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He was pleased to see a glint of moisture on her outer lips. He also noticed she had a tan, no tan lines.

Joe took a few minutes before he replied back to her.

"Okay, she did as was asked of her. This is a good sign that she is for real," he thought as he took another pull of his beer. Then he typed his reply:


Thank you for sending the pictures I required of you. Your actions have confirmed a willingness to commit to me by you. You are a beautiful woman. Your limits are acceptable to me. Now I must warn you, there might be some light bruising on your body, but only in areas that no one but us will see. It cannot be helped sometimes. As for being "shared", no I do not share my slave. I have enclosed some basic rules that I need you to follow, make any changes you feel necessary to fit your life. We will discuss these when you are finished with them. I am looking forward to the time we meet in real life, hopefully soon.

Your possible Master.

Joe took a long look at what he wrote. Then he pressed the send button.

"The next step is the critical one for her," he thought to himself.

The following morning, Robin checked her e-mail as she drank her coffee. She couldn't explain the happiness his words brought her. The fact that he was pleased with her made her feel great. Robin scanned through the rules Joe sent her. After a few moments, she realized that in order to commit completely to him she needed to take the time and go over this completely. She just wondered how he would feel if she asked for some time to think about and work the rules to fit into her life.

She sent him a reply saying:


Would it be possible for me to take a couple of days, no more than two, to go over your rules and make the changes I feel are necessary? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for alleviating my concerns over sharing. As for the possible bruising, I understand, just so long as it is in an area that can be concealed.

I too look forward to meeting you, Sir.


Joe was sitting at his desk when his e mail icon flashed. Opening his e-mail, he saw her name, clicking on it, he read her reply. After he finished reading it, he understood why she asked for a couple of days.

"She passed the critical step by accepting the rules I sent and asking for two days to make them fit her life," he said out loud, smiling.

Quickly, he sent off an e-mail granting her request:


Well, you are not yet my slave. Take the two days you requested and go over the rules. I will wait for your reply. Then we will take the next step for you to truly become my slave.

Your soon to be Master.

Joe heard a knock on his office door.

Jim, the mechanic who did not come to work yesterday, came in, "Boss, can I talk to you? Sorry about yesterday. My wife went into labor last night and I had to take her to the hospital. The baby was not due yet and we were scared."

"Slow down, Jim...is your wife and baby all right?" Joe asked.

"Yeah my wife is fine, so is Jim Jr. He weighs seven pounds three ounces," he beamed.

"Well, what are you doing here then? Go to them. Take the rest of the week off with pay. Congratulations, Jim." Joe said shaking his hand.

"Thanks, Joe, I was worried that I lost my job for not calling in yesterday," Jim said relieved.

"Well you did have a good excuse," Joe chuckled.

Joe was happy that he did not have to fire Jim. He was a good mechanic and never missed a day until yesterday. The rest of the day went smooth for once. All the jobs were completed and delivered back to the customers. At four o'clock the shop phone rang.

Chapter Two

At four o'clock, the shop phone rang, "Hello, Reynolds Automotive," Joe answered.

"Hello, Joe. This is Robin Harding. I would like to make an appointment for the other repairs on my car," Robin said.

"Sure, Miss Harding, when would you like to bring it in?" Joe asked her.

"Please, Joe, call me Robin.

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