever and however I want. You will be mine and mine alone. Do you understand?"

His words sent a fresh surge of liquid to my pussy. "Yes. Yes, please Daddy."

"Lift your ass up. Just like that, good girl." Daddy shoved a pillow under my stomach to help me keep my ass in the air.

"So beautiful," he whispered against my pussy.

I let out a low moan when I felt his tongue lap me from my clit to my entrance to my asshole. It felt dirty and delicious. Daddy's hands pulled butt cheeks apart and he pressed his face between my legs, lapping at me again and again. The third time his tongue ran over me, I felt him press into my hole.

"Fuck Mary, you taste so good," he murmured. His words were muffled by my pussy as he began eating me with enthusiasm. His tongue flicked against my clit as he sucked at soaked lips. I gasped when I felt his tongue press against my asshole.

"What are you doing?" I moaned, clawing helplessly at the bed sheets.

"Whatever I want princess. This body is mine now."

I gasped and moaned and trembled as he sucked and licked my pussy and my ass over and over again. I could feel the orgasm building in me as hot and intense as the first one he'd given me.

"Yes princess. That's is," he growled. I felt his teeth close over my clit. "Cum for me. Cum for me now," he demanded.

I let out a loud wail as I exploded around him, burying my face into his pillow. Small pinpricks of light flashed before my eyes as every cell in my body singing with release. When I finally started to return to myself, I could feel Daddy's hand rubbing small circles on my back.

"How was that baby girl?" he asked.

I sighed in contentment. "That was amazing Daddy."

"Are you ready for more?" he asked against my neck. I turned my face to his and kissed him. He tasted like me, my pussy juice still wet on his lips.

"Yes. I want it all Daddy. Please," I whispered.

Daddy rolled me onto my back. He quickly shed his pants and knelt between my legs, his cock bumping against my clit. I jumped as if I'd been electrified. He kissed me again, deeply and I felt my pussy clenching again as if I hadn't just experienced a mind-blowing orgasm.

"You need to suck me princess. Like I showed you this morning. What did I tell you about being selfish?"

"I don't want to be selfish Daddy. Let me suck you, please."

Daddy rolled onto his back and I knelt between his

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