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He enjoys unexpected alone time with Stepdaughter.

"Coming, Memaw!"

I didn't bother to turn back and watch, but as I made my way back across the yard to where my grandmother waited on the back porch, I could clearly hear Naomi's footsteps as she made a dash for her home. I allowed myself a little sigh and made up my mind that, one way or another, this conversation was going to be a brief one.

What was the point of sitting down and having a long and reasonable discussion after all if your latest conquest was making a run for the border in the meantime?

I noted that Memaw was aiming a disapproving look towards her neighbor as I passed her, but I just walked past her in silence, my head held high. I suppose some people might have been a little embarrassed over getting caught in a moment like that by their own grandmother, but to my mind there was absolutely no reason for me to feel any shame at all.

My grandmother held her tongue as she followed me inside her house to the living room, motioning for me to sit on the couch. I did so, still without saying a word.

Memaw began speaking somewhat hesitantly, pacing back and forth slowly across the room in front of me as she searched for the right words. Though I made sure to hold my face in the mask of bored indifference so stereotypical for us teens, I did take note of the way she kept glancing over at me as she started her lecture, I believed at first to make sure I was listening and to see how I was reacting.

She started by telling me that she knew just what I was going through, reminding me that she had been my age once herself. It was perfectly normal, so she claimed, for a girl my age to get all hot and bothered pretty easily what with all of those hormones rushing and raging around my body. It was perfectly normal for a teenager to think that they were really into someone when it was really just a passing crush that would likely have evaporated into thin air by the next day.

She took a longer look at me and seemed to be waiting for some kind of response, so I allowed her a nod. I've gotten very experienced at catching people trying to check me out on the sly and I have to say I was quite startled when I thought I saw her eyes dip down to my firm little boobs.

She hurried to continue with her speech, telling me how sacred an institution marriage was, how it meant forsaking all others to devote yourself to only one person for the rest of your life. The way she described it, the absolutely worst thing a married person could possibly do is fool around on their spouse. That was simply the most brutally personal way someone could betray the person they had just promised before their family, their friends, and their God to love, honor, and cherish forever and ever.

She turned another look in my direction, again waiting for some kind of response, but once again I confined myself to a petulant nod. Her eyes dipped again and this time there was no doubt in my mind that she was trying to check out the shape of my pert boobs through the T-shirt I was wearing.


It occurred to me that the next door neighbor might not be the only lonely woman around here. It wasn't as if my folks and I or anybody else in this family were visiting her as often as we should, after all. Also, she lived alone not because she was divorced or a widow or anything, but because her husband had succumbed to the ravages of Alzheimer's and, since she had been unable to cope with the level of care he needed, had been forced to move into a nursing home.

Okay, so she was lonely. Did that really mean she might be just as interested in some quality time with me as the newlywed next door seemed to be?

I decided to find out.

I shifted a little on the couch, making it seem perfectly innocent and yet still managing to pull on my shirt so that it molded itself to my chest better, giving her a better look.

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