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What happens when he gets booted off and she has the need!

I apologized a lot telling her I should have told her he was coming. She stated she didn't care he was there and but she was upset about being half naked. She was most upset with the fact she was out there with a guy she barely remembered hearing about or meeting with cum covered titts. I told her I was so sorry and that she should be not be mad, I told her about Tommy and his old appearance and that he was a good guy and that his divorce was just being finished up. I went on to explain how he hasn't had any sex in about a year. She was floored with his body she said lightly blushing, you know `what I mean. I said Tommy's not like that, he got in shape for health not vanity and in sides he's still the same ole guy. Now feeling more comfortable about Tommy, her maddest faded and a little sympathy seemed to show.

That day went pretty smooth apologies where exchanged we had breakfast chatted and caught up on life. I couldn't help but notice Tommy taking slightly longer looks at Debbie as she moved about the house in a nice 14'' jean skirt with a gold colored silkish Top fairly low cut just enough to show cleavage was present and barefoot but pair of black heels is what went with the outfit. The outfit was simple but showed her off well, it was one of my favorites and often wears it on Saturdays for me. Tommy seemed to like the outfit too.

We went out to run some errands and Tommy went to the local gym for a workout. While we where shopping Debbie mentioned a couple times she couldn't believe he's went a year without sex. All I could say was I bet that would suck.

I looked at with a laugh and said maybe you can help him out. She pushed me saying he wish. I said I know he would and does. I saw him looking at you this morning on the way back to our room and while we were at the house. I bet this is his favorite outfit too. That is next to your sleep wear. She laughed blushing and playfully slapped at me.

We continued shopping and what we had to do, both of us making our own little jokes. During this time we forgot that Tommy didn't have a key and was surely done at the gym and we were right, when we got home Tommy was asleep in his car. We felt bad we were horrible hosts.

He stated it was ok; he'd only been there about an hour. We watched a movie or two and had some really great steaks that I and Tommy grilled the grill, Debbie made couple batches of really great strawberry margaritas. By the time we finished dinner and a batch and half of the great strawberry drinks it was getting on 1 a.m. We apologized again for the days mishaps. Tommy smiled and laughed thanking us for being great host and not to worry he felt great. He stated he has had such a relaxed time in a while and he wasn't she if the evening could really be any better. But he still had slight sign of sadness in his face.

He smiled and headed off to the guest bathroom, we headed off to our bedroom just down the hall from the front room.

Debbie and I were feeling very comfortable and horny. As soon as the bedroom door shut she was taking off her earrings and clothes. We climbed on to our bed and went at it. I went right down between her sweet sexy thighs licking and sucking her smooth shaven pussy lips alternating between short quick and long licks, sucking intently on her very wett pussy and paying serious attention to her sexy clit. It only took about five minutes of this in her horny state to have her cumming hard. She pulled my head to her pussy covering my face in wetness. I was about to cum already I was so hot. I slid up to her kissing her sliding rock hard cock into her extremely wett pussy. I slid into her very easily due to heighten wetness I only rocked my hips several times and before I was cumming like I'd never gotten to cum before. I rolled over to my back to enjoy my blissful cum and drink induced euphoria. I glanced at the clock 1:45am and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke about 4am and as I reached over to rub Debbie I found and empty spot.

I looked in our bathroom which was vacant.

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