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Sophia & Tom get a little closer; Tom makes a decision.

Sometimes she leaned forward and kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue seeking mine, playing and teasing. Behind me the men were taking it in turns to thrust their cocks into me. One would hold my hips as he thrust his hard cock in and out fairly slowly; another would hold me by the waist and his thrusts were harder and faster. The third varied his movements more, one hand would usually hold the small of my back, the other would slide under my chest so his fingers and hand could play with my small breasts as his cock slid in and out of me.

Finally Xenia pulled away and went over to Andrew. They spoke quietly for a moment then she left the room. When she returned she had the young boy with her. Ever since I had first seen him on previous visits, I had wanted him badly. Maybe it was his smooth young skin, or his slender body. I didn't know. But every time I had played with him had been a highlight for me. He was fully dressed and smiled shyly when he saw me.

Xenia brought him over to where I was and then undid the zip on his trousers. Fishing inside them with her hand she brought out that lovely cock, half hard already. She then pulled him gently to my mouth. Allowing him to be just close enough so that I could get the head of his lovely cock into my mouth she started to wank and rub his shaft. She never let him to close to me. So I had to be content with sucking just the swollen head of his cock while she continued to wank him gently straight into my mouth.

The thrusting behind me continued. Xenia was kneeling down next to the standing boy, his cock just near her face. I kept the head of his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around it, teasing the head, feeling it swell each time her hand rubbed up along his hard shaft. Andrew came and knelt behind Xenia, and I could see from her face that he had slipped his cock into her from behind. His hands found their way around her hips and up across her chest to cups her breasts and I could see him squeeze them really tight, the nipples sticking out between his fingers. Behind me the fast man was thrusting hard and quick into me. Suddenly he withdrew and I could feel strands of hot sticky cum shoot up along my back and over my bottom cheeks. He shot about five times before he wiped his cock against the back of my legs. I could feel his cum running down over my bottom, and dripping off, much of it landing on my legs and running down in small streams.

One of the others took his place and I felt another cock enter me. Meanwhile I kept sucking hard at the cock in from of my face. My lips holding the head of it tightly as Xenia continued to wank him into my warm wet mouth. I kept thrusting my tongue into the eye of his cockhead, hoping to please him. I adored this boy, and would have done anything for him.

Xenia's hands jerked rather then wanked the boy now; her eyes were tightly closed. Behind the second man pulled out and again I could feel wads of cum hitting my bottom and back, all warm and sticky. Within seconds his cock was replaced by a harder one as another of the men started to thrust into me.

I was being pushed into heaven it felt so good.

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