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"Is it okay if I come in for a few minutes?" she asked meekly. I couldn't help but think that she looked and sounded like a little girl about to be punished.

"Of course it is," I answered.

She walked into my room and sat down quickly in a chair close to the door. I couldn't tell if she was nervous or afraid... but it was apparent that she was still keeping her distance. "Are you mad at me?" she asked, again using a little girl's voice. She was looking down at the floor and avoiding any eye contact.

I tried to reassure her, "No, Stacy. I'm not mad at you. Truthfully, I don't really know what to feel. "

"I thought maybe you didn't like me anymore, since you weren't talking to me." She started to tear up as she spoke. "You were finally being nice to me... and then I had to go and blow it. "

"Stacy, you didn't do anything wrong. Ummm, what I mean is..." I tried to gather my thoughts as I spoke, "Well, what happened that night probably shouldn't have happened. But I think we just both got caught up in the moment. I don't really blame you."

She looked directly at me for the first time since entering the room. I couldn't help but notice her baby blue eyes as they looked at me - almost right through me - they were captivating.

"Then why have you been avoiding me?" she asked quietly, still using her little girl's voice.

"I guess maybe because I wasn't sure what to say to you. This whole situation is kind of new to me. You surprised me that night when you... well, you know..." my voice began to falter a little.

"Kissed you?" she said finishing my sentence.

"Exactly." I said and continued with my train of thought. "In fact, you kind of surprised me when I came home from college at the beginning of the summer. I wasn't expecting to find you all grown-up... but the truth is, you have changed a lot. "

"Honestly, I didn't think you would really notice," she stated. "But you were being so nice to me that night."

She hesitated for a moment and then looked directly at me again. "You know, I haven't been able to stop thinking about what happened between us. "

"I know... me too," I told her.

"I know that kissing you was supposed to be wrong," she continued. "But it felt so good. I felt safe with you... like I could trust you. "

"What are you trying to say to me, Stacy?"

She stood up momentarily and without saying a word, moved from the chair to sit down on the bed beside me. For the first time since she walked into the room, I became aware of what my sister was wearing (or should I say not wearing?). At first, I stared directly into her baby blue eyes, but then my eyes began to wander down her body. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she was wearing a long white T-shirt, which she usually slept in during the summer time. Normally, it came down to about her knees, but I noticed it had slipped up higher on her thighs, exposing her smooth tan legs. I also noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra... which became obvious when her nipples began to poke out through the material of her T-shirt. I wasn't sure if it was the direction of the conversation, or perhaps my eyes exploring her body, but it almost seemed like her nipples grew even harder as I watched her. Time seemed to stand still, as neither of us spoke a word, but simply stared at each other. I wasn't even aware of my growing erection until I felt her hand reach out tentatively and begin to stroke me through my shorts. I gasped at first and she smiled a nervous little smile at me. Could this really be the same little girl that I had grown up with? I thought to myself. Finally, almost instinctively, I leaned forward and began to kiss her softly on the lips. Before long, she opened her mouth to me, and both our tongues began to explore each other's mouth. Passion began to fill the room.

"We really shouldn't be doing this," I whispered as I began to nibble on her earlobe.

"I know," she said. "But it feels so right!"

We continued to make out and soon we both collapsed onto the bed, but not before she first slid her T-sh

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